Television - The Most Powerful
Weapon Of Them All

By Jolly Roger
Internet Columnist, Freedom Fighter & American Patriot
Perception Management - American Television is truly the 'boob tube' and it controls the masses via very carefully filtered information keeping a duped and deceived populace in check to serve at the pleasure of the plutocratic US government.
The presidential election was a great success for our government, because most of the fools still think the outcome had something to do with voting. They've already returned to their television sets for further training, so the fact that they have no money or freedom and their children are being sent to die will soon make perfect sense to them.
It's all very easy once you're in control of the news. Goebbels knew that if you could CONTROL THE INFORMATION that's available to a population, you could CONTROL THE MIND OF A NATION, and this lesson from Nazi Germany has been perfected in America today.
On January 14,1983, President Reagan signed "National Security Decision Directive No. 77," and this formally began the process of our government taking control of the news media, with the help of the friendly folks at the CIA. Their program of "perception management" was designed to shape the opinions of Americans on all issues, and I personally believe they did an excellent job.
They've convinced us to give up our freedom, our wealth, and even our children. They've convinced us there is safety and security in being unarmed and defenseless, and they've even convinced us that tax cuts for the rich benefit the poor. When the ruling elite finds someone who can make these absurd statements without laughing, he becomes our president.
They've convinced us to work harder for longer hours and less money, and soon after they hi-jacked the women's liberation movement, the women were working too. The benefits of doubling the work force are obvious, but what's a little harder to understand is why a group of people who never had to work in the past believe that they've been "liberated" since they do.
Some women will tell you they choose to work, but they can't tell you why the women of the previous generation chose not to. Some women admit that they have to work, without ever questioning why the women of the previous generation didn't.
If they tried to force any of these changes upon our society they would be met with rebellion, so instead, they used the power of television to induce us to demand these changes.
With the average American spending four hours per day staring into the television, there exists a tool for social change and mind control that our government would be silly to ignore. Just as the television can bring clothing, music, games, and people in and out of fashion, the same can be done with a particular way of thinking.
Americans stare into the television endlessly, without ever knowing the effect it has on their opinions, their personality, or their lifestyle. They've stopped interacting with their community, their neighbors, and even their own families, in favor of spending most of their time in imaginary interaction with fictitious characters on TV. These television characters now give us the lessons in morals, ethics, and values which in the past we had always received from other members of our community.
Americans rarely engage in moral or political debate anymore, because the last word is always left to a television "expert." The people on television have become our community, and in doing so, they have replaced a vital part of human society that's as old as humanity itself. Instead of hearing everyone's opinion a matter, and debating within our community until a sensible agreement is reached, we now watch the managed debates of the television, and the managed dissenting opinions, and we choose between them.
Real dissent is pretended not to exist. It's ignored like an obnoxious child.
With the signing of National Security Decision Directive No. 77, our news sources and television programming fell under the control of the world's most skilled and experienced disinformation, mind control, and propaganda experts, but of course, you'll insist that twenty years of this has had no effect on your opinions.
Humans like to believe in their autonomy and free will, but what they refuse to believe is the fact that they're more intelligent than animals only makes them easier to train, and capable of performing much more complex tricks for their reward. It's hard to notice even drastic change when it occurs gradually over twenty years, but If you're more than forty years old today, you were an adult when these changes were made to our news and entertainment media, and you're old enough to remember they were followed by a change in our society and culture.
You're also old enough to remember a very different America, and a time when we had much more freedom, and wealth. The police didn't harass citizens, working people had the opportunity to send their children to college, and everyone had access to medical care. A minimum wage earner could pay his rent, and still go out on the weekend.
I'm not an old man, and I'm not talking about ancient history. I'm talking about a drastic change in our society and culture over an unnaturally short period of time, which has resulted in Americans working much harder to achieve a much lower standard of living, growing to accept constantly increasing government intrusion into their lives, and ever advancing infringements of their constitutional and societal freedom.
This cultural change would not have been possible without the television, and it's certainly no coincidence that this change began when the CIA took over the programming. It's not possible to claim that television hasn't affected your life, because even if you refuse to watch the thing, you're still trapped in a society that reveres it like a God, believes whatever it tells them, and is reluctant to believe anything else.
When the government wanted to flood our cities with police and surveillance cameras, they convinced you that criminals held us in siege. Our president announced a "war on crime," made you pay for it, and you gladly gave up a little freedom in exchange for their protection.
We witnessed the militarization of our police forces, and gave up some more freedom, when they announced the "war on drugs," and the fact that this was their response to the CIA's drug smuggling operations, at least proves they have a sense of humor.
To disarm the population, they orchestrated a few rampage killings, convinced us our children were shooting each other to pieces, and after that it was a simple matter of rolling out the gun-control band wagon, which played an endless tune of media messages that associated gun ownership with stupidity.
For the final steps down the road to fascism, they blew up a few skyscrapers and declared a "war on terror." This war made unprecedented progress at fighting off what's left of our freedom, and seeks to root out terrorist regimes wherever there's an oil field.
What's important to remember is that all of these wars were demanded, and paid for, by the American people, who happen to be the loser of every one of them. The American people demanded these wars, and these changes to our society, in response to information given to them by the television, and newspapers. All of these wars have resulted in the end of privacy, more laws, tougher judges, more police with increased powers, more surveillance cameras, more prisons, longer sentences, the demise of our constitutional rights, and naturally, all of this has been done in the name of freedom.
The United States federal government, working through the entertainment and news industries, has taught us to think contrary to common sense, work against our own self interest, and to believe that our world is much more dangerous than it actually is. They invented this danger so we would beg for their oppression in a package labeled "protection," and there's no longer any shame in not protecting yourself, because for the last twenty years, the television has also bombarded our culture with messages designed to feminize men, and convince them their pride is "foolish."
I guess we're lucky they did that, or all this oppression might have caused a revolution by now. The real slap in the face is being called an "economic girlie-man" by an Austrian Nazi for not willingly jumping headlong into generations of poverty so his friends can bask in obscene wealth. In their arrogance, they must be laughing at us.
And you certainly can't trust anyone under twenty, because if they grew up staring into the television, as many Americans do, they were raised by the C.I.A.
They take pride in being first to inform the authorities on any matter, but any previous generation would have ostracized them for being "squealers" or "rats." Children are learning the rules of society from the television rather than their parents, our culture is no longer passed from one generation to the next, and clueless parents wonder why they can't control their kids. Don't blame the children.
It must be difficult to respect a parent when there are so many better people on TV. It was you who sat them in front of the electronic babysitter for their daily brainwashing session, and as a result, whatever knowledge they don't receive from a government approved school curriculum, comes from a government approved TV. script. You're not allowed to discipline them, and you can't compete with the television for their at tention. You have to take care of them, but they're not yours anymore. Now they belong to the government, and Thomas the fascist tank engine, who smiles when he's forced to work like a slave.
Americans once looked upon the poor and disadvantaged with pity, and compassion, but through the miracle of "perception management," we now look at them with scorn, and disgust, and we blame them for bringing all of life's bad luck upon themselves. We certainly don't want any money going toward any social programs when it's so desperately needed to finance tax cuts for the rich. It was also during the Reagan administration that homelessness first became a problem, but we no longer see homeless people on the street for the same reason we never see the horrors of war, or the flag-draped coffins.
Our government has become efficient at sanitizing our world of everything that might evoke our pity, so that we might labor on, thinking all is fine in America. We only know what the government wants us to know, and they've also taught us a new way to react to the knowledge they can't hide from us.
America can never be free again, unless Americans can first free their minds from the government's grip, and that grip is exerted through the television. Just get off the couch and put a sledgehammer right through the screen. Don't worry, it won't explode. That's one of the many things that only happens on TV.



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