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By Sherman H. Skolnick and Lenny Bloom
With that title, you might think this is about a horse opera movie. But there are plenty on this planet who are neither entertained nor amused.
Sometime in the 1990s, if not before that, the satanic cults, the Secret Societies, the Ruling Class---that is THEM---decided what is good for THEIR future. You by now should know who we mean. The Skull & Bastards Society, the Bilderberg Group, the Trilaterial Commission , the re-emerging Crowned Heads of Europe, and so on.
They surveyed the earth's hydro-carbons. There were getting to be almost no places left on Earth with yet undiscovered large supposed reserves of oil. Most all the places to drill were known.
Saudi, the largest known oil reserves, was reaching its peak. Soon it would be sliding down rapidly, certainly by later in the first decade of the new century it would be petering out. Iraq was
next in line with large oil reserves yet to be fully exploited. Thousands of years ago it was the "Cradle of Civilization".
A clever CIA-installed would be assassin was Iraq's dictator. Those who did not counter him were reasonably happy. University for free, gasoline a nickel a gallon. Yes, he was a Son-of-a-Bitch. BUT HE WAS THEIR SON-OF-A-BITCH.
The oil and natural gas Cartel needed to run their pipeline from Central Asia across Afghanistan. CIA-created devil, Osama bin Laden, helped the spy agency evict the Soviet foreign invaders. But then, for religious reasons, he blocked the poppy growing. So Wall Street lost their treasure wagon. And he would not accept the small kick-back offered for him to allow the Cartel to cross the often barren land with a pipeline to oil-hungry India, China, and eventually Japan.
Osama, even now, continues to assist the CIA and the oil Cartel, to plan to overthrow the degenerate Saudi Royal Family. An emergency thus created would open the way for U.S. Troops to occupy eastern Saudi where the oilfields are located.
The scheme to assure the Anglo-American Aristocracy with an oil future was simple and deadly:
[1] Throughout U.S. history, the will of the American people was repeatedly over-ruled. The British Monarchy and the Jesuits did not believe in ruling requiring the consent of the people.
Those who rule supposedly by "Divine Right" ---the British Royals and the secret army of the "Black Pope"(the name for the head of the Jesuits)---orchestrated if not actually arranged, THE POLITICAL ASSASSINATION OF SEVEN U.S. PRESIDENTS, from 1841 to 1963. Four by gun-fire from supposed "lone assassins", three by the poison cup (a way left-over from the Italian Dark Ages, the Medicis and the Borgias).
[2] With a father who helped install Adolf Hitler, madman of the 20th Century, George Herbert Walker Bush was going to install his eldest son, a misfit, to do the "dirty stuff" as stooge and scapegoat.
[A leading shrink analyzed George W; Bush as criminally insane. "Bush On The Couch: Inside the Mind of the President" by Justin A. Frank.]
Super computers spit out the results of the way ahead. The year 2000 "U.S. Presidential Election", if left alone, would install as President-Elect Albert Gore, Jr., a populist. After all, his family was instrumental in getting cheap electricity by the Tennessee Valley Authority. For the first and only time in U.S. history, the chieftains of the electric generator cartel, were jailed for Anti-Trust violations---General Electric, Westinghouse, Allis-Chalmers. TVA fingered them and they were put in jail, 1961.
Gore, Jr., dared utter the forbidden words, that he was against "BIG OIL". For various reasons, the election of 2000 would be almost identical to that of 1876, when the one who was duly elected was NOT inaugurated; the super computers figured it all out.
Like 1876, the election fraud in 2000 turned on crooked election officials in FLORIDA, whose vote was necessary to win the Oval office through Florida's Electoral College vote. Instrumental in the 2000 Presidential vote, like 1876, was the bribery of the U.S. Supreme Court and Congress.
[In the Spring of 2000, re-issued in paperback was Gore Vidal's book, simply titled "1876".]
[3] In 2000, the Cartel knew full well that five members of the U.S. Supreme Court were "for sale". [Study the entire series, spread out on <> together with two linked websites shown on its Home Page. "Coca-Cola, CIA, and the Courts", currently a 14 part series.]
When some members of the House showed up to challenge the acceptance of the Electoral College Vote supposed results, Albert Gore, Jr., in his U.S. Constitutional capacity at the time as President of the U.S. Senate, was powerless to help them. Why? Because of bribery and blackmail, not a single U.S. Senator stepped forward, as required, to join in the challenge which thus failed.
Long before 2001 and the high court bribery-arranged installation of Bush as the resident and occupant of the Oval Office, were the several part plans.
[4] A bloody incident would be arranged to anger the American people into action against the Oil Lands, starting with Afghanistan and then Iraq.
The twin towers of New York's World Trade Center were a symbol of American Big Business. When built, they were expected to last, buffeted by the winds and wear and tear, perhaps forty years. Their profitable use and leasing was nearing an end. To tear down the twin towers the hard way would take quite a while and cost upwards of Twenty Billion Dollars.
A firm perfected ways to take down old Hotels and such, imploding them upon themselves with no danger to nearby structures, Controlled Demolition, Inc. Even so, it required emptying out the twin towers and as a precaution, some nearby buildings.
Used for such purposes were carefully planned and planted internal explosives, floor by floor, together with explosives way down in the many sub-basements, to undermine the foundation. [Was it a mere coincidence that Controlled Demolition, Inc., got the contract to clear up the debris upon the pulverized collapse of the twin towers?]
If this could be done with the people still in their offices, and the terrible bloodshed blamed on "Moslem terrorists", it certainly would serve several geopolitical purposes. [Sort of like allowing Pearl Harbor to happen, so the U.S. would be forced into the war with Japan, Germany, and Italy, thus saving ill-equipped England from being over-run by the Nazi invasion.].
The bloody deeds of September 11, 2001, were done as a piggy-back to FIVE military and spy agency mock drills of using airplanes to smash into buildings. Hence, the military stand-down that was apparent with the alleged airplane hi-jackings on that morning was the result of confusion between the mock attacks and the real attacks.
[A detailed discussion of the mock attacks and the real events are contained in the book "Crossing the Rubicon" by Michael C. Ruppert published about two months before the 2004 Election. Some researchers, however, fault Ruppert in that he accepts the media explanations that "airplanes" struck the twin towers. Very savvy researchers are convinced that it was either missiles painted with windows to confuse people into thinking that they were "airplanes" or that it was super-duper hologram technology beyond what most people are aware of.]
[5] By constant media bombardment, the common people somehow came to believe that Iraq was implicated, with Osama, in the violence of 9-11. Bush later admitted there was no evidence of such a link.
Bush kept denying that the U.S. (actually the Oil Cartel) was interested in invading Iraq to sieze their oil treasures. No weapons of mass dstruction were found. So, there was a declining Imperial Power, the U.S.; of upwards of 300 million people, invading Iraq, with about 24 million people. Iraq had no airforce or Navy and its elite military, called the Republican Guard, took huge CIA bribes, and they and their families were quietly whisked away to the U.S. to reside.
The Queen's Army occupied Southern Iraq, traditionally anti-Baghdad, and the Brits with only a small army, were given control of ninety per cent of iraq's oil production.
To "bomb Iraq into Democracy" over a hundred thousand men, women, and children of Iraq ended up getting slaughtered in less than two years after the U.S. invasion. The U.S. in the same time lost ten thousand dead military, intelligence agency personnel, and contract employees, and about forty thousand wounded, many of them serious.
[6] The next event seems to be the Oil Cartel's expected seizure of the oilfields of what used to be called the Dutch East Indies. Who remembers that this was one of the first targets of Japan after Pearl Harbor?
It is too early to make broad conclusions about what is happening there. About two weeks before Christmas, 2004, various alternative journalists were contacted by sources they thought to be dependable. The sources urged the journalists to hurry up, "Go Public" with an expected strange event, expected to be "nuclear" to occur on or about two days after Christmas, 2004.
Most alternative reporters stayed shut, fearing wrong information designed to discredit them.
Rightoff Sumatra, now part of what is called Indonesia, just after Christmas, was a huge tidal wave. The media said it was caused by an earthquake possibly near the ocean floor.
Some well-informed sorts, however, believe it was orchestrated, through the use of some super weapon from a satellite, or from powerful beams called HAARP, or other secret weapon in the hands of the Oil Cartel. The Aristocracy are satanic monsters. They cared not that their geopolitical agenda required throwing away three thousand people on 9-11 justifying the bombing and seizure of Afghanistan and a hundred thousand or more slaughtered for the purpose of seizing Iraq oilfields. So the tidal waves originating near Sumatra killed one hundred fifty thousand people or more in a few minutes. SO WHAT? is the attitude of the satanic cultists and their secret societies.
So now the way is open for the U.S. joined by England and others to send in their troops to help "reconstruct" parts of Indonesia. This by way of seizing more oilfields.
[To his credit, Ruppert's book was prophetic. On page 550, he shows a map of Sumatra pointing out that the Strait along side it has the most traveled oil boat routes in the world, the Strait of Malacca. Will it now be under the control of U.S. troops and others of the Oil Cartel? ].
SO CALAMITY GEORGE, that is George W. Bush, is the satanic front face of horror and tragedy whose purpose is to seize oilfields worldwide. They are not really interested in developing alternative energy sources that would compete with their huge investments in oil technology.
More coming. Stay tuned.
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