When A Physician Won't
Listen About Aspartame

From Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum
The note below is from Spice Crosby who has alerted me to For years, I have listened to victims of aspartame anguish over the fact that physicians won't listen because the FDA approved the poison. Yesterday, I spoke with Lori who started ProCare because she had had enough. This application of the law can be used for aspartame as well as drugs. Lori is in Alaska, incidentally. Currently, I don't know how this can be adapted for other countries because laws my differ but its something to look into.
After you read Spice's note below go to this site. First look at Courtesy Notification. Lori says sometimes this is all that is needed for 50% of the physicians. If they still don't listen on the main page go to Administration Notice.
The physician must be willing to alert the patient to nutritional replenishment therapy. Lori was telling me about the patient in a coma being given toxic drugs. The doctor cooperated and finally took the patient off the drugs and he woke up.
This reminds me of the case of Charles Fleming who died from aspartame. Several physicians have given affidavits after reviewing the autopsy that his aspartame habit caused his death. He was addicted to diet drinks and other products. His wife was sentenced to 50 years for poisoning him. She is interviewed in the movie Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World (contact for a copy). He was on life support and after a couple of days they pulled the plug and he died. Yet, there was another case (Bart Puckett) who was drinking diet drinks and very addicted to aspartame who blacked out and was taken to the hospital. He was on life support 12 days, obviously they just didn't want to pull the plug. Finally his family was told he was brain dead, so they pulled the plug. He woke up and asked to go home. During those 12 days he was not on aspartame, the poison was eliminated. He did lose years of memory but is alive and well and able to tell his story. If you would like to start off the new year by helping to free Diane Fleming be sure to go to and sign the petition for her freedom.
This also reminds of the incredible story written by neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D., titled Modern Medicine Killed My Brother. You will find it on click on aspartame. It is also on Here's a world renowned neurosurgeon, author of Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills. (Dr. John Olney founded the field of neuroscience called excitotoxicity when he did the studies on aspartic acid (40% of aspartame) and found it caused lesions in the brains of mice. An excitotoxin is a product that stimulates the neurons of the brain to death causing brain damage. Dr. Blaylock wrote the book on it. ) Yet when his brother was hospitalized the physicians refused to listen even though he is a world renowned neurosurgeon and member of the family. His brother died. He even tried to get them to put magnesium in the IV and they refused.
To get an idea of what nutritional replenishment is needed if someone has used aspartame, go to and click on aspartame. Read Dr. Blaylock's paper: What To Do If You Have Used Aspartame. He has also written a book Health & Nutrition Secrets to Save Your Life which explains how to heal the immune system, what to avoid, interactions, etc.
Can't you just see it now, alerting the physician, that if the patient is recommended aspartame that he must also tell him that aspartame damages the cardiac conduction system and causes sudden death. That it triggers an irregular heart and interacts with all cardiac medication. Therefore, he must also recommend that the victim use magnesium to protect the heart and brain from excitotoxins, that after all aspartame can kill him. The experts on aspartame would have a field day writing the alert for the physicians.
In this regard, consider that Dr. H. J. Roberts has already written the medical text which is 1038 pages of symptoms and diseases triggered by this neurotoxin, Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic, or 1 800 827 7991. And in this text is a large chapter on all the drug interactions that a patient must be warned about. In fact, Dr. James Bowen says that because aspartame damages the mitochondria (life of the cell) it will interact with ALL medications. Therefore, as long as a patient uses aspartame no drug on the market is safe. And with it being a chemical hypersensitization agent it will interact with vaccines and other toxins, and unsafe sweeteners like Splenda which is a chlorinated hydrocarbon and acesulfame potassium which caused cancer and leukemia in original studies.
I hope some of this information gives a lot of people ideas. Several victims come to mind, like Margaret in Australia. I spent an entire night writing to her physician who refused to accept "any" information unless it was propaganda that said aspartame is safe. Then there is Lane Shore in Illinois who has gone as far as putting his wife's physician on notice. He even refused to return Dr. H. J. Roberts phone call who is a world expert on aspartame and diabetic specialist (wife diabetic and has had 40 operations in 4 years, highly addicted to this neurotoxin). And then there is Joni, Mission Possible Savannah, who even had me write her physician a letter and send material. She refused to listen.
In Dr. Roberts medical text, it discusses a precedent set in Israel on having physicians take responsibility and doing research on what they are prescribing.
Read on now for Spice Crosby's comments and check out this web site. There is a member fee but to many family members and victims it may be worth it to get their physician's attention. There are now five support groups for aspartame victims on line. Attorneys may also be interested.
All my best,
Dr. Betty Martini
Founder, Mission Possible Intl,
9270 River Club Parkway,
Duluth, Georgia 30097
770 242-2599 and
Aspartame Toxicity Center,
Hey Betty,
Check this out. Any doctor prescribing or recommending ANY kind of medications, artificial sweetener or chemicals for his/her patients, can be sent a courtesy letter about nutritional depletion they cause in the human body.
If the doctor does not suggest nutritional supplements or the avoidance of certain chemicals that can bring harm to the patients using the prescribed products, then he will receive a Administration Notice detailing the doctor about the harm he/she is causing to the patient and the lawsuit that will be coming.
The woman who put this together is a sharp cookie and has worked in Medical Administration Offices for years. She figured out how to take the $$$ out of the problem and put the responsibility back into the doctor's hands. This is brilliant.
I can see any doctor or dietician who recommends, on paper, the use of Aspartame, will be held responsible for the nutritional harm that substance does to their patient. It's a small fee to have this done and we need to get EVERYONE to do this that was shown, by their dietician or doctor, that Aspartame is good for them to use.
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