Mujahideen - US Refuses
Prisoner Swap, Sacrificing 18 GIs
By Omar Al-Faris
FALLUJAH - American occupiers have uncovered the 18 headless bodies of American soldiers in the "Maqali Al-Senaiah", between Al-Nizal and Ash-Shuhada neighborhoods, around 9 AM this morning. Americans believe that the bodies are of those who were captured by Mujahideen during the battle for Nizal (neighborhood). A source within the Allawi police indicated that among the 18 bodies there were five high ranking officers.
In the meantime, a Mujahideen leader informed a correspondent for Islam memo that the Americans refused to exchange their prisoners for Mujahideen prisoners, and left Mujahideen with no option other than to kill the American prisoners. (Editors Note: JUS has obtained footage of this incident, which will be made available on JUSClub to comply with content laws.)
The Mujahideen commander further said that 13 more Americans were captured last night in a well-planned and executed ambush. The Americans brought in a large helicopter to clear the casualties.



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