Dozens More US Killed In
Al-Anbar Province & Ramadi

By Muhammad Abu Nasr
Free Arab Voice
Edited by JUS
Resistance attacks continue throughout Iraq and was particularly heavy in the Hit on Thursday as fighters attacked US occupation forces with BKC machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades, bazookas, and C5K rockets that resulted in American casualties.
Ambush In As-Sabihat Area
Resistance forces armed with rockets and bazookas, taking cover behind concrete barriers placed at the outskirts of town by the Americans, attacked a US column by the wooden bridge in the as-Sabihat area. Witnesses reported that one Resistance fighter was martyred in the attack and another wounded. The Americans called in helicopters to carry away the bodies of their soldiers from the scene, the exact number of which was unknown.
A fierce battle between Resistance forces and US occupation troops raged for 20 minutes Thursday evening in Hit. The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that at about 5:45pm Thursday, local time, a battle broke out on the strategic road in the al-Bu Haiyiyat area. Resistance fighters fired BKC machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades, bazookas, and C5K rockets. The battle ended at about 7:05pm, with six Humvees totally burnt and more than 15 American soldiers reported dead.
The correspondent reported witnesses as saying that a US column fell into a trap set by the Resistance. Resistance fighters had concealed themselves on top of hills and rises in the area overlooking the road the Americans were traveling on. Fighters made use of the commanding heights when they ambushed the Americans below.
In his report, posted at 8:55pm Mecca time, the correspondent reported that fires were still burning in the wrecked US vehicles and the bodies of the dead Americans were still strewn about the road, while some others were smoldering inside the flaming wrecked vehicles.
Sources said that four Resistance fighters were martyred in the attack, one of them a fraternal Arab fighter. They were killed when a US helicopter fired a rocket at their position as they were leaving the battlefield after the end of the fighting.
Resistance Shoots Down Unmanned US Spy Plane In Hit
Resistance forces shot down an unmanned US reconnaissance plane over Hit at 4 am Thursday. The aircraft crashed in the az-Zawiyah area east of the city. An armed Resistance detachment claimed responsibility for the downing of the craft, saying that it was shot down using a 37mm anti-aircraft gun. The group, which did not disclose its name, pledged to prevent all US aircraft from using the local airspace.
Attack In Ramadi
Iraqi Resistance forces in Ramadi attacked US troops at 3pm Thursday, reportedly destroying two Humvees and killing six American soldiers and wounding two others. No further details are available.
US Camp In Al-Qa'im Bombed
Resistance forces fired nine 120mm mortar rounds into the US base known as 22A in the area of al-Qa'im in al-Anbar Province on the Syrian border at 6am Thursday. The intensity of the blasts produced by the bombardment woke up the whole city, Mafkarat al-Islam reported. Thick smoke enveloped the area as sirens wailed. No other details are available.
Attack in Ramadi
Resistance forces in ar-Ramadi attacked US troops at 3pm Thursday, destroying two Humvees and killing six American soldiers and wounding two others.



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