More Heavy US Losses,
Including 18 Decapitated GIs
Mujahideen Strike Heavy In Ramadi And Basra
By Omar Al-Faris
Mujahideen continued to target American occupiers and Iraqi collaborators throughout Iraq on Tuesday. Fierce fighting took place in Ramadi with large number of American casualties reported. Basra was also hot with reports of a rocket attack that took the life of some British soldiers. In the mean time, Americans also discovered 18 bodies of their comrades that had been beheaded in Fallujah,
Fallujah remains under media lockdown as little information is being received. We will update readers as soon as more information becomes available.
Here are details of just a few of yesterday's attacks throughout Iraq and what information we have from Fallujah.
American occupiers have uncovered the 18 headless bodies of American soldiers in the "Maqali Al-Senaiah", between Al-Nizal and Ash-Shuhada neighborhoods, around 9 AM this morning. Americans believe that the bodies are of those who were captured by Mujahideen during the battle for Nizal. A source within the Allawi police indicated that among the 18 bodies there were five for high ranking officers.
In the mean time, a Mujahideen leader informed a correspondent for Islam memo that the Americans refused to exchange their prisoners for Mujahideen prisoners and left Mujahideen with no option other than to kill the American prisoners. (Editors Note: JUS has obtained footage of this incident, which will be made available on JUSClub to comply with content laws.)
The Mujahideen commander further said that 13 more Americans were captured last night in a well planned and executed ambush. The Americans brought in a large helicopter to clear the casualties.
Fierce fighting erupted Tuesday between Mujahideen and the American occupiers in Ramadi. Fighting started at 15:00 and lasted for about five hours. Islam Memo is reporting that eye witnesses said the battle resulted in the complete destruction of an entire American convoy consisting of 30 different mechanized vehicles that reportedly killed 128 Americans. An Apache helicopter was also shot down and Mujahideen seized 89 pieces of weapons, tens of bullet proof vests, helmets. Fifty seven fighters were martyred in the battle, including a woman Mujahid.
Islam Memo's correspondent talked to one of the Mujahideen Commanders on the battle ground about the casualties on the American side in an effort to verify the reports of eye witnesses. The Commander expressed dismay about the Al Arabiya News Agency because they were in the area but elected not to document the events on video or otherwise. He confirmed the casualty figures and warned against underestimating the ability and resolve of the Mujahideen. The Commander said "every time we announce an operation in our territory, the reaction of those whose Imaan and trust in Allah is very weak are skeptical as if America is a god that must be worshiped and believed". The commander continued to say that "we want to invite those who are skeptical to our battles to see for themselves and report what they see, not what the Americans are telling them. When they visit our battle zones, they will be convinced that Allah's soldiers always have the upper hand, Alhamdulillah, we do not want Islam Memo or any other news agency to take our side, we just want them to report the truth as they see it."
A British armored vehicle was attacked with two, anti tank rockets, in the middle of Basra city at about 17:00 yesterday evening. The vehicle was destroyed and all three Brits on board were reportedly killed.
Mujahideen carried out an attack against an American patrol boat on the Euphrates river near Al-Hadithiah city. The boat was destroyed and all of its crew members were killed. This was the second time in one week that Mujahideen have targeted boats. This tactic has been adopted due to the increasing reliance of the Americans on boats to avoid being on surface roads where Mujahideen attacks are continue to rage nonstop.
In the meantime, a Mujahideen sniper gunned down an American soldier in Al-Qaim city around noon Tuesday. No further details were available. .
An American convoy consisting of several mechanized vehicles and US soldiers on foot was ambushed around 10:15 Tuesday morning. Fifteen American soldiers were reportedly killed and a Jeep was destroyed.
Mujahideen attacked an American convoy using light weapons in Salman Bak. Twelve American soldiers were reportedly killed; two supply trailers, one jeep, and one armored vehicle were destroyed. Three Mujahideen were martyred in the attack. (JUS)



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