Funnel Cloud And Upside
Down Rainbow - Video

Brian Vike, Director
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Sudbury, Ontario - Funnel Cloud And Upside Down Rainbow Footage
Date: 2004
These pictures were taken in Sudbury, Ontario. The twister was beside my home as I was taking my dog out. I noticed the funnel cloud and rushed inside for my camera. The funnel cloud was filmed in the area beside the Sudbury Secondary High School.
The rainbow was taken in New Sudbury, Ontario. I received a phone call from my sister-in-law in which she told me that there was something strange in the sky. I was at my Mothers place at the time and there were no rain-clouds in the sky except for jet trails. Also there appears to be a dark object of some sort which passes through the Rainbow at the left hand side in the footage.
I thought this to be unusual and photographed these events.
The video footage (two clips) and photos are ©2004 Zicronia
Video clip #1 Sudbury, Ontario Upside Down Rainbow - Footage 4.27 mbs.
Video clip #2 Sudbury, Ontario Funnel Cloud - Footage 2.89 mbs.
Video clips can be found at:
I would like to extend my thanks to the person for sending in the interesting material.
Brian Vike, Director
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