Osama, TV News Junkie

By Kurt Nimmo
Good news for Americans. As Arnaud de Borchgrave tells us , the dead Osama, safely ensconced at his "secret base in Pakistan," has decided not to attack the American "mainland" again, instead he will concentrate on hitting "U.S. interests in the Middle East and European governments that support the United States in Iraq." So pack up the duct tape and plastic sheeting, break out the champagne, and celebrate-that is so long as you are not a "U.S. interest" in Europe or Iraq. The Ministry of Homeland Security can retire its absurd color-coded terror meter. In fact, the Ministry can roll back its massive and expensive bureaucracy now that Osama has declared America proper is no longer a target. Machinegun toting soldiers are no longer necessary at America's airports. No longer will mothers be forced to sip baby's milk at flight checkpoints.
Examining Osama's December 16 communique, de Borchgrave tells us al-Qaeda will concentrate its devious and-as Bush would have it, "dark vision" -on the "Western world's oil supply," that is to say Saudi Arabia. "Take jihad (holy war) to stop (the Americans) getting hold of (the oil). Concentrate your operations on the oil, in particular in Iraq and the Gulf," said Osama, or somebody we are told sounds an awful lot like Osama.
No big shakes for America, since we get most of our oil from Canada, Venezuela, and Mexico, although the largest single share still comes from Saudi Arabia. But even if Osama took out every oil well in Saudi Arabia, a little reshuffling and OPEC arm twisting would make up the difference and the impact would be minimal on security moms as they tool around suburbia in their SUVs and minivans.
Arnaud de Borchgrave tells us Osama is a news junkie. He's a couch potato mesmerized by "local and international media, CNN, FOX, BBC, al-Jazeera and other Arab satellite channels." Osama heard Donald Rumsfeld tell Fox News he had not anticipated the strength of the Iraqi insurgency "because no one has a perfect view of the future." The elusive Evil One "also watched CNN as Gen. Lance Smith, deputy chief of the U.S. Central Command, concede that a bold, innovative insurgency in Iraqis becoming more effective against U.S. supply lines, and explosive attacks have slowed military operations."
In fact, as de Borchgrave would have it, the corporate media is Osama's best friend. "As someone prone to exaggeration, bin Laden cannot believe the number of U.S. killed so far in Iraq is 1,300. He assumes it is several times that number. He has also read that 5,500 U.S. military have deserted to Canada rather than serve in Iraq; that the Army National Guard is short of 5,500 citizen-soldiers; that lawsuits have been filed by those whose duty period has been involuntarily extended; and that soldiers have refused to go on dangerous missions without proper equipment." In short, Osama has concluded that the best place to fight the Great Satan is in Iraq. Of course, this is hardly coincidental.
In addition to agitating against the royals in Saudi Arabia and Musharraf in Pakistan, Osama will "assist the insurgency in Iraq by encouraging more jihadis to volunteer for suicide duty." From now on, when you hear about a suicide bombing in Iraq, rest assured Osama is behind it. In fact, as the latest "purported" Osama tape asserts, the Iraqi resistance "must listen to [Abu Musab al-Zarqawi] and obey him for what is good." In the short term, the resistance must "boycott" Iraq's election, as Osama demands. "This constitution is infidel and therefore everyone who participates in this election will be considered infidels."
As if on cue, the Army of Ansar al-Sunnah-pegged not only as an al-Qaeda affiliate but also connected to Iran's venal mullahs-called for a boycott of the U.S. arranged election. "We call on faithful Muslims not to participate in this infidel practice which aims to enact the infidel laws of the crusaders and replace our great religion with secularism," read a statement signed by Ansar al-Sunnah and the Islamic Army in Iraq and Army of the Mujahideen, thus neatly categorizing a considerable swath of the Iraqi resistance as Osama tools and toadies. Practically every other "insurgent" group resisting the occupation in Iraq-as the corporate media tells us on a daily basis-is Ba'athist thugs and Saddam fawners.
If you watch Fox News-as Osama does from his hut in Pakistan or cave in Afghanistan-you'd think the Iraqi resistance is comprised solely of Islamic fanatics and al-Zarqawi butchers. In fact, there are dozens or resistance groups in Iraq: the Iraqi National Islamic Resistance, the National Front for the Liberation of Iraq, the Iraqi Resistance Islamic Front, the Hamzah Faction, the White Banners, al-Haqq Army, the Assadullah Brigades, and many others, including thousands of "freelancers" who carry out attacks against U.S. occupation forces (see An Inventory of Iraqi Resistance Groups:
As if to gift wrap the current spin on the Iraqi resistance, Bush "has taken the unusual step of responding to one of Osama bin Laden's taunting tape recordings," according to the Sydney Morning Herald.( ) "His vision of the world is where people don't participate in democracy," Bush said from the helicopter hangar on his Texas ranch. "His vision of the world is one in which there is no freedom of expression, freedom of religion and/or freedom of conscience. And that vision stands in stark contrast to the vision of, by far, the vast majority of Iraqis So the stakes are clear in this upcoming election It's the difference between the ability for individuals to express themselves and the willingness of an individual to try and impose his dark vision on the world, on the people of Iraq and elsewhere. And it's very important that these elections proceed."
Note the emphasis. Resistance to the occupation is nothing more than the "dark vision" of Osama bin Laden. In the weeks ahead, after Bush is once again coronated, the al-Qaeda angle on the Iraqi resistance will become the de facto explanation offered by the Bushcons and the Bush Ministry of Disinformation. Syria and Iran, as well, will be blamed for killing U.S. troops, Iraqi national guards, and officials of the imposed Allawi (and the subsequent "elected") government. For the Bushcons, Iraq will become the focus of the "war on terrorism," especially now that the dead Osama has told us he is no longer interested in plowing airliners into office buildings or exploding dirty bombs in America's heartland.
Naturally, it will not work. No matter what Bush and the Pentagon do, the Iraqi resistance will ultimately be victorious-it is a historical inevitability. The lessons are numerous: in Vietnam the Viet Minh won decisively against France and the United States, in Algeria the NLF defeated France, in Western Sahara the Saharan Liberation Army evicted Spain, and in South Africa the African National Congress defeated the racist apartheid regime. Other wars of national liberation, principally in Latin America, have failed-in Argentina, Uruguay, Guatemala, Peru, and elsewhere-but only after well-established military dictatorships committed horrendous atrocities against guerillas and civilians (for instance, the El Mozote massacre in El Salvador). In Iraq, since the fall of Saddam Hussein, there is no well-established military dictatorship, thus any attempt at so-called counterinsurgency will fail, the current and on-going spate of atrocities-most notably in Fallujah-notwithstanding.
No amount of spin or demonization of the resistance will change this. Bush may talk about Osama's "dark vision," but simplistically characterizing the resistance as al-Qaeda dupes will do absolutely nothing to stop the ultimate victory of the resistance. In fact, the resistance - and millions of Iraqis -could not care less what Bush and the Likudites in Washington have to say about them or their determination to get out from under a brutal and oppressive military occupation. Most of them realize Bush's staged election in January will be a colossal failure and the resistance will continue. Sooner or later America will be obliged to leave Iraq.



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