Why Pentagon's Gay Love
Bomb Wouldn't Have Worked

By Anonymous
Re: Pentagon Planned Love Bomb
The Pentagon found out the "gay love" bomb wouldn't work because a majority (higher than the general population) of enlisted men are already subconsciously sexually attracted to members of their own sex** and the reason they make such good soldiers in the first place is because they are compelled to destroy other young males to destroy the compulsion, the sex objects of their self-hated unconscious attraction. Homophobia is deeply rooted in attraction. It's all very Freudian. Hitler himself was obviously attracted to older Jewish boys in his youth, and quite probably bullied by them as a result. It only took one episode, one boy.
That's why the Pentagon isn't interested in real "out" gay men for the military; unless they are complete sociopaths (and therefore, uncontrollable by the military as well) they make far less efficient killers than the latent homosexual, who is unconsciously, not consciously, conflicted.
Young men so conflicted also find it quite easy to shoot women as well because they're usually overtly misogynist as well as latently homosexual;. their self-hatred extends to anything feminine, even when natural, and that's why the military has an enormous problem with spousal abuse.
This also explains the sociological attraction of the military for young men to leave their girlfriends behind and go off to a culture where they will be surrounded with other men. Also sociologically explains the ancient "lure of the sea."
End homophobia and its cause (society's non-acceptance and fear/hatred/denial of homosexualtiy), and you end war. Of course then the bastard capitalists would program expensive robots to fight it... now there's a concept.
Crap, I'm starting to sound like Makow, only in reverse.
** Think I'm out of my mind? In the 70's, the military did pupil dilation studies on its best soldiers and "out" homosexuals, in an attempt to find out if pupil dilation (the completely out-of-conscious control dilation of eye pupils when looking at pictures of either naked men or women which accurately determined sexual orientation, even unconscious sexual orientation) could weed out homosexuals. The idea was to give the test to potential recruits and find out if they were homosexual or not, to reject them.
Then they found out that their very best most highly-trained killers insisted they were heterosexual and were, in fact, living completely heterosexual lives, but responded in the test, not to pictures of naked women, but to men. Quite naturally, it's never been publicized, but the information was used in every single military advertising recruitment campaign since then. No more pictures of old, bearded, pointing Uncle Sam... no, the rebirth of the blond, blue-eyed Aryan warrior, today of course also morphed into the military's number one target, hispanic youth. Give us your life; we'll give you your Caucasian citizenship. Now you know why an all-volunteer military is more effective that a drafted one.
The test is still being used to recruit special forces out of the military ranks, and various intelligence agency assassins, and the implementation is above top secret for obvious reasons. The science itself hit the media a decade or so ago, and then just as quickly disappeared because of the military and intelligence applications.
P.S. Just for the record, my father WAS in the military, and he wasn't misogynist, or even latently gay. Some of his friends, however, were another story indeed.



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