Immigration's Third
World Cruelty To Animals

By Frosty Wooldridge
Last year, a horse named Gentle Song galloped into the wind. Gentle Song raced along the fences of the pasture on summer days. Gentle Song carried kids on her back around the paddock. A year ago, in California, two illegal aliens got drunk and ran Gentle Song over with a pickup truck for sport-blood sport.
An entire family stood shocked at the slaughter of an innocent horse. But, through their tears, they did not suspect their own senators and congressmen were at fault for this growing crisis in America-animal cruelty-via illegal immigration.
Last week, Louisa Lopez, who operates the Gentleman's Arena Game Club on the outskirts of Socorro, New Mexico, said, "So who are these outsiders telling me what to do? Who are they to come here with their ideas of what's right and wrong?" (Source: Simon Romero, NY Times) Lopez espouses the blood sport of cock fighting. Massachusetts outlawed it in 1836 for its cruel savagery and 47 other states followed suit. New Mexico maintains it as Governor Richardson doesn't want to upset its $50 million draw for NM's economy. It's a sure bet Richardson doesn't belong to any animal rights groups!
Most countries in the Third World do not have laws against animal cruelty. Mexico is one of them. Some cultures do not share our fondness for pets. Muslims regard dogs as unclean and owners may have their pets confiscated while on a walk. In parts of Asia, cats and dogs are skinned alive and boiled-much like lobsters.
One of the growing aspects of Third World Momentum invading the United States is the importation of cultures that perpetuate animal cruelty. Latin Americans invest in cock fighting like Americans cheer the NFL. In Mexico and New Mexico, they throw a couple of roosters into a small pen.
Eager men circle while placing bets on which cock will win. The roosters wear 'gaffs' or steel spikes taped to their legs. With no room to run, the cocks rage into a wild melee to the death. They peck, claw and maim one another. Red streams spurt and spray onto the cheering onlookers.
In horror, small children watch with their parents. Because kids are indoctrinated in this form of violence, they find animal cruelty to be a 'normal' aspect of life. The two men who killed Gentle Song gave no thought as they ran over the horse.
But immigrants bring other forms of Third World violence to animals. Dog fighting is banned in America. It carries a felony punishment, but thrives in cities where immigrant enclaves hide it. They know it's against the law, but they refuse to shed their Old World ways. The 'melting pot' has become the 'savage arena' of the celebration of 'diversity.' Who suffers? Animals. Even your pets!
That's right. Pet theft for dog fighting accelerates by the day as our immigrant populations expand. Trainers 'coach' dogs to fight by imposing a cruel protocol from the beginning of the dog's life. Dogs are starved to make them vicious, clubbed to make them tough, and are forced onto treadmills to the point of exhaustion.
Sergeant Steve Brownstein of the Chicago Police Department said, "The dog fighting business is a bloody, gruesome spectacle in which one animal tears the other apart. When dogs lose fights, owners who are angry about losing money often throw their animals into garbage dumps or put them into vacant apartments to die slow, agonizing deaths from infection or starvation. I've seen dogs with the skin torn off their faces, stomachs ripped open and corpses of dogs burned alive for losing fights."
Most distressing, in Arizona, up to half of missing pets are stolen. For what? Dog fighting! Pima County Sheriff Mike Duffey said, "Dogs and cats are stolen to be used as bait in bloody training exercises for dog fighting."
Yet another horrific blood sport is called "horse tripping." No doubt Lopez supports that as a viable business. It's practiced by Mexican charros (cowboys). They defend it as a 'cultural' right in our country.
This is a symptom of Third World Momentum invading America. Horses are driven around an arena where they are chased to gather maximum speed.
Once racing at full gallop, Mexicans pull ropes up to trip them. The horses plunge headfirst into the ground or somersault onto their heads. Many end up with broken necks, legs and other severe internal injuries. It is a death sentence. This is a part of the 'cultural diversity' being imported into America. A Mexican advocate of horse tripping in Nevada, Gabriel Velasquez said, "It is a cultural thing, something that came down from our ancestors and many, many years in this sport."
Of note, a long distance rider, my brother Howard Wooldridge, from Texas and the first man in the 21st century to ride a horse coast to coast across America in 2003, said, "Never hurt the horse. The horse first, me second." He walked much of the way to make it easier on his horse, Misty, an eight-year-old Pinto Paint. His outrage demonstrates America's contempt for horse tripping as a valid 'cultural thing' in our nation.
Whether it is animal sacrifices in city parks in Florida to New York called 'santeria,' horse tripping in private immigrant enclaves in our Southwest, dog and cat fighting where newcomers band together--this animal cruelty crisis raises the question of "What is America becoming?" What about the human cruelty of 'female genital mutilation clitorectomies' to baby girls of Muslim immigrants from Africa and the Middle East? Why are we inviting this depraved behavior into our country?
Where is this massive invasion of incompatible cultures from the Third World taking us? Who is responsible for facilitating this invasion of 1.2 million legal and the three million illegal aliens (Source: Time Magazine, 9/12/04) rushing across our borders annually? When will Congress own up to this outrage? Do we want our children meshed with such cultural barbarism? Can we educate enough immigrants fast enough to stop the uncivilized behaviors they bring to our country? Will we be able to withstand their numbers as they 'demonstrate or vote' for their 'rights' to maintain their barbaric cultural practices?
Does Louisa Lopez understand right from wrong? Does he understand morals, ethics, principles, decency, integrity and First World standards? The answer is, "NO!" His barbaric practices and mind set are not welcome in America. We do not subscribe to the Dark Ages of Mexico's blood sport culture and death of innocent animals.
We need a ten-year moratorium on all immigration into America so we can catch our national breath and regain a semblance of what this country means to humanity. It does not mean horse-tripping, santeria animal sacrifices, cock fighting, dog fighting or the killing of Gentle Song by drunken illegal aliens for the fun of it.
Man Pleads Guilty inKilling of Mare Gentle Song
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