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Filer's Files #1 By George A. Filer
Director MUFON Eastern
Vice President Skywatch International
Webmaster - Chuck Warren
The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space as reported each week. Many people claim it is impossible for UFOs to visit Earth, I ask you only to keep an open mind and watch the evidence we accumulate each week. These Files make the assumption that extraterrestrial intelligent life exists and my hypothesis is that of the over one hundred UFOs reported each week many represent a factual UFO sighting in our skies.
UFOs were seen above Earth by the ISS camera and over Mars by a Rover camera. UFOs were seen over Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Wisconsin. Sightings were also reported in Canada, China, and New Zealand. Tsunami disaster kills over 60,000.
UFOs Taken by Rover over Mars
On December 19, 2004, the Opportunity Rover took images of a UFO, that look like the UFOs flying over Earth. I wonder if their is connection? Thanks to NASA/JPL and Harold Carver
Mercury, Mars, Venus in Rare Alignment
Three planets will align over the weekend so if you rise before sunrise you can see a rare sight that hasn't been seen for at least 100 years. Mercury, Mars and Venus will be able to be seen in the southeastern part of the sky before sunrise from Saturday through Wednesday. Venus will be the brightest.
Anomalies Videotaped by International Space Station
Jeff Challender reports that during the August 3, 2004, space walk known as ISS EVA 9c several anomalous objects were seen on NASA TV. As Cosmonaut Gennady Padalka and Astronaut Michael Fincke were working to replace a worn out pump assembly on the Zarya module, we were afforded an 8 second view from the Truss camera. We could see a crewman (overexposed due to wide open camera iris), a solar panel, and Zarya to the left. There were also three strobing objects seen. The most interesting of these emerged from behind the panel, JUMPED a distance almost instantly, then CHANGED DIRECTION before the feed was very suddenly cut off. Image Thanks to NASA.
Note the absence of ice crystals, so often cited by debunkers as the "explanation" for most of the UFOs seen during so many space missions over the years. Unlike the US Shuttles, ISS gives off very little material to the local space environment. This means that when unusual objects are seen in the vicinity, during EVA, they are more difficult to explain away. So, there really is no source of material to account for the objects we sometimes see from the cameras aboard ISSy. These cameras are mounted on ISSy's robotic arm ( Canadarm II) and on the main Truss.
This anomaly actually changed its direction just before the feed was cut off. The thrusters were inhibited, so there could have been no rocket exhaust to influence its course. The anomalies were seen during the ridiculously brief 12 minute 24 second block of live downlink TV, which was the ONLY live TV offered by NASA. That was it, just the 12 1/2 minutes out of 4 1/2 hours!
One has to wonder why the NASA TV coverage is so scanty on the most important activities in space. This animated GIF image is composed of a still frame taken from the original video footage, and shows the fantastic behavior of this anomalous object. Jeff concludes, "This is one of the most mind boggling events I've ever captured from NASA live TV. Please go to © 2004 Jeff Challender's web site for more detailed images.
Southern Asia ­ Earthquake Tsunami
INDIAN OCEAN -- Tsunami waves up to 30 feet high obliterated villages and seaside resorts in ten countries across Southern Asia and Africa killing over 60,000 people with hundreds still missing. It was the result of a powerful 9.0-magnitude earthquake at the bottom of sea near Sumatra on December 26, 2004. The world's most powerful earthquake in 40 years created giant tidal walls of water that came crashing down on beaches in Asian countries across thousands of miles of coast line. Tourists, fishermen, homes and cars were swept away by walls of water that rolled across the Bay of Bengal. This was the 4th strongest earthquake in the last hundred years. Indonesia, a country of 17,000 islands, is prone to seismic upheaval because of its location on the margins of tectonic plates that make up the so-called "Ring of Fire" around the Pacific Ocean basin.
The earthquake hit at 6:58 AM. A geologic plate shift caused the massive tsunami that hit coastlines as much as 2 1/2 hours later without warning. Sunbathers were enjoying crystal blue skies when the tsunami hit and sunbathers, swimmers, cars, homes, boats and even a lighthouse were swept away.  Reportedly, Thousands of Moslems were in the water conducting religious ceremonies. At least 25,000 killed in Indonesia, according to Vice President Yusuf Kalla. The earthquake was so powerful it even disturbed the Earth's rotation according to Enzo Boschi, the head of Italy's National Geophysics Institute. The health problems left by devastation and lack of drinking water will likely create more deaths.
Note: "I have noticed that the UFOs take interest in Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other natural disasters. There has been heavy UFO activity over India in recent months where 2,500 were reported dead and 8,000 missing. Last week, I received UFO reports from the Philippines, China, Tibet all indicating UFO activity. The UFOs seem to know when disasters are likely to occur and move into position for observation and possibly other operations. Last week, we discussed the possibility that they are "Angels in Starships" as discussed in Lt. Col. Wendelle Steven's and Bill Sherwood's book. The message of the angels from the book encourages each of us to follow paths to a better of way of life, for the time of great catastrophes and dreadful happenings about which the Apocalypse speaks is coming nearer; the day in which "one will be taken away and the other left behind."  
Our satellites often pick up uncorrelated targets not in the computer data base indicating UFOs operating in space. We can assume the watchers advanced technology understands the intricacies of the world around us.  By keeping an eye on their activities we are able to predict future events. Indeed we predicted that there was a likelihood of trouble in the Ring of Fire. Your support into UFO Research could save lives.
Mars ­ Volcanoes May Still Be Active
Photographs taken by a spacecraft orbiting Mars indicate that active volcanoes may still exist there further eroding its image as a dead world according to the British Journal Nature and offering prime sites to prospect for signs of Martian life. Images from the European Space Agency's Mars Express Orbiter indicate geologically recent volcanic activity in the summit craters of five Martian volcanoes, with some areas showing activity as recently as 4 million years ago indicating a strong suggestion that the planet retains a capacity for volcanic activity. "I suspect that as we get more spacecraft in orbit that it will increase the chances of seeing some kind of active eruption,'' said Jim Head, a professor of geological sciences at Brown University in Providence, RI.
Recently, researchers have found abundant evidence of ice at the Martian surface and signs that water flowed there in the recent past. The latest work suggests that water could still bubble up in hydrothermal springs.  The European Space Agency expects the Mars Express will photograph the entire planet to a resolution of 33 feet. The researchers determined the age of the Martian volcanic features by counting craters on the Martian surface based on a belief that asteroids hit the surface regularly over millions of years. However, its possible most of the bombardment could have occurred in a few hours during a space catastrophe.
Arizona - Glowing Gold Sphere
NW PHOENIX -- The observer was at the local car dealership on December 12, 2004, at 10 AM when a gold sphere flew over. The dealership had a long string of balloons floating up in sky for promotional uses. A group of colored balloons floated away reaching an estimated 400 feet, with a balloon about every 10 feet on a string. As I watched the group of balloons float away, I saw a bright white light above the string of balloons. At first, I thought it was one of those hovering Mylar balloons reflecting sunlight, but moved like nothing I had ever seen before. It was a bright white sphere and moved higher, then, it moved on a 45 degree angle, then instantly went horizontal from south to north. Then, it went on another 45 degree angle up and to the north and hovered again and flew behind the balloons. It hovered there north of the second string of balloons-as the sphere moved it changed colors to gold. The observer grabbed his binoculars and focused in on a definitely glowing gold sphere. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director !
California - Triangle
CHICO -- On December 9, 2004, shortly after midnight the witness observed a slow flying triangle with five orange lights as it flew east silently almost directly overhead Chico State University. The object was visible as it flew through the low, blowing broken overcast. Five orange lights were visible running around the circumference of the object, none were particularly bright. The witness estimated the craft's altitude was between 1,500 to 3000 feet, and its speed about 65 mph. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director
PALM DESERT ­ The observer saw a large luminous yellow-green colored craft, with external white lights on December 9, 2004, about 5:10 PM. The craft was so low that it wasn't visible at times behind the trees. It traveled fast, but slower than an airplane, from east to west. I saw it first from my residence for a few seconds, then behind trees, then visible again. I drove to Country Club Drive and saw the glowing object heading west, becoming smaller and smaller, until the "glow" disappeared. It was shaped like a flattened football, and appeared quite large. Thanks to Peter Davenport
MODESTO -- R. David Anderson writes, " I took these pictures at about 3:15 PM, on December 22, 2004. I was out in the yard playing with the kids when I noticed some planes in the clear sky. My daughter grabbed some toy binoculars and said that she wanted to be a UFO watcher. I said it was okay and got the camera.  We watched and I noticed something else moving a little to the east of a jet so I began to take pictures and a video. My daughter asked me if I saw a UFO. I replied yes, there was one there but they missed it. Five minutes later, my daughter sighted a bright object that was moving southeast just above the roof line of our house. It made absolutely no noise. This looked very white and a little long or cylinder like. It continued on this track for the entire time that we watched it and I took some  photos and got trees and a UFO in both pictures. Enlarged it looks a little like a triangle. I have an enlargement of this picture at my website at
Florida ­ Flying Triangle Followed Us
TAMPA -- It was just past half-time at the Tampa Bay Bucs vs Atlanta football game at Raymond Stadium at 2:45 PM, on December 5, 2004, I sit in the south end zone so this object was northwest of my location and quite high up. We were noticing contrail activity from planes when I saw a flash like a plane strobe. I got my binoculars and it appeared to be a cylinder with a red glowing light on one side that was spinning lengthwise. It would flash each time it revolved. I pointed it out to my mother, wife, nephew and the two guys sitting behind me. It stayed in one position in the sky for about ten minutes. It suddenly jogged quickly east and sat there. It appeared to be moving up and became fainter. As I went to look a final time, my nephew exclaimed "Did you see that?" it took off east in a flash and was gone. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director
BRANDFORD -- We were on the way to my uncle's house, my mother, neighbor and I, when my neighbor pointed out a light which she thought was a tower at 6:55 PM, on December 6, 2004. We know there is no tower in that area. Then we realized it wasn't moving, so we kept on driving and it started to move toward us. We stopped the car and we got a little scared so we turned off the lights.  It descended like it was looking for us. That was enough for us though we were maybe 1/4 of a mile from my uncles so we decided to go as fast as we could but the light was getting closer to the ground and we saw it was a triangle with a light on each angle. I just thought it was weird for it to follow us like that. We got to my uncles and I ran out of the car. I stopped at the porch and looked back and it was gone. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director
Illinois ­ Odd Noise
MACHESNEY PARK ­ The observer was in front of his house at 2 PM, on December 13, 2004, smoking a cigarette when he starting hearing a very odd noise like very odd TV static. It could have been the wind because it was very windy outside (25-30mph). There was a buzzing and cracking noise for 15 to 20 minutes that was coming from about 100 feet directly above.  The witness got online to talk to a friend who lives 20 miles away in Rockford. He went outside and also described the exact same noise. Another friend felt a very large blast then looked outside to see a very large green, white, and red light about 100 feet above the ground.   He then told me that the blast was felt before it actually happened. One of the telephone wires started to spark and all of the lights on the block went out for ten minutes. They stayed on for 15 seconds then went off again. He could actually feel the light in his body, and was very uncomfortable. Shortly, a police officer came to investigate and stated, "He did know what the light was?"  ComEd knows nothing of the power outage and said it was probably just wind, but all who were involved know otherwise. Anyone who has seen similar sightings please contact
Indiana ­ UFO Imaged
Bloomington ­The observer got a new digital camera two days ago and was playing around taking shots while driving to town on December 16, 2004, well I uploaded the pictures onto the PC this morning ... and was going delete this but a small speck caught my eye, so I enlarged and enhanced the image and what I caught, isn't a plane, and it isn't a bird. With winter coming UFO activity really picks up around here!  Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC   
Michigan - Purple Blinking Ligh
HARBOR BEACH ­ The witness got up early at 6:34 AM, on December 6, 2004, and looked out the window and there was a blinking light that was floating in the sky and it was kind of going around in circles. It was a large and blinking, kind of having a fierce glow around it, and there were things dropping off of it. The object was sort of a purple colored blinking light. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director
Minnesota ­ Two Rectangles   
MILLE LACS COUNTY -- On December 15, 2004 at 7 PM, Carl a 19 year old was with a friend Bill at Barry's house in the country. They saw a lot of lights that they  thought might be tractors harvesting in a field. They drove over to look, on County Road 101 and realized there were too many lights. They were "freaking out" because there were two crafts, one higher than another, hovering at about tree top level without making any sound.  The crafts were  four-sided, and about 30 feet long with two blue lights on top, going on and off slowly. It had green lights along the sides, flashing fast with two bright lights at the bottom ends and a soft "reddish" "sort of glow" coming from the center bottom. The craft itself was "dark gray". Carl and Barry said they were 100 feet away. Carl turned the truck so the head lights would try to shine on the crafts ... and that is when they took off fast right above treetop level heading north.  Carl and Barry said they chased them going 90 mph down 101 but the things were "long gone. A diagram is posted at    
Mississippi ­ Strange Sound and Triangle
TREMONT -- A strange sound was coming from something hovering over our house on December 14, 2004, at 4:30 PM. The family was awakened about 4:30 AM,  by what they thought was a helicopter hovering above their house. It had a strange low droning noise, but very loud. The witness states, "It stayed above our house for about 3 minutes before I looked outside and my wife and I were greeted with a light hovering above a building on our land." When I went outside to take a closer look, it vanished. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director 
Ohio - UFOs Not Birds
FOSTORIA - George Ritter has taken hundreds of hours of video of in his VHS video camera shooting UFOs. Many people have written to explain the video camera is shooting birds or insects that simply appear to be UFOs. George has dozens of bird images since they usually take 30 frames to clear the camera. The UFOs appear on one or two frames. Thanks to George Ritter November 2004.
Pennsylvania  ­  Flying Triangle Follows Lady
MARTIN'S CORNER ­ Mary reports she was  driving in my car at 10:10 PM from home to her Mother's house on Mother's Day of 2004, when she saw a triangular UFO with flashing red and white lights. It had no sound and it followed my car to the driver's side. I was alone and very scared. It was sited in the town of Martin's Corner and it followed me to my Mother's house which is Wagontown. The major road traveled is Highway 340 east bound and some country roads ending at Red Mill Road. It hovered in the field across the street and I ran into my Mother's house. It seemed as though it wanted to take me but did not force me to go. After a few minutes hovering above the open field it left to the east. Thanks to John Schuessler MUFON Director.
PITTSBURGH -- At forty five minutes after midnight on December 4, 2004, a steady glowing orange orb moving from horizon to horizon in ten seconds heading northwest. The object appeared low to ground only 1000-2000 feet high. A second object then shot from west to east at blazing speed and very much lower than before -- about 500 feet and flew from horizon to horizon in one-second. Thanks to  Davenport Director  
South Carolina - Lights With Strobes Over Ocean
SURFSIDE BEACH ­ On December 8, 2004, about 7:30 PM, the witnesses were at the  beach house, when they saw a UFO  just below and to the right of the Belt of the constellation Orion, probably about 20 degrees above the horizon. There were three orange lights aligned horizontally with a fourth light directly beneath the middle light. These lights seemed spherical, and larger than Mars, which is visible. They appeared for  seconds, flashed two or three more times, and there was haze around them. Then small blinking white strobes were visible in the large surrounding vicinity. It became evident that no aircraft could follow such erratic courses. Some grouped together, flew off to the right, and then returned. The first to appear was a line of three orange lights, which quickly faded, giving way to a similar shape about 5 degrees below and to the left, and soon accompanied by similar lights. After these faded away, there were about five or six strobes visible to the naked eye. They had no obvious destination or pattern until some began to closely group together and gravitate towards the center of Orion. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director
MYRTLE BEACH -- My roommate and I had just taken the dogs outside at midnight on December 8, 2004. Suddenly an orangish-reddish glow appeared in the sky moving in a zigzag pattern northeast. Keeping my eye on it, I thought it was going too fast to be an airplane and too slow to be a shooting star. Eventually right before it hit a patch of clouds in the sky, the thing seemed to disappear. Thanks to Peter Davenport Direct
Tennessee -- Strange Lights
JOHNSON CITY ­ At 9 PM, on December 7, 2004, the witness saw a light appear in the sky, which was moving in a trajectory that would be best described as a crash in the distance. The light was a bright white with a barely visible orange trail, about half the radius of the light. My friends also saw the same thing in a different part of the sky at about 9 PM. I did not witness the second event but the description was similar. Then, there was a tremendous amount of aircraft activity above us. We counted 35-40 planes in a period less than 1 hour. They seemed to be doing military maneuvers. The aircraft were heading toward where we had seen the lights. Suddenly a flash of green light streaked across the sky directly above one of the aircraft. Later another, fainter flash happened in front of another aircraft.  Thanks to Peter Davenport Director
Texas - Triangle
COLLEGE STATION ­ On December 12, 2004, at 10:15 PM., a married couple counted 22 orange-yellow UFOs, flying low, fast and silently east to south over Texas A&M University. Four were randomly moving followed by 18 in a line. The objects appeared in a diamond formation and began to circle randomly around each other (2 objects rotated clockwise while 2 others rotated alternate directions around these) while maintaining course and speed south. They moved at a steady speed from the time that we saw them to the time they disappeared over the trees on the south side of our complex. A minute later, while moving around to the other side of our complex, we saw a line of 18 objects in a half V formation, moving south like the previous four. They flew anywhere from a few hundred to a thousand feet above the ground, with absolutely no noise. They flew faster than birds and as fast if not faster than a jet airplane. The objects were in a very tight formation nearly touching each other. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director
Wisconsin ­ UFOs Seen Almost Daily
FREDERICK ­ Shawn and his wife called to tell me they are seeing UFOs in Northern Wisconsin almost daily and are taking great photos. The sightings started in July and continue almost daily operating in the valley near their home.  Often, he and his family members can feel pressure in their ears as the craft pass over their home. Many of the UFOs blend into the background and appear to be camouflaged.  Shawn uses digital cameras and a Sony digital video camera with night vision to capture the objects. He observes objects that look like Lucite willow branches and little marble things of light.  Thanks to Shawn.
CHINA -  Meteorite
GANSU PROVINCE ­ On December. 11, 2004, hundreds of people in northwest China saw a UFO as a strange shining object swept through the sky at 11:36 PM, followed by a loud blast that resembled bombs dropping. People within a 100-square-kilometer area around Lanzhou, felt the earth tremble. A fireball with a three-meter-long trail flew from west to east. The local public security department received more than 700 reports of the event.  The provincial Seismology Bureau said, they believe that it was the result of a meteor impact about 60 kilometers from Lanzhou. Liu Chengchang, a specialist in the effects of astronomical events on geology, attributes the meteorite fall to the Geminid meteor shower. The meteorite has not yet been found. Thanks to           
Canada - Three Beams Flashing
MONTREAL,QUEBEC ­ The witness reports, "I saw three colored beams flashing towards the sky from my apartment window on December 17, 2004, at 5 AM. They must be no further than 5 km away, I cannot see from where the beams start as there houses that are in the way, but I a can notice that the base of the beam is pretty intense. The brightest beam is yellow and flashes pretty strait up in sky. There are about three other colored beams on the right and left of the bright yellow beam, but they are less bright. There is a blue and green and maybe a faded red. I have never seen anything like this before especially that bright, and straight up motionless.  I doubt it would be some kind of publicity or attraction light because earlier in the evening there were no lights there. Thanks to Brian Vike.
Mexico ­ UFO Photos and Video   
In recent days a considerable number of UFO sightings have been reported in this locality. The latest and clearest sighting took place December 12, 2004, on Sunday, during the celebration of the feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe. A circular UFO, surrounded by multicolored lights, was filmed the city of Ticul. This city remains the focal point for such encounters. Silvestre Leal and Emilio Cetz Aguiar, in charge of the Sociedad Internacional de Rastreo e Investigacion OVNI (Sirio) were responsible for filming the "craft". Only 54 seconds of video footage was obtained along with 150 photographs. Their pixels were analyzed along with their clarity to confirm that they indeed showed a UFO. The object in question is a circular structure that was at a height of between 40 to 50 meters over the ground of the "San Benito" Football Field, explained Cetz Aguiar. He described the "craft" as measuring some five meters in diameter with an orange center bordered by lights of various colors, of which blue, green and red were the predominant hues. It made no sound. Its maneuvers ruled out aircraft or a balloon
The purpose of the visit was to verify a UFO video taken by Ivan Garma -- a Ticul resident -- in recent days. Both members of the Grupo Sirio decided to mount a "night watch" at the Soccer Field and were rewarded for their efforts, since the object appeared again at 22:15 hours --and this time much closer. Translation (c) 2004 Scott Corrales, IHU. and Guillermo Gimenez.
Photo courtesy of Ricardo Gonzalez
New Zealand ­ Fast Moving Object 
New Zealand City reports it was a busy night for police with several calls about a fast-moving object traveling from house to house on 25 December 2004. Shortly after midnight they received several calls about a fast-moving object traveling erratically from one house to another. Police around the country received several calls from residents saying they had heard what sounded like a herd of animals on the roof of their house, and bells jingling. The pattern of calls indicated it may have been a UFO making its way down the country at great speed. One constable reported a prowler at several addresses, described as a large male dressed in red with a white beard. Police are yet to confirm if this incident is related to similar sightings at the same time last year. © 2004 NZ City, IRN. New Zealand
Happy Holidays Everyone...
Stacey Allen McGee writes, "I just wanted to take a moment to thank those of you that have been supportive of our work over the past 10 years in the research of UFOs and the Paranormal. However, I'm afraid I have some news that may come as a bit of a disappointment to all of you, but I hope that you will feel only joy...
When I was twelve, I felt a strong calling to become a Minister for the Lord, Jesus Christ. I have been going through some strong spiritual changes and I have decided to finally heed this calling... Naturally this has caused a drastic alteration of my future plans and goals as well as our website... Our old website located at  offers a preview of our new website currently under construction which will appear at and this new domain will be working across all servers within the next 72-96 hours...
As a believer, I must say that I feel quite strongly that the second coming of Jesus Christ will be soon... I pray that all of you will be there when Jesus calls His entire children home.  May God richly bless and keep you all in peace and love this Holiday season and always...
Stacey Allen McGee Founder, President, and Director of the ARC Alternate Realities Center ~ Www.AlternateRealities.orG
We wish Stacey blessings in her new career.
Roswell Investigation and Archaeological Dig
Tom Carey writes "Thanks to Filer's Files, we have received over thirty volunteer signups for the 2005 archaeological dig at the Foster Ranch site [the Brazel/Marcel site to distinguish it from other sites]. These come mostly from all over the USA but with a smattering of applications from Europe. We will keep everyone apprised via email of developments as they become available. On the investigative front, another mega-witness [after many months of preliminary contacts] has finally agreed to talk to us. This was arranged through the efforts of yet another witness with whom it took us over a year's worth of preliminary discussions to agree to meet with us himself. Let Tom know if you want to dig. Thanks to Tom Carey at TCarey1947
"Life on Mars"
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Happy New Year and God Bless Our Troops
Major George A. Filer USAF (ret) 



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