By Judy Andreas

We have taken God's Green Earth and turned it into a cesspool. We have poisoned our air and our water and our food in the name of greed. We have killed one another in the name of power. And, at the end of the day, we are indeed a failed experiment.
We are an acquistive culture and enough is never enough. We steal one another's land and one another's resources. We create religions that divide and weaken and then we murder in the name of the Almighty. We allow hatred to replace love and competition to destroy cooperation. Stealing rather than sharing is the rule of law
Mother Nature has grown impatient. She will no longer tolerate her body being violated for our personal gain. She will no longer remain silent while she is raped and mutilated.
And the Great Spirit shakes us off, like a case of the fleas, what are you thinking? Are you compiling your list of grievances? Are you thinking about the debts you never collected.....both emotional and financial? Or.are you thinking about your children and your children's children.....innocent recipients of this filthy legacy.
What about the judgments that you cling to? Perhaps now is the time to let them go. What about the forgiveness that you keep walled from your heart. Perhaps now is the time to let it penetrate.
"How much time do we have left?" is a question without an answer. Why do you ask? Do you hope to delay the inevitable while accumulating more power, more wealth, more toys?
All we really have is NOW . All we've ever had was NOW and NOW may be too late.
Copyright 2004 Judy Andreas

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