An Open Letter
From Dr. Robert Strecker -
The First American Physician To State HIV/AIDS
Is And Was A Manmade Disease

From Alan Cantwell
I write first to tell everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Second, while the boys of HIV are firmly entrenched in their money and studies, let me propose the following:
1) Is it not time that we consider whether or not all of retrovirology is a manmade artifact, as suggested by Howard Temin years ago, who states that they are all 'manmade artifacts passaged and preserved by virologist in the laboratory.'
2) If there were only HIV that passed into man in the last few years, then it would be impossible to address the origin realistically. However the passage of several viruses into man, each of which has a near perfect progenitor in cattle or sheep makes the entire argument more accessible. In addition, literally hundreds of studies were done on primates at or about the time of the 'discovery' of HIV and not one produced a type D retrovirus in any way resembling HIV. At the SAME time there were clear D type retroviruses growing in cattle, sheep, men.
3) IF the HIV virus could have gone from primates to man, then what evidence is there that it did not go from man to primates by the same mechanism??!!!
4) By what mechanism is the transfer of all the retorviruses into man occurring at the same time, if not by laboratory manipulation??? Is GOD merely trying to exterminate gays and blacks?????
5) Do not forget the studies of Domchousky at Texas on the cross-species transfer of retroviruses by laboratory manipulation.
6) What about the pre-AIDS Asilomar conference in 1973 ("Biohazards in Biological Research") that predicted just such events, as HIV in man, and calculated their probability, which was far more likely than a 'Three Mile Island,' type of occurrence.
7) The entire world is discussing WMD except in the case of HIV. Doesn't HIV fit the classic definition of a near-perfect WMD????
Robert Strecker



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