Bush To Cut Pell Education
Grants For 1.4 Million Students

From Don Johnson
Lets see now..... We the tax payers are paying over 100 Billion dollars a year on
"A War and a Make-Over" that we didn't want and didn't need and we weren't prepared for.
Not to mention all the young men and women who are dying over there for Halliburton and Bush CO.
But Bush and Company can't seem to come up with the money for student grants here in the US. I will become one of those poor students very soon.
So, we build new schools over there, but here we tear them down. We overpay the bean counters and underpay the teachers.
As I recall the Founding Fathers had a Revolution over a tax on their favorite breakfast beverage.
This goes way beyond that. Where is my quill pen?
My situation is this, I am 54 years old and I am a character animator for video games and movies like "Polar Express".
But I can't find a full time job because of all the young Canadians who have flooded into California and other states taking our high-paying jobs. So, I have decided to go back to college to get 'retrained.' But now I am learning that Bush is cutting back on loans and grants.
More than that, I have been preparing to get into a teaching credential program at CSUN so I can teach computer animation in high schools. I have 15 years experience in this business and I have been a trainer, so I know I can teach.
Well, I've just this year run into another new wall because of Bush's "No child left behind" deal.
I now have to take a new test called the CSET TEST for Art.
'They' just created it this year and I must pass this test before I can even apply to the California State University at Northridge program. This test costs $150 each time I take it and I know professional teachers who have taken it 3 times and failed to pass it. They were high school Art teachers going for a higher pay scale by passing the test.
The CSET TEST is an Art History Test, starting from before the birth of Adam and Eve, to today's Modern Art. I DON'T WANT TO TEACH ART HISTORY - I WANT TO TEACH COMPUTER ANIMATION AND MOTION CAPTURE ANIMATION.
My alternative to this new roadblock was to get my Masters degree and then get the teaching credentials. But now with all the new cuts, I don't know how I'm going to do it.
So, Mr. Bush's "Leave no child behind" has become "leave the unemployed and educated displaced workers behind."
Please read the following from a news letter from Congressman Schiff.
December 29, 2004
Welcome to my Washington Update, an e-mail newsletter for the constituents of California's 29th Congressional District. Through these quick-read updates, I hope to keep you informed of progress being made in Washington, D.C. and at home on public policy issues of interest to our communities.
Last week, the Bush Administration established new guidelines that will restrict access to Pell Grants for nearly 1.4 million students, with some students losing this vital financial aid entirely. "These new rules - which will go into effect in the fall of 2005 - will hurt students who are already struggling to pay for college, and it was a terrible way for the Administration to treat students at this holiday season," said Congressman Schiff. Over the last three years, tuitions have risen by 35 percent making a college education out of reach for at least 220,000 students. The University of California is expecting at least half of its 46,000 Pell Grant recipients to be negatively affected by these rules.
With many issues to debate and resolve, the 109th Congress begins its work on Tuesday, January 4. All 435 Representatives and five Delegates to the House of Representatives will be sworn into office for two-year terms, and 34 of 100 Senators will take the oath of office for new six-year terms. Congressman Schiff begins his third term in the House where he expects to continue serving on the House International Relations & Judiciary committees.
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