What's In A Name?
Chertoff - Chert = 'Devil'

From K Man
The word 'devil' is translated into Russian as Cert (after substituting the Cyrilic letters for English, letter by letter).
The first sound in the word '?' in Russian is pronounced like the first sound in the English for the word CHAIR.
The ending is 'off' in English. With the Russian spelling it is 'ov' pronounced the same as 'off' in English. This ending is used for a large number of words in Russian, always when the word is formed into a family name, like: Gorbachov, etc., this is extremely common in the forming of family names in Russian.
Meaning, that we are dealing with the second most commonly used word in Russian for 'devil' that received an ending to turn it into a family name.
1. _n.
1: ??????, ????, ???
In Russian, you pronounce:
? as C (for chair)
E as E (for Ebony)
P as R ( for road)
T as T (for Table)
In The Ukraine they use the same word for 'devil' as in the Russian with a slight difference in pronunciation in the second sound '????'.



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