Pentagon Plane Identified?

By Leland Lehrman
From Leland Lehrman
Esteemed colleagues,
Thanks to some excellent analysis and tough love from the best team in the world, (Greg Zeigler, Kee Dewdney, Dick Eastman, Nico Haupt and Russell Pickering among others) I have this update to the Black aircraft piece I recently submitted to a number of websites.
The main problem was that I did not account for the angle of entry which, when accounted for puts the plane into the shadow.
From there, basically everything else falls apart. However, the exercise is not without value because the response from the community has been wonderful and enlightening.
In particular, the following sites have emerged as containing most of the important information. Not every site has every detail right, but there is a great deal of analysis and effort in these sites that bears rigorous scrutiny by anyone wanting to know what hit the Pentagon.
Pentagon Plane Identified?
Esteemed Colleagues - frame one aircraft at Pentagon
I took the animated gif image from the website: which shows the five-frame government-released pentagon video zoomed in on the area where the plane went. Looking at it over and over and at 400% zoom, I have finally reached the tentative opinion that it may be a small black military aircraft shooting a missile. The image appears consistent with a black A3 SkyWarrior or similar aircraft as indicated by Karl Schwarz, both an aircraft specialist and a talented, resourceful investigator. To the right in html email is an illustrated version of frame one outlining the aircraft in red and the possible white missile trail in orange. Attached is the same file, larger, for those without html email.
In particular, the image is not consistent with a shiny airplane of any sort. The only reflection appears to come from the forward area, near where the cockpit windows or front edge of the wings might be.
Look at this image of an American 757. The plane is almost entirely silver, and the tail is close to white and has clear and large markings on it. Now look at the plane in the image attached [aircraftoutlined.jpg] or on the web. Everything is black, and the sun is shining directly on it, as evidenced by the angle of the shadow on the box-shaped thing in the foreground, so there is no way the darkness could be shadow..
In the image attached, aircraftoutlined.jpg, you will see the red outline of the likely airplane and the orange outline of the possible missile trail. If you look at the image directly following this one in the five frame animation, you will be able to compare and contrast the two frames in order to establish other parameters that require a relational view of both frames. It is useful to view the images at 200-400% zoom and frame by frame slowly. Programs like the freeware Irfanview can zoom the file adequately.
There is almost no question that there is in fact some sort of white exhaust trail consistent with a missile trail in this image [aircraftoutlined.jpg]. *
Any contention that a 757 hit the Pentagon must deal with what that white cloud-like apparition is and as well how come the tail of the plane in the photograph is black. *
Black ops comes to mind.
I would be interested in going over these two images on the phone (505.982.3609) with anyone interested in order to describe the many difficult-to-put-in-words nuances. If these images do not come through, check them out online:
Pentagon Security Camera Frame 1 zoomed with outlines:
A3 SkyWarrior:
If anyone can show me where I am wrong, please do.



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