Increasing US Media Concern
About Global Weather Chaos
Earthquakes and Meteor Explosions in Atmosphere
By Sorcha Faal
...and as reported to her Russian Subscribers
I have received information today from an American about a Western media report about the current events happening in the world titled "Is something wrong with Mother Earth?" that was broadcast over their national television news collective NBC. I am led to understand also that this media collective has the attention of the greater part of the American public who view television newscasts, so this is my reason for attempting to understand this work of fiction.
This report begins by saying, "Consider the recent evidence: 1.) The violent Indian Ocean earthquake and the resulting tsunami that left parts of 11 nations devastated. 2.) November's powerful 6.2 earthquake in Costa Rica that killed eight people. 3.) Three volcanoes in Guatemala all simultaneously active for the first time in 31 years."
The report then asks the question, "Should we be worried?" to which the reply given by NASA scientist Dr. David Adamec says, "The world is not coming to an end, and things are fine."
"Adamec studies the Earth and says there is no scientific data to suggest all this violence from the Earth, at the same time, is unusual." This report continues and then adds, "The planet is alive and we have a hot core and every once in a while there are weak zones in the crust and we see things like volcanoes and earthquakes happen along those things. It's just a normal part of what a planet does."
The report then asks, "But wait a minute - what about all the wicked weather?" To which a professor, Dr. Chuck Connor from the University of South Florida, replies, "There's no causal relationship there at all, the current bad, bad weather we've been having is not influenced by volcanoes or earthquakes."
Though it is hard for any of us here to believe, or even understand, this is the extent of the information about these current events that this television news collective reported on to the American people.
Could this news collective have included these events of the past few weeks too?
On December 4th in the New England Region of the United States where it is says, "the bright flash light up the clouds, three seconds later came the boom"
On December 6th over Australia where it was reported, "An eerie, constant, low rumbling sound accompanied the explosions." From 'fireballs'.
On December 12th the reports from the Washington D.C. Region of the United States that says, "It looked like a ball of fire falling out of the sky.".
On December 13th the report of the fireball that lit up the skies of China 'turning night into day'.
On December 16th from the Utah Region of the United States where it was reported, "Meteor May Have Fallen in Salt Lake"
On December 19th where in Indonesia a news report was headlined, "Meteor suspected amid unexplained sightings and blast in Indonesia"
On December 21st where an unknown asteroid, and since named 2004 YD5, was discovered flying past the earth and under our satellites.
On January 5th where in the Wisconsin Region of the United States a news report says, "Authorities in north central Wisconsin received dozens of reports Tuesday evening of bright flashes of light in the sky, as from an explosion, and they said it likely came from meteor activity."
On January 7th where in the Alaskan Region of the United States a news report says, "Juneau residents saw a fiery ball traversing the sky."
On January 12th where in India it is reported, "I saw a huge ball of fire in the air. It raced down to the earth so fast that before I could do anything."
But, if they had presented these events for consideration they would have also had to have shown that these sightings contradict The American Meteor Society, and as they have stated, "Due to the combination of all of these factors, only a handful of witnessed meteorite falls occur each year."
This report also failed to mention the Great Antarctica Earthquake that occurred on December 24th, was measured at a magnitude of 8.2,and which is one of only 12 of this magnitude that has occurred on earth since 1990, and one of the most powerful since 1900.
Of course the 9.0 earthquake event that occurred in the Indian Ocean was mentioned, but because it was not connected with the Great Antarctica earthquake event the people would not look for any connections between them. And a connection there is between them, and also the Atlantic Ocean, in the that these events are occurring in those areas of the world having anomalous magnetic features, and as I had previously written about in my report of January 10th, "Continuing Earth Changes Cripple American Submarine and Pose New Dangers for the American Continents". (Even as I am writing these words I am hearing about a large earthquake event occurring in the Atlantic Ocean Region.)
The report continues with, "Three volcanoes in Guatemala all simultaneously active for the first time in 31 years," but does not mention at all the active reports of volcanic activity from their own governments scientific organization, the USGS, and which include: Andaman Islands, Veniaminof, USA, Colima, Mexico, Karymsky, Russia, Kilauea, USA, Manam, Papua New Guinea, Shiveluch, Russia, Soufriere Hills, Montserrat, Spurr, USA, St. Helens, USA, Suwanose-jima, Japan and Tunguraha, Ecuador. Neither was it mentioned that Italy's Mt. Etna had also erupted, though the lava flow has stopped and now only gas is escaping.
Also not mentioned was the continued issues, some mysterious and still unexplained, involving the Yellowstone Region of the United States and where a new report is circulating that says, "The American people are not being told that the explosion of this 'super volcano' could happen at any moment."
This report also mentioned the great rains and snows presently occurring in the western regions of the United States but failed to put this information within the context of the overall present conditions of the earth's weather systems, such as:
November 14th, Record Cold in Boston, November 27th, Record snow is Israel, November 30th, Record Cold in California, December 1st, Record Cold in Nevada, December 1st, Record Heat in Australia, December 2nd, Rare Winter Typhoon Taiwan, December 2nd, Mysterious fog covers 86,800 square miles of China, December 3ed, Super Typhoon in Philippines, December 3ed, Record Heat in Canada, December 5th, Record Rain in California, December 12th, Worst Floods in 40 years in Malaysia, December 15th, 50 Foot Waves Hit Hawaii, December 16th, Record Cold in Florida, December 17th, Hurricane force winds hit California, December 17th, Hurricane Force Winds hit France, December 19th, Record Heat in Montana, December 19th, Mysterious Light Brightens Arctic, December 19th, Coldest in 50 years in Israel, December 19th, Hurricane Force Winds in England, December 19th, Hurricane Force Winds in Germany, December 21st, Fog Covers Northern India, December 21st, Hurricane Force Winds in Canada, December 21st, Hurricane Force Winds in Montana, December 23ed, Catastrophic Storms Hit South Africa, December 23ed , Hurricane Force Winds in Finland, December 23ed, Worst Strom in Ohio History, December 23ed , Big Storms Shatter Records in Kentucky, December 23ed , Massive Storms Hit Canada, December 23ed , Massive Storm Spans Sea of Japan, December 24th, Severe Storms Leave Most of Finland Without Power, December 24th, 2km Thick Fog Layer Covers Large Areas of India, December 24th, Massive Storms Leaves Thousands Stranded in Scotland, December 25th, South Florida Covered in Fog, December 25th, First White Christmas in 86 Years for Texas Town, December 26th, Millions wake up to White Christmas in England, December 28th, Alaska Rains 212% above Normal, December 28th, Heavy Rains and Floods Kill 20 in Iran, December 29th, Rare Winter Heat Wave in Midwest US Continues, December 30th, United Arab Emirates Has First Snow in Recorded History, January 3ed, Lighting Causes Brushfires in Australia, January 4th, Floods, Rain Devastate South Africa, January 4th, Storms Leave Thousands Without Power in Australia, January 4th, Coldest December in 59 Years for New Zealand, January 4th, Lightning Kills 8 in South Africa, January 4th, Lightning Kills 27 in India, January 5th, Extremely High Alaskan Temperatures, January 6th, Freeze and Record Lows Strand Thousands in US, January 8th, Mighty Cyclone Approaches Kamchatka, January 8th, Storms Pound Northern Europe, January 8th, Record High Temperatures in Russia, January 9th, Hurricane Force Winds in Denmark and Sweden, January 9th, Europe's 'Tsunami', January 10th, Record Rains Continue in California, January 10th, Strongest Storm in 40 Years Hits Russia, January 11th, Record Heat, No Snow in Many Parts of Europe and January 12th, Winter storm leaves behind damage worth EUR millions in Finland.
This list should only be remarkable for what is not included, not what is. To include all the significant and record setting, weather events for just this time period alone, November 14th to January 12th, would take many hundreds of pages.
Also not noted here have been these past year's worldwide record numbers of floods, tornados, hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons that have served to make this past years events the costliness in human history, as reported by the world's largest insurance company Munich Re. Munich Re board member Stefan Heyd has also said that the weather extremes "underline our long-standing demand for prompt and rigorous measures against global climate change. After the disappointing outcome of the recent climate summit in Buenos Aires, time is running out."
Now of these things we of our people know, but to the Western people? They hear such things, and as I have quoted earlier, "Things are fine" and "There's no causal relationship there at all, the current bad, bad weather we've been having is not influenced by volcanoes or earthquakes."
But we can find in their own children's studies the knowledge that "We have a closed atmospheric system which means all the water on our planet is finite and has been recycled for billions of years.", as it states correctly on this website for primary children.
The knowledge of their University students is of course much greater, and includes this example about these facts, "Volcano eruptions of a large magnitude can impact global climate, reducing the amount of solar radiation reaching the earth's surface, lowering temperatures in the troposphere, and changing atmospheric circulation patterns" (Wolfe, 1). Sulfuric gases convert to sulfate aerosols which may linger up to four years in the atmosphere. On June 15, 1991, Mount Pinatubo erupted in the Philippines, causing extensive consequences in the environment. "The direct radiative effect of volcanic aerosols causes general stratospheric heating and tropospheric cooling, with a tropospheric warming pattern in the winter" (Wolfe, 1). This demonstrates that volcanic aerosols force fundamental climate mechanisms that play an important role in the global change process."
We know too that this is in fact not what the American scientist exactly said, but was the intention of the wording of his comments, for the uneducated to draw an imaginary correlation between volcanic eruptions and 'bad' weather. Hence, 'since the one isn't occurring the other can't be caused by it'.
This provides to you an excellent example of how the Western people have so separated themselves from the world that they have no knowledge left of how every thing is in fact connected to every other thing in life, and everything is life.
What are to us the simplest concepts of life, and living, as human beings are to them the hardest to understand because they have no knowledge of how to conceptualize the wholeness of all, and their part of the wholeness. Like a drop of water from the ocean on their finger tip they believe that is all they are. But inside of them also is the knowledge that their 'drop' of life will return to the ocean and therein lies their deepest fear, where is the drop when it returns to the ocean?
Even my writings to them, of which this is a part of, they fail to connect the knowledge of them all. They instead keep each of them as separate pieces without knowing that the greater knowledge of knowing is in the wholeness of all of them, not in any single one.
In many of the letters I receive from them there comes through in their words to me a form of absolute madness that you could only understand by knowing the effects of caging animals. Even in this report from their television collective, NBC, you can see how even in these days the bars of their mental and spiritual prison are continuing to be built around them.
But many also are those who are in the knowing of our messages and our meanings, and continue to warn others also, even to much ridicule and scorning. This is good and also how it must be, as we know.
© January 13, 2005, EU and US all rights reserved.
Sorcha Faal



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