Was The Pentagon Aircraft
A Boeing 737?

From Jon Carlson
A part of a landing gear photographed at the Pentagonmatches that of a Boeing 737:
737 Brakes from
Two witnesses identified the plane as a Boeing 737:
From Bryan G.
Dear Mr. Rense:
Your website is invaluable to me in many respects - thank you for the work your organization does. I concur with Sender, Berle and Sons - your site is sufficient to put together a full picture.
However, I must question the legitimacy of the article posted on 31Dec04, "Was the Pentagon Aircraft a Boeing 737?".
I compared these two pictures submitted as matches, using an eye experienced at finding substitute machine parts under adverse conditions. I have to conclude the opposite that the article author did - the picture given to compare with the wreckage photo bears no relationship to it in form or function. Indeed, the spar or strut or support shown as the Pentagon plane picture has mechanical characteristics much closer to a lighter-duty support - a single support boss, a slimmer length/width ratio, a stubbier spindle or bearing extension. This is much more characteristic of wheel supports, absorbers, or braces I have seen for fighter aircraft. I think he did a good job of proving it was NOT a 737.
Thank you for your consideration of this.
Bryan G.
Bellefontaine, OH



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