Mexico - Numerous UFOs
Over Yucatan

From Scott Corrales
Notimex and
In recent days a considerable number of UFO sightings have been recported in this locality, mainly in the southern region.
The latest and clearest sighting took place last Sunday and filmed evidence of the presence of a circular UFO, surrounded by multicolored lights, was captured near the city of Ticul. This city remains the focal point for such encounters, according to groups devoted to "night watches", except that on this occasion clearer images were obtained.
Silvestre Leal and Emilio Cetz Aguiar, in charge of the Sociedad Internacional de Rastreo e Investigacion OVNI (Sirio) were responsible for filming the "craft".
The event occurred on Sunday the 12th during the celebration of the feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe, and whose encounter had a duration of some two minutes approximately, although only 54 seconds of video footage were obtained. 150 photographs were obtained for detailed study. Their pixels were analyzed along with their clarity (sic) to confirm that they indeed showed a UFO.
The object in question is a circular structure that was at a height of between 40 to 50 meters over the ground of the "San Benito" Football Field, explained Cetz Aguiar. He described the "craft" as measuring some 5 meters in diameter with an orange center bordered by lights of various colors, of which blue, green and red were the predominant hues. It made no sound whatsoever, he added. Intial tests aimed at ascertaining if the object was a UFO were made during the encounter, but given its shape and movement, other possibilities -- an airplane or a helicopter -- were discarded. The possibility of a balloon was also dismissed, despite the festivities of the Virgin of Guadalupe and the "Feria del Zapato" being held nearby, since the object was moving against the direction of the prevailing winds.
He added that the purpose of the visit was to verify a UFO video taken by Ivan Garma -- a Ticul resident -- in recent days.
"After determining that Garma wasn't home, we toured the city and I suddenly thought I saw the object, but there was so much light that I lost it. The time was around 21:00 hours."
Subsequently, he continued, the object appeared at another location, and when he took out his camcorder, it lost itself amid the buildings of the community.
Both members of the Grupo Sirio decided to mount a "night watch" at the Soccer Field and were rewarded for their efforts, since the object appeared again--and this time much closer. The sighting took place at 22:15 hours and could be the same object filmed on two earlier occasions--August and October-- by members of a family surnamed Mata.
The UFO "wave" in the southern region began last August to such a degree that up to 400 people would meet in the very same field where the flying artifact was recorded, hoping for an encounter.
Translation (c) 2004 Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez.



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