UFO Photographed
Over Puerto Rico

By Prof Reinaldo Rios
In watch near the environs of the base of the Aerostato Radar, gigantic globe that raise newspaper for the detection of rare objects in the area or military experimentation, we made a small night watch to notice if truth to high hours of the dawn miliares cars entered the sector which we did not have that luck. Single several patrols of policias that go up to around the area asked to us that haciamos high hours of the dawn of Sunday, 14 of November of 2004 to the 3:30 p.m.. This place is located in highway 303 of the Sector Fajardo de Lajas, Puerto Rico before the municipal garbage dump and of where the campings are offered great ufos but of the island. Ours camaras could collate following to little or the no moon since coincidia with the days of black moon. Seizures from camaras of videos and roll HANDLE 200 with 35 mm.
Approximated distance of 1000 feet of north to the south which circulated slowly changing the intensity of light. Present in the area soon we interrogated neighboring people which showed to us that some habian sight similar lights. Single that we tried to communicate to the policia from Puerto Rico to the 1-787-899-2020 but in fact they did not pay attention to our allegations. Imagenes that many can think is the moon, but for that date the moon nontapeworm that form. Ademas appreciates a ray that crosses the superior part of this rare object even caught without deciphering what was, single we give faith that not veia, at first single salio after the revealed one.
They notice but above in left superior direction pointed by a vertical line which has on the object that veiamos to move which downwards has form of eclipse with the plane and in superior part one cupula or semi I circulate. Ours camaras is not powerful, are simple but they could catch maximo that image that noticed was lejisimo. That effects operated in disminusion of stars around we do not know them, single quizas the brightness of some of opaque her to demas. We present this evidence in viasde study without emitting a cientifica explanation. This servant Reinaldo Rios made a call to the calm and I notify myself to him to radial variosmedios of the casuistica ufo in that sector. Due to it we also incorporated the activity HUNTING OF UFOS which got up within CAMPINGS UFOS REINALDO RIOS.



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