Australia - UFO Over Sunraysia?

By Jonathan Ridnell, Simon Wallace and Jo Printz - Australia
Frank McCormack is adamant that the objects he and his family saw in the sky over Mildura did not come out of a beer bottle.
"We were having a barbecue, I was busy cooking the barbecue," he says.
"Yes, we were having refreshments, but it was far too early to be seeing double, seeing things that were not there."
It was 7pm, with a clear sky, and still daylight when Frank's daughter in law spotted an odd object in the sky. The rest of the family sighted it as well.
"We finally spotted this shiny white object, coming in from the east to come across towards Mildura," Frank says.
"We continued to look at it to see if we could establish what it was, and then it became stationary. It stopped over Mildura. So, while we were watching it, two similar objects came in from the west. They just manoeuvred around like a rendezvous with the stationary one, then they just departed and went back west - then the other one that was stationary then started to move back towards the east."
Nobody who saw them could work out what they were, but Frank is certain of what they weren't.
"It wasn't an aircraft, it wasn't a balloon, it wasn't a helicopter - there was quite a bit of glare...from the sun, we actually looked at them through binoculars but we still couldn't define what they were.
"I think they were a long way up; I think they were too high for a helicopter. If they had have continued in a straight line across the sky, we'd have possibly thought they were satellites."
Doug Moffert, from UFO Research, New South Wales, says Frank's encounter is typical in some ways - especially in the 'round table discussion' afterwards of 'could it be this, could it be that', seeking an explanation.
While typical in that way, Frank is unusual in his willingness to come forward and talk about what he saw.
To listen to the interviews, click the links below.
Listen to: Audio in RealMedia format - Requires RealPlayer Frank McCormack relates what he and his family saw in the skies over Mildura.
Audio in RealMedia format Doug Moffert from UFO Research NSW talks to the ABC's Jonathan Ridnell.



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