By Kirwan
The White House today paid tribute to three individuals by awarding each of them, the American Medal of Freedom. This is the nation's highest honor for civilians, who have contributed to the advancement of this country and the world.
The awards went to retired General Tommy Franks, for his role in fighting the Iraq War; to George Tenet, for his role as the head of CIA Intelligence in the same war; and to Paul Bremer, the civilian administrator of Iraq, for his administration of the aftermath of that invasion. All three men failed miserably in their assigned duties, but each was nonetheless awarded a Medal of Freedom for their respective efforts. For his part, Bush was "reelected" to the office he has occupied since 2000. Today was indeed a black day for "Freedom" in this country.
Which brings us to the next group of sterling individuals who will no-doubt be awarded their own Medals of Freedom, in the very near future. The first will be the new Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, the man who has remained as close as a shadow to Bush since his governorship in Texas. This is the genius who wrote all those legalistic overrides of the Geneva Conventions so that we might have unlimited charge of "enemy combatants" worldwide. He"s also the man who created the contents of that evil pair of Patriot Acts, that serve as bookends for the legalistic crushing of what"s left of law and government responsibilities under the new "Terror Laws." This guy"s a "must have" if we are to remain on track for Fascism in America, in 21st Century style.
The second recipient of the next round of "Freedom Medals" ought to be Ex- Admiral Poindexter, for setting up Total Information Awareness (TIA) prior to 911, but he"s been officially trashed, so that"s impossible. Instead the award could probably go to one of his additions to the offices of HOMELAND Security: That would be the Ex-head of the Soviet KGB, General Yevgeni Primakov,
The third Medal ought to go to the latest addition to HOMELAND Security. That would be the former East German STAZI chief, Marcus Wolfe, a master of manipulation and intimidation - just what we now need to run our Secret National Spy Service.
Sounds like business as usual, but waitóthis is not what it might appear to be. When we took Nazi scientists after WWII, to work on weapons systems, they were severely limited to working on systems that other civilians had control over. We knew who they were and what they were, and they were monitored. This time, these vicious and utterly barbaric individuals will be employed specifically for the very skills they brought to their communist statesóonly now they are being imported to decide who lives and who dies in America. These men have not changed, they are who they are, and that is exactly why Bush & the Bandits want them to run those aspects of HOMELAND Security, that spy on and attempt to co-opt U.S. Citizens.
If these men were to appear for work, in the uniforms of their former States, the public would be outraged, and rightfully so! But that"s exactly what is happening here, only no one seems the least bit disturbed that the Government of the USA is paying ex-barbarians to harass and prosecute Americans under the guise of "HOMELAND Security requirements." This is not a proposal - these appointments have already been made - maybe that"s why the Bush government insists on doing everything in SECRET.
Do you like the idea that the former head of the KGB will be practicing his skills on Americans, and getting a handsome US paycheck for his efforts to control us? Do you like the idea that The ex-General in charge of the world"s most notorious secret service, in charge of spying on the citizens in Communist East Germany will also be getting a handsome paycheck from US taxpayers, to practice his obscenities on us?
Most who have heard about this addition to HOMELAND security, believe that "it sucks!" Maybe if enough of us actually question the wisdom of these appointments, on the record - then perhaps - something more creative could be done about this potential disaster. People here work really hard for every penny today, thanks to Bush & his Bandits; so why should we have to pay the cushy salaries of these particular despicable thugs, who have made careers out of torture and lies, not to mention having held lifelong professional hatreds of our supposed way-of-life.
Bush created this 180,000 person agency out of 22 separate agencies, and to date, the public has seen nothing but bad jokes come from this huge and out-of-touch beast. But under the guidance of these former slave state torturers, maybe things will move along much more efficiently?
Maybe there are no longer any real differences between the belief systems at the top of the transnational corporate food chain. Maybe what is being used against the population here is only what so many corporate powers have been reluctant to do for far too long. Apparently the real powers must now feel very comfortable, at this present moment, when all pretense can finally be dropped and the USA can finally take its place among the tyrannical empires that have preceded us on that one-way road to owning everything and everyone?
Think about that day, in the near future when the Bushwhacker will pin the American Medal of Freedom upon the shapeless chests of these three despicable throwbacks (in the grand tradition he just established today) - and don"t forget how many more Americans they will each mutually be responsible for sending to prison, to torture, or to death. This is not just "politics" anymore this is Tribute, being paid out in the actions that we take as a nation, against our own people. Who profits from these appointments, and who pays?



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