Too Much To Swallow

By Judy Andreas
The daily "news" should be renamed the daily "bad news." Did you ever wonder exactly who is determining what is "fit to print" and what is "fit for audio?"
On one hand, the mainstream media is not reporting what the people need to know about the horrors of the current wars. I could have sworn that there were at least two wars being fought in the Middle East, and yet, the nightly mass media of mass distortion, aside from reporting an occasional fatality, cheers that we are busily building democracies and teaching people how to hold democratic elections. I hope that someday, if anybody is alive, they will be grateful to us.
On the other hand, the news assures us that there are plenty of other things for us to worry our pretty little heads over.
Recently there was a huge scare about a flu vaccine shortage. People were fed a daily diet of fear.....further compromising their already compromised immune systems. My colleagues at work voiced their concern, unconsciously demonstrating that the news had acheived its desired result. Thankfully, I managed to remain immune to the continual scare tactics. (except for an occasional bout of irritation, and an outbreak of anger)
I had read and heard too much about the evils of the vaccine to swallow this nonsense. According to some, the vaccine is more dangerous than the disease. I know people who have had dire consequences as a result of being vaccinated.
My readings revealed that vaccines were allegedly contaminated with formaldehyde, thimerosal, which is a derivative of mercury, and aluminum which has been linked to Alzheimer's Disease. Each year, many of the vaccinated people, at work, still got the flu.
"But would have been worse," employees insisted, upon returning to the office after their five days of sick leave.
One morning I sat placidly in my kitchen enjoying a bowl of oatmeal and a few tranquil moments before heading to the office. Quite suddenly, the classical music on the radio morphed into the morning news.
" And...out of Thailand, the World Health Organization has issued a dramatic warning that the bird flu will trigger an international pandemic that could kill up to seven million people."
I dropped my spoon as my throat grabbed a lump.
It could occur anywhere from next week to the coming years, according to the Global Influenza Program. There is no doubt that this will be a pandemic. Even with the most optimistic scenario, it will probably cause a public health emergency with estimates of deaths in the range of 2 to 7 million people."
I tried to digest the information. Two to seven million people are going to die from a bird flu? I wondered if mandatory vaccinations might not be far behind.
Despite my tasteless punning, my feathers had been sufficiently ruffled. Was I supposed to set the worry level on "red" for the coming years?
In the sanctity of my kitchen, my oatmeal had been replaced with a bowl of fear. I had already been offered a menu including asteroids, meteorites and X Planets knocking us out of our orbit, histrionics from an angry mother nature manifesting in a coming global superstorm, nuclear accidents as well as nuclear "on purposes," engineered food and contaminated water and, of course, everyone's favorite.....the inevitable terrorist attack.
Since the people appear to have grown complacent, an occasional reminder is necessary lest one forgets that new terrorists are being created everyday in terrorist schools where they are graduating with a BS in "Freedom Hatred."
BS indeed.
As I travel on the Internet, and in three dimensional reality, I have become keenly aware that there is an awakening taking place. With no insult to the Ostrich, more and more heads are coming out of the sand. More and more people are beginning to ask questions. Fewer and fewer people are mindlessly accepting the official explanation for events that just do not compute.
Perhaps the voice of the alternate media has grown loud enough to stir the snoozing populace. And, though it may be a slow awakening, it is steady and the numbers are growing daily. The collective eye is no longer content to stay shut, the collective mind is scratching its head in disbelief and the collective stomach is upset from the constant servings of distortion sauteed on a frying pan of fear. A healthy skepticism has found its way into the collective immune system.
My truth is that I am fed up with fear...and the tactics of fear. As I reflect upon my life, I am keenly aware of the role fear has played. I have watched myself and others take the falsely labeled "easy way out." I have heard voices grow silent as fear shut their mouths and erased their thoughts. I have known people who have sacrificed their talents on the alter of fear and lived lives of quiet desperation in their stead. I have known people whose dying breath was the breath of regret. This is the legacy of fear.
Of all the fears, our greatest fear is the fear of death. It strips away our conscience and tricks us into making deals with the devil. It freezes our lives and our relationships. Ultimately, the fear of death robs us of the adventure of life.
Fear is a mighty weapon for the ruling elite. They use it to keep us keep us easily keep us in line.
And so, another fear was being served to me as I sat in my kitchen and my response was a reverberating "No thank you." You can keep your red alerts and your flesh eating bacteria and your enemy du jour. You can keep your duct tape and your year's supply of bottled water. By the way, do you still have your Y2K stash?
I have no illusions. One day I am going to die and until that day comes, I am not going to waste one precious moment of my life playing "Fear Factor."
Les jeux sont fait.
Copyright 2004 Judy Andreas. All Rights Reserved



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