Syria And Iran In
Bush/Israel Cross-Hairs

By Joel Skousen
World Affairs Brief
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Both Syria and Iran know full well they are targets for the next US attack in the region, and in fact Iran has shared intelligence with Syria that purports to demonstrate that the US is planning to attack Iran within six months. Both nations are scrambling to defuse the obvious excuses the US would use to invade.
This week Syria began planning the initial stages of a pullout (mostly for real, this time) of a majority of the 13,000 troops that are occupying and controlling Lebanon. According to, 3,000-5,000 troops will remain to "defend its radar installations and their approaches." There are only four of these small radar installations, so a large portion of these "defensive" troops would be available for other mischief. Of course, pro-Syrian Lebanese troops will fill in as well for the recalled Syrian troops (which will be staged close to the border for easy re-entry when needed).
Naturally, Damascus is proclaiming their compliance with Security Council Resolution 1559 on Lebanese sovereignty, but everyone in the region knows Lebanon is still controlled by a puppet government, totally subservient to the regime of Bashir Assad. In addition, Syria is intending to use its demonstrated pullout of troops to clamor at the UN Security Council for a commensurate Israeli withdrawal from the strategic Golan Heights (taken from Syria during the '67 war), in accordance with Sec. Council Resolutions 224 and 338.
Both Syria and Iran have had covert assistance from leftist elements of the European Union, which have facilitated agreements with both nations concerning their compliance on international issues of contention - issues that are most likely to trigger either sanctions or an eventual US attack. For Syria, the issue is its burgeoning stockpiles of missiles and WMD (chemical and biological weapons) - some of which came from Saddam Hussein's stockpiles. For Iran, the issue is both its highly-advanced missile program (short and intermediate ranges) and its nuclear weapons program.
The EU certified Syria's WMD stockpiles as "under international monitoring," thus giving Syria a pass or exemption from having to destroy these stockpiles. The International Atomic Energy Commission then made an agreement with Iran requiring that nation to cease all uranium enrichment operations and submit all facilities to international inspection. In the first iteration of the agreement, some obscure nuclear facilities were omitted. The US demanded that they be included in the final agreement. But before the ink was dry, Iran was appealing for an exemption for a research reactor enrichment program - which brought instant charges of duplicity. No one really expects Iran to stop its secret nuclear program. It's only a matter of how difficult it will be to detect the ongoing violations.
The larger question deals with Russian and Chinese support of Iran's nuclear program. The US claims that both Russia and China are allies and supporters in the war against terror and the proliferation of WMDs to Islamic extremists - despite evidence from British intelligence that Russian trucks and personnel were used to transfer some of Iraq's WMDs to Syria and Iran in November of 2003, just prior to the invasion.
It is a known fact among Middle Eastern intelligence sources that Iran, Syria and Egypt are planning another attack on Israel within 2-4 years. This will trigger a full blown Middle East war, in which the US intends to be strategically placed right in the middle, occupying Iraq. The US and Israel both have contingency plans to launch a pre-emptive strike on Iran's emerging nuclear program if an attack on Israel appears imminent. This could well trigger not only a regional war, but a larger world war, if Israel is forced to engage Iran with nuclear weapons.
In fact, I consider this scenario to be the prime candidate for a trigger event to start WWIII. Both Russia and China are already preparing for a larger pre-emptive nuclear strike on the West, and this eruption in the Middle East could well justify Russia's strike. It has all the makings of a perfect rationale, from Russia's standpoint. First, the US is seen to be antagonizing the Moslem world with constant intervention, after having already antagonized the Slavic world in Kosovo and Bosnia. Second, the US or Israel would be perceived as starting this regional war with their own, perhaps unjustified, pre-emptive attack, giving Russia the perfect opportunity to justify its pre-emptive strike on America. After all, "someone had to stop this bully."
Meanwhile, US military planners are already planning for an attack. Sources within the Pentagon say the US and Israeli attack will not only target Iran,s public and secret nuclear facilities (as far as known) but also key leaders and some industrial and defense infrastructure.



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