World Watches Us On
The Side Of The Road
Or, How Much Evil Will You Put Up With? Will You Wait Until It's Too Late?
By Ted Twietmeyer
You've seen it all before - a woman all alone on a cold, winter night with flat tire along side an interstate. She stands there, with the trunk open. A tire iron in one hand, trying to read the car's manual with the other. Sobbing quietly in tears, knowing that she may not have the strength to loosen the air wrench tightened bolts. Vehicle whiz by her at 70 Mph. "It's someone else's problem, not mine" they all think. And the classic one they tell their children - "a nice officer will come along any minute now to help her or get her a tow truck." Or perhaps even worse - the lonely woman has the hood up, because the vehicle stopped running. And you see her license plate - she's from about 500 miles away. Did you at least offer to use your phone to call for help, ask her if she needed help or had help coming ?
Why do I bring this up ? Because now my friend - WE, the people (remember what Great Document starts with those words ?) are now that lonely woman on the side of the road. Yes, YOU and I. Why ? Because Americans have stood by like statues, while our so-called "leaders" that lived in the pockets of special interest groups, have moved to the corporate pockets to safely rape and pillage our country. These "elected officials" give jobs and technology away to the other countries - "good for America" they boast with an arrogance befitting any of Hitler's henchmen. And all the average person does is whine "You're lying ! Our govt. would never hurt us." And it is that very false illusion that lets them get away with it all.
Including the evil Patriot II Act - which passed today 300 to 75. Imagine it if you can. An act (a dictum is more like it) so terrible, that ALL of the Bill of Rights cease to exist. It truly is as bad as it can get. Alex Jones did a great job exposing it. But that isn't the focus of this essay - what it is, is the beginning of the end.
What its all about, is INACTION by people that foolishly call themselves "American Citizens." People that when presented with the facts, think it can't be true. "NOT HERE IN AMERICA WILL THEY TAKE MY RIGHTS AWAY they cry out."
Remember the past century? How countless American soldiers died in the (staged) wars of Europe and Japan, to save those people ? How quickly they forgot US, and subsequently the American people. We helped their proverbial "lonely women on the side of the road" back then to attain freedom using our time, our lives, our money. Countless American families shattered by two staged wars, that started 3,000 miles east of our shores. And then of course the so-called "police actions" of Korea and later, Vietnam. There we all were - fighting EVERYONE ELSE'S BATTLES for freedom. And paying for it with the blood of the newest generation. And what about rapidly evaporating liberties in our own country ? Isn't always amazing how fast people forget someone that helped them, but never forget those that hurt them ? Perhaps we should have told the Europeans at the time one of their own quaint expressions - "GET STUFFED !" Then they might remember us.
Remember the starving countries? We gave and continue to do so (even though we can't afford it) BILLIONS of dollars in aid to countries that never even said "thank you." Instead, they said "MORE, MORE - WHERE'S THE REST OF IT ?" I could go on for ad infinitum about this. Yet most all the people around the world now see America as that "lonely woman on the side of the road," that "someone else will help." Well, not true. There isn't anyone to help us now. We will see a LIVING HELL come to pass here. I'll repeat it again - we will see a LIVING HELL come to pass here. It's already about to become law unless WE stop it. Checkpoints in the streets, passports are planned along with a national ID card. And soon, chip implants. We are being supervised and tracked just like ANIMALS in the WILD. You thought shows like Wild Kingdom only applied to animals. Not anymore. Think I'm exaggerating ? Tell that to the thousands of women strip searched in airports now, in a legally sanctioned act that is tantamount to rape and molestation.
Now WE need the help of what few friends we have on the planet. And few they are, because we've lost the respect of MOST of planet earth. The bottom line ? NO ONE will help us. WE must help ourselves and fight the evil, freedom-smothering and stealing Patriot Act, WHICH IS TRULY AN ACT AGAINST PATRIOTS NOW. And do it before it reaches the final signature into law.
There is an interesting new bumper sticker which says it all - "The last time we mixed religion and politics - people were burned at the stake."
Concentration Camps, Homeland Security pickups with NO TRIAL, deportations and stripped of citizenship for ANY offense - executions without trials for petty offenses - these are ALL in Patriot II and so much more. Call AND FAX your Congressperson - tell him clearly NO and jam up his fax machine. Tell him/her NONE OF THAT EVIL ACT FIGHTS TERRORISM AND HE KNOWS IT. IF HE SIGNS IT WITHOUT READING IT, HE IS A TRAITOR. AND BY DEFINITION HE/SHE TOO, MUST BE DEPORTED !
Don't back down. Because what will happen if you don't fight this ?
America is FINISHED for good.
And you will live in a LIVING HELL so bad, you will NEVER AGAIN get a good night's sleep.
Ted Twietmeyer



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