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Filer's Files #48 By George A. Filer
Director MUFON Eastern
Vice President Skywatch International
Webmaster - Chuck Warren
The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space as reported each week. Many people claim it is impossible for UFOs to visit Earth, I ask you only to keep an open mind and watch the evidence we accumulate each week. These Files make the assumption that extraterrestrial intelligent life exists and my hypothesis is that of the over one hundred UFO reports each week many represent factual UFO sightings in our skies.
UFOs were seen over Arizona, California, Virginia, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and  Washington and Wisconsin. Sightings were reported in  Australia, Canada, Finland, Pakistan, and the Philippines.  
California - Airline Pilot Sights a UFO
SAN FRANCISCO -- An airline transport pilot with 14 years' experience in commercial aviation can't quite explain what he saw at 11 PM,  November 3, 2004.  The jetliner P.A. was flying was making its approach into San Francisco. The jetliner was approaching the city from the east, passing just north of Stockton, when P.A. received instructions from the tower to descend from 35,000 to 24,000 feet (10,500 to 7,200 meters). And then it happened.   
"While approaching San Francisco from the east," he reported, "an orange dot began to glow and seemed to flash higher up to the west of us. I thought that it was a planet. It then changed color from orange to white. Again, I thought a planet could be illuminated through a (local) atmosphere that would explain the color change."  "It then began to move in a northeasterly direction. Once again, being in an airplane, it is very easy to think an object is moving, from small corrections the autopilot makes. I found a handful of stars to serve as a reference point and verified that the object was slowly moving north. It moved about 30 degrees and then stopped. Then, it made a slight tangent to the right and continued moving for about 20 more degrees."  "It stopped and turned again to the right and continued for 10 degrees, then stopped again and disappeared."
"The whole sighting ran about two minutes or so from start to finish. It was difficult to judge the actual distance and speed. When I talk about 'moving in degrees and turning,' I am talking about my (cockpit) viewpoint and compass degrees."  "The UFO's size was very small, about the size of the stars and planets you see in the sky." "We had initially been at 35,000 feet (10,500 meters) but had descended to 24,000 feet (7,200 meters) when we saw the object. We were above the clouds with a clear view, and there was a crescent moon behind us. The weather in San Francisco was partly cloudy skies and light rain."  "There were two of us in the cockpit, and we both witnessed the same thing. We were both in awe. I have been flying for 14 years have never witnessed something like this before." Thanks to UFO Roundup Vol. 9, # 45, November 10, 2004, Editor: Joseph Trainor
New York - Rapid  Maneuvering Light
SYRACUSE -- Between 9 and 10 PM on November 3, 2004, on a cloudless night, the witness  happened to glance out her kitchen window facing north to look at what I thought might be planets or bright stars. The witness states, "I then noticed a third light source which at first I thought to be just a normal airplane moving directly away from me as it did not seem to be moving much, but after a few seconds, it began to move in an erratic zig zag motions, i.e., up, down, left and right at varying angles." It appeared to be covering large distances very quickly as it did this. This went on for at least 30 to 60 seconds before it left my field of view. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director
Pennsylvania - Pulsating Multicolor Lights
SPRING CITY -- On November 8, 2004, at 10 PM, the witness spotted pulsating, multicolor lights that were moving close and away. As it comes forward it appears to be explosive and as it goes back smaller. It had bright colors which change to various multicolor lights. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director
Maryland - Silver Sphere Follows Jets
GLEN BURNIE -- At approximately 8:00 AM on November 8, 2004, the witness noticed two high flying jets traveling north leaving a contrail. He states, "Behind the two jets a ways back I saw a white/silver sphere following behind, that was about the size of a dime at arm's length. It followed along behind the jets for about 3-4 minutes, long enough for my school friends to see it too. Shortly after the sphere was lost to view a green helicopter, the same shape as the Maryland Police helicopter, but NOT a police helicopter, followed along the same path but much lower and much slower. This was reported to me by my 12 year old son. I have transcribed it as told. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director
Virginia - Flying Triangle
CHARLOTTESVILLE --At 5:48 AM, on November 8, 2004, the observer was getting his car and happened to look up to see a shooting star. As he lingered to watch its tail die out a very, very, very large flying triangle shaped craft passed effortlessly directly over head without making a sound. It appeared to be a string of triangle lights connected together at a perfect diagonal. Connected to the lights were long tubes at different lengths almost reminiscent of a revolver chamber on a pistol. I would surmise the object to be about the width of thirty commercial jet sized airplanes at an undetermined length. It was hard to comprehend anything that size flying. It did not hover, it did not speed off, it simply floated effortlessly towards the east and disappeared.  I have never seen anything remotely like this and cannot imagine anyone creating something that looked like this.  I will never forget it as long as I live, and feel very fortunate to have seen it. I only hope others did as well. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director <>
Ohio - Strange Aurora Borealis and UFOs
CLEVELAND -- Alan Caviness writes, "I wanted to share with you a photograph I shot near Cleveland, Ohio while traveling along I-80 on the night of November 9, 2004 going into the 10th, about 1:30 AM. This was my very first viewing of the Northern Lights that were spectacular to watch. The photo was a 4-second digital exposure capturing the subtle colors much more effectively than the human eye. I noticed that Filer's Files #47 mentioned much solar flare activity occurring at the time. Thanks to Alan Caviness
FOSTORIA - After nightly frosts there are few if any insects alive in Northern Ohio. George Ritter continues to take VHS images of UFOs with his RCA camera.
This one looks like a craft moving at about 2000 mph very close to a silo and farmhouse. These craft appear to enter and leave an underground base thirty miles south of Lake Eire. George sets up his video camera in good weather and lets it run for several hours. The hard tedious part is examining the film and watching for high speed movement in each of the thirty frames per second. George Ritter will be speaking and showing videos in Cleveland for the Cleveland Ufology Project this weekend. Contact George Pindroh for details at 216-941-5304. The image below is taken from last week's video. 
Thanks to George Ritter
Wisconsin - Continuing UFO Encounters
FREDERIC - Brian Vike reports, "On a recent evening Shawn's friend who was witness to a number of unusual happenings around this family's home came over for a visit and said you have to come outside and see what is happening in the sky! They all went outside and to the west of the home they could see something strange which had a red ball of light at the top and on the bottom. The body of the object was white which extended out leaving the red balls of light sitting in the middle of whatever it was. Shawn's friend told him to look towards the back of the object and a bit in the distance. Looking through a good pair of binoculars Shawn saw a red colored pyramid shaped object that seemed to be towing the pyramid behind it. As the objects moved towards the east they dropped down behind the tree tops and they all could hear what sounded like a jet aircraft for a brief period of time. Whatever these things were, both had been silent the whole time they were traveling across the sky.
Shawn's wife Robin said, "They have gone through the process of shock and being overwhelmed to acceptance and they will never be able to understand what has been going on!" Robin said, "It is just really bizarre and that being a Christian lady, the unexplainable chain of events has really rocked her world; we don't know what is real anymore!" Shawn said that he asked a few people around the area if they have ever witnessed any strange lights? They said no and walked away but one did say he had seen some unusual lights, but he doesn't even bother looking up anymore. 
HBCC UFO Research Note: There is a lot more to this experience than I have written here. So much in fact that a fellow investigator by the name of Sam Marino and colleagues (Illinois, MUFON) will be driving to the family's home and spending a couple of days with them to carry out interviews and an investigation. We all are hoping that they will be fortunate enough to get a glimpse of what the family is witnessing. Thanks to
Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research
Illinois - Light Formation
CHICAGO -- On November 7, 2004, at 11 PM, the witnesses spotted four white lights in formation near O'Hare International Airport.
Similar lights were seen on Halloween for several hours. These do not look like normal airport traffic. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director
Minnesota - Three Glowing Colored Lights
ST. PETER - The observer was located in a river valley in Southern Minnesota when he saw two very bright lights above the far side of the valley on November 8, 2004, at 8:15 PM. One light was slightly above the other. Then a third one appeared above and slightly to the left of the other two. Then, the lowest one started to move to the left, and unfortunately it disappeared behind some trees. The witness lives on the top floor of a dorm so ran to get a better view, but the other two "twinkled" out. At that time, it reminded me of a video I have seen that was taken from above a town in New Mexico or Colorado that many people caught on tape. The military said that they were very bright burning flares. I then saw three red lights that flew and slowly went together. The one red light flew for a few seconds and disappeared. This was typed about 20-30 minutes after the sighting. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director
Missouri - Cylinder Photo Plus Triangle
BOIS D'ARC - On November 8, 2004, at 12:47 PM. The witness took a digital picture of a cylinder shaped object.  I noticed it in the shot after I got home.
KANSAS CITY - The witness was walking his dog on November 8, 2004, at 3:33 AM, and even though he was located next to two busy highways everything  was abnormally still. Highways152 and 169 normally have a lot of activity and the all night car wash is generally busy. He felt strange and continued to look around and towards the left he sensed a spatial disturbance.  He was observing it when a craft 'uncloaked' and became visible. It was very low in relation to me and I was in a parking lot by the interstate highway in a three stories tall building.
It seemed so incredible I couldn't believe it and reconfirmed but it disappeared in the blink of an eye. Then it reappeared, re-cloaked, uncloaked then cloaked where I could approximate the trajectory but could not physically see it. It was so quiet I couldn't believe what I had seen. I have seen stealth aircraft three or four  times. I have seen a few photos of 'flying triangles' and one video with some sound-this was neither.
He states, "It appeared very dark blackish or some deep reddish tone and I could identify a triangle shape and movement." "The craft seemed like it was not in a power up mode and it had a faint slightly luminous perimeter and throughout the triangle body there was a non random pattern," he said.  The equilateral spacing like dots on a triangle-seemed odd but it was faint and it moved with no resistance that was apparent. There was NO engine sound at all! He states, "I felt surreal, like it was a symbiotic type ship-organism and I was being 'introduced' without a face to face meeting-preparing me to accept this." I think I might see them again and I do not know if they are harmless or harmful. I felt mentally racy but like the physical was in slow motion, excited/unsure, scared with the unfamiliarity but not threatened to run off-but I was not trying to signal this ship either. I felt like a dream state, somewhat disorienting, but I was calm.  It was like a time displacement effect-if they can exist.  I have worked with MRI and resonance and know there are subtle shifts a body would feel and this ship had an effect just not sure what. When I could visually make out the ship then in a moment the faint light/luminosity would manifest. I'm still in awe!  Thanks to Peter Davenport Director
Texas - Flying Triangle With Bright Lights
COLLEGE STATION - The observer reports, "I have been seeing various lights and objects during the past month and reported a sighting to you a week ago. On November 4, 2004, at 10 PM, I was outside with my video camera looking for another object to film. I saw the usual yellowish orange ball to the east of me when I noticed a blinking light near it. It either came out of it or was circling checking it out. It kind of darted back and forth then slowly headed my way. I filmed it as it passed over a little to the south of me and as it went by I could hear a faint roar like a jet. But the sound kept getting louder behind me. I turned around and about 350 feet above me was a huge craft several hundred feet across with two large lights in the back of it heading in the direction of the orange ball.  
At first I thought it was two fighter jets going to look at the ball but soon realized it was one vehicle, and it was moving way too slow for a jet. A jet would have fallen out of the sky moving that slow. I jumped around to film it and got about 10 seconds of video before it went behind some trees, that is how low it was. As I watched the video, all but around three seconds was jumping and shaking, but in slow motion there is definitely something there. However, no discernible shape is visible. But the lights I thought were flames were blinking. They stayed on but blinked intermittently through the white light. It was strange and I showed the video to people at work and they had no answer either. I saw a show on the Phoenix Lights, and these are the same type of lights as the object that passed overhead.  Thanks to Peter Davenport Director
Montana - Many Unusual Lights on Disk
LAVINA - The witness reports, "About 8:30 PM, on November 7, 2004, I spotted a disk shaped object in the northeastern sky with many red lights that flash around the perimeter in a half arc.  There appeared to be about six or eight of them although they were difficult to count as they flashed in a random manner.  The object was about the size of my thumb nail at arm's length.  If this object was at a great distance from where I was standing, that would cover a very large arc. The object appeared to be green, although there could be the flashing green lights, also. It had green highlights that came and went. They, too, appeared to be random as to placement. It, also, showed a great deal of yellow although the red and greens kind of overpower the yellow that was concentrated at the middle of the object.
The colors were were distinct and bright. The object didn't move.  
I was visiting a friend's house and called him out to view it. He saw the same thing and got his 7 X 50's binoculars and we saw it clearly.  We watched a half hour when some cloud cover moved in. The second part of the evening we saw the Northern Lights, and they spanned from the western horizon in a complete arc around to the east. I've seen the Northern Lights many times from here, but NEVER in a 180 degree arc. And the odd part is that they appeared to start from the horizon and arc up to a single point almost overhead.  We are locatred 8 miles east of of Lavina out in the hills. The following night the witness looked again and a similar star was there in the same place, but not as bright. Tonight the Northern Lights have not been turned on at this time but the sky does have the chromatic effect and the coloring is there, merely not as pronounced, which must be why I have not noticed it before.  I do watch the sky frequently. Be assured, if I see another 'flying star' I will contact you again. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director
Arizona - Light
TEMPE -- On November 3, 2004, at 4:29 PM, I used a Canon Power Shot A40 digital camera (1600x1200 resolution) to photograph a parked Union Pacific Railroad locomotive near the intersection of Kyrene Road and Southern Avenue. The sky was clear and even though the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport is nearby there were no commercial aircraft overhead when I took my photographs. An hour later I down loaded the 19 railroad images from the Microtech 16MB "Digital Flash Film" card onto my HP Vectra VL420 DT computer. While reviewing the photos I had just taken of the locomotive, I noticed that in the upper left corner of the 5th picture in the series, there were three evenly spaced white/light circular objects with a dark triangular object beneath them. It almost looks like the dark object is pursuing the three light objects. I didn't notice the objects when I was taking the pictures and don't recall hearing any aircraft type sounds. The two locomotives on the parked train were shut down so there was no train related noise. Being an Air Force veteran I don't recognize the formation of the objects as being a type of military aircraft formation.  ((NUFORC Note: The object appears to be three balloons, with a dark object suspended below it. PD)) Thanks to Peter Davenport Director
Canada -- The Glory Of The Object Shone Round About Us
ILE BIZARD, QC -- At midnight November 7, 2004, Sunday night, our telephone rang , my 17 year old son answered. It was his sister on the phone telling him to "wake Mom, there is a magnificent aurora outside" He followed her request and immediately came to get me out of bed to come out to look with him.  Before I even opened the back door, it was obvious that there was something spectacular overhead, as I could see incredible distinct rays touching down on the horizon behind our home. I opened the door and we both observed that the rays were now all around us, 360*! "Wow! He exclaimed. And as the verse resounded in my brain, the words spilled out of my mouth.
."And the glory of the lord shone 'round about them, and they were sore afraid"  I recount the sighting that his father and I shared on that night in 1982 ... It's exactly the same! What we saw last night was a central swirling light emitting source. Rays of light radiating from its peripheral. It had several central lights like that from an airplane or boat would have in indicating port or starboard sides. There were six or seven such lights. In our initial sighting, these lights seemed to be hovering and moving in and out from this central port of swirling mist/cloud.
Last night, I was really spooked; as I was sure I knew this was the same thing, which we had observed so many years ago. We are sure this was a sort of mother ship, with several annex/scout type craft that seemed to be doing reconnaissance flights. The Incredible lights, rays and swirling effects, we concluded, are perhaps a kind of cloaking...radar block, I don't know. My daughter's account, will no doubt be more spectacular, as she was out in the woods, calling and communicating by cell phone with other friends in other regions whom she also alerted to the phenomenon.
My husband wakes every morning at 4:45 AM, I got up with him, and the light rays were still prominent in the sky.  This morning, I have spoken to a few people who have heard of or observed northern lights last night. Their sighting was much earlier, about 8 PM, and in the area of the Laurentian Mountains, St.Sauver area. Their party did dispute the idea that what they witnessed was not typical of any northern lights they had ever seen in their region before. This compares to a similar sighting in June 1982. Montreal Expos hosted the annual all star league game. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director
Finland - Disc Photographed 
VANTAA -- I was taking photos of the little island seen in the picture using my cell phone camera, Nokia 7650, when the object appeared in the photo on August 27, 2004 at 10:08 PM. I didn't see it while taking the photos, although I was taking the pictures at an arms length because it has no zoom feature. If it was a bird or a plane, I don't know how I could've missed it because I was looking directly at the sky while taking the picture. I don't even remember seeing any birds around at that time. I took another photo right after it to prove it wasn't a speck of dirt on the lens, and nothing like it is visible in the other photo. It doesn't look like much, but if you enlarge and sharpen it, it looks like a classic domed disc.
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Pakistan - Flying Triangles
ISLAMABAD -- On the evening of November 8, 2004 at 5:10 PM, the witness, a 41 year old mother of three, noticed three moving objects in the sky as she sat in her home. She quickly ran outside to her terrace and called to her children, a 15 year old and a 5 year old. Three objects were gliding towards the east and flew higher and higher.  
She states, "I ran and got a digital camera, but for some reason could not see the objects through the lenses, but I finally got a photo of them with protrusions in a brownish color." As they flew higher they formed an L shape formation and became round in shape.  She says, "When I zoomed into the photo two objects were perfect flying triangles and one was egg shaped." Thanks to Peter Davenport Director
Philippines - Saucer in the Sky
MANDALUYONG -- On November 2, 2004, at 10 PM, my husband was the one who saw it first, we thought it was a plane but we could not hear any sound from it. We were trying to figure it out. At first it was steady then the thing just suddenly put its lights on. The first light was like the headlight of a car, then there were three red lights. Finally, the last one was a green light that blinks. Suddenly, it flew higher and looked  like a saucer and it really moves so quick going up high in the sky. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director
Australia - Three Lights
BRISBANE - The witness reports seeing three lights jumping fast across the sky at 9:15 PM, on November 8, 2004. The three lights were five centimeters above the horizon, jumping around. They could not have been a plane because they were moving way too fast and were observed for at least a minute. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director
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