Russia May Build 7 More
Nuclear Reactors For Iran

MOSCOW (RIA Novosti) - Russia may build seven more nuclear reactors for Iran, to cost a total $10 billion, Alexander Rumyantsev, head of the Federal Atomic Energy Agency, has announced.
"The Iranian side is now holding negotiations with Russia and other countries over the implementation of this ambitious program," Mr. Rumyantsev said. "We believe that Iran needs such nuclear capacities to be used in its peaceful energy program."
According to the Russian official, the technological process of constructing nuclear reactors for Iran has been developed at Unit 3 of the Kalinin nuclear power plant, launched on Thursday, December 16.
"About 600 innovative technologies were used in building the Kalinin nuclear power plant's third unit. And most of them can be effectively used in the construction of the first unit of the Bushehr plant and new nuclear power stations of Iran," Mr. Rumyantsev said.



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