Overthrow Of The American
Republic - Part 67

By Sherman H. Skolnick
It could eventually become a many-volumed textbook study of high level criminality perpetrated by lowlifes.
Illicit gold transactions and smuggling. Bribery of high-level state and federal officials. Laundering the funds of international criminal gangs. This, and much more.
The proposed title might simply be "La Salle National Bank---Reputed Bribery Center".
To get a handle on this subject, you would have to be quite familiar with and have uncensored access to the following, among other things:
RECORDS OF THE HOUSE BANKING COMMITTEE under Texas populist Congressman Wright Patman. as Chairman. For government printing office publication in 1964, he ordered every National Bank in the U.S. to divulge their twenty leading stockholders of record. Two reputed criminal enterprises, known to Patman, refused. One was La Salle National Bank of Chicago and the other was a similar money laundry in Indianapolis, Indiana.
All the years of its operation, La Salle was known as handling offshore escrow accounts for the reputed bribery of high-level state and federal public officials including judges. If the Judge proceeded to issue his or her poisonous, corrupt ruling, as ordered, then the escrowed bribery funds went forward to another offshore account, that of the Judge. That is, the Judge did not get the reputed bribe until the Judge delivered and the corrupted decision became "bounce-proof", not subject to being reversed by a yet higher court.
RECORDS OF JAMES R. VASSILOS, super-bagman, attorney for some top officials of the American CIA. He was once the husband of the heiress to the Holland-based banking fortune, Algemene Bank Nederland, ABN took over La Salle National Bank, as their U.S. flagship and then merged, and became ABN-AMRO.
Using gold stolen from the Soviet gold treasury upon the downfall of the Soviet Empire, 1990-91, ABN bought up shaky banks, WITH GOLD, in fifteen major American cities.[Some of this gold was offered to John F. Kerry;s wife of convenience, Teresa Heinz, for him to concede the 2004 Presidential Election. Yet, Kerry knew that by the Ohio vote, becoming what was necessary to get the White House by the Electoral College vote, Kerry was actually the President-Elect. He delayed conceding while the unholy deal was arranged.. Overthrow series, part 64, "Buying & Selling the U.S. Presidency". 11/5/4]
RECORDS OF REPUBLIC NATIONAL BANK OF NEW YORK,, owned principally by Edmond Safra, worldwide gold smuggler. He was murdered in Monaco, 1999, in the midst of his bank being taken over by the British Hong Kong opium fortune center, Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank and their parent firm, headquartered in London, HSBC. [see 1999 gold story about Safra, ] Republic National Bank specialized in reputed illicit dealings for the Russian mafiya, made up of former cut-throats of the Soviet Secret Political Police, the KGB. .The Russian gangsters operate with complete immunity and impunity, among other places, in Chicago, Cleveland, Brooklyn, and Miami. The American Secret political Police, FBI and Homeland Security, are afraid to tangle with the assassination experts of the Russian mafiya. In Russia, Bankers that refuse to assist the mafiya, are routinely murdered, several such events each month. Americans who dare complain to FBI or Homeland Security about La Salle, ABN-AMRO, are routinely stalked, harassed, and have their computers, websites, and phones sabotaged.
A big secret in Chicago, is that La Salle reserves to themself the arbitrary and lawless right to defy court summonses and subpoenas served on them. Chicago-area judges, knowing what La Salle is into, routinely refuse to enforce summonses and subpoenas. as against La Salle, and ABN-AMRO.
Over the last forty years, as head of our court reform group, I on occasion agreed to be the subpoena server, to serve on La Salle National Bank's highly secretive Trust Department. I tested out the subpoena service, handing the subpoena to manager of La Salle's Trust Department. He looked at it, gave a smirk, and threw it away into the garbage can. "Now get out of my office, Mr. Skolnick". As is their custom, practice, and usage, in respect to La Salle, the Judge in the litigation, naturally, refused to enforce the subpoena.
[The term "custom, practice, and usage", is a ;long-time habit or routine of public officials that has the same apparent force as if actually a statute passed by the state Legislature or Congress.]
RECORDS OF LA SALLE AND ABN-AMRO, showing the transactions of various fronts operating for and on behalf of Osama bin Laden and several Saudi Banks tied to him and his family that is not actually estranged from him. On our website, and by radio talk show commentaries, after the U.S. Treasury announced they were freezing up accounts related to Osama, I challenged the U.S. Treasury to freeze up known Osama accounts with La Salle and ABN-AMRO. The U.S. Treasury refused to do so for six months after my public statements.
TRANSCRIPTS OF SKOLNICK'S COMMENTARIES ABOUT LA SALLE NATIONAL BANK, from 1971 to 2003. Played as a recorded phone message, at times on a chain-linked group of as many as thirty phones, called HOTLINE NEWS. The phones were arranged to take the calls as "roll-over", meaning jumping automatically to the next open line of the group.
The commentaries repeatedly referred to La Salle and later years, ABN-AMRO. Mentioned was the reputed criminality cover up of Theo Bark, Director of ABN-AMRO, brother-in-law of super-bagman James R. Vassilos. For the purposes of bribing top officials, Vassilos ran the annual National Prayer Breakfast at a major hotel in Chicago. A packed Grand Ballroom of top local, state, and federal officials attended.Later, under disguise of deliviering a copy of the Bible, to for example, the IRS District Director, Vassilos found ways to work a corrupt and malign influence on top IRS Officials, such as in Chicago. [Some of the details are in my series, "Bankruptcy Bordello" on, for example, Also see my website series, on IRS Corruption, including the IRS top officials and their clandestine ocean-going ship uised to launder criminal funds. By Registered Mail, we sent the details to the U.S. Treasury Inspector General who ignored it all. We later discovered that Inspector General, mentioned in a secret government report, was the highest ranking U.S. Government Official as being a member of the traditional Sicilian and Italian Mafia. A Chixago Federal Judge, James Alesia, about 1991, received the Anti-Mafia Medal from the Northern League of Italy. He had survived three assassination attempts in opposing the criminal enterprises linked to La Salle and ABN-AMRO. The picture of a Northern Italy official giving the medal to the Judge appeared only in the lawyer's newspaper, the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin. Corrupt top officials of the U.S. Treasury and U.S. Justice Department were greatly concerned about whispers that Judge Alesia, somehow through intermediaries, was possibly assisting some loudmouth court reformers in investigating La Salle and ABN-AMRO.]
Amongst our research and investigation group is over one million court documents, secret notebooks, audio/vido tapes, and related material, a great deal of it relating to the corruption of La Salle National Bank and ABN-AMRO.
At the behest and urging of a foreign government, several Federal Grand Juries are reportedly investigating the International Trust records and secret Federal Reserve wire transfer records and such of La Salle and ABN-AMRO, housed on the 29th floor of the bank building, at 135 So. La Salle St., Chicago, Illinois.
This posed a situation highly detrimental to the Carlyle Group and the Bush Crime Family, using the La Salle ABN-AMRO facilities for worldwide dirty business, taking over with muscle, weapons and other related businesses and then strong-arming contracts out of the highly corrupt Pentagon. Also implicated in these records is the up-to-the-minute records of the American CIA using Osama bin Laden, to give a false image of "terrorists" endangering the U.S. through the high-level plot of the Aristocracy that came to be known simply as 9-11. The Moslems were NOT actual participants, just patsies, in the internal explosives that brought down the twin towers of the World Trade Center, and later that same day, WTC Building 7.
So here was a situation where La Salle and ABN-AMRO, could not accomplish as they do locally, that is throw away and ignore subpoenas, such as for Trust Department records. What could be done? Simple. Burn down the records, with the international passwords of the highly secret .records on the 29th Floor. By mirror image, the secret passwords are beyond U.S. jurisdiction, not available by subpoena, in the money laundry/tax havens of the Channel Islands, Luxembourg, and Liectenstein.
So in a dramatic disaster, with hundreds of pieces of fire equipment gathered at the 135 So. La Salle St. bank building, the 29th floor was burned down on December 7, 2004. Strange, all the bigshots from Chicago of La Salle ABN-AMRO were in Amsterdam and had to hurry back to Chicago.
Some somehow felt assured, that night that the owners and operators of La Salle and ABN-AMRO, doing their reputed dirty business in more than fifteen U.S. cities, including Chicago, slept well, their secrets supposedly not even being hinted at by the oil-soaked, spy-riddled American monopoly press.
To get an even more complete picture of this reputed criminality, you would have to undertake to read, one by one, most every story on and linked other websites.
Lots more coming. Stay tuned.



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