Mossad Accused Of
Syrian Car-Bombing - Australia
Syria has accused Israel of trying to kill a senior Palestinian militant in a car-bombing in the Syrian capital, Damascus.
Two people were wounded in the blast.
Witnesses say the bomb was planted under the driver's seat of the car and exploded just moments after the Hamas member and his daughter got out of the vehicle.
The blast was so strong it blew in the windows of a house in the Mazze neighbourhood of Damascus.
A passer-by and a local resident were hurt by flying glass and shrapnel.
The Syrian Government is blaming the Israeli spy agency, Mossad, for the bombing.
Three months ago a senior Hamas leader was killed by a car bomb in Damascus which is believed to have been planted by Israeli agents.
The blast comes days after PLO chairman Mahmoud Abbas and Palestinian officials held landmark talks in Damascus, in a bid to patch up strained ties with Syria and Damascus-based Palestinian opposition groups such as Hamas.



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