Chapala Jalisco, Mexico
Saucer Shaped
Craft Photographed

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
Photos Copyright © Oscar Franco Sep 11 2004, 17: 00 pm

Date: September 11, 2004
Time: 3:30 p.m.
Here is the anecdote:
On sep/11/2004 Chapala Jalisco, México at about 15:30 pm. My family and I went to dinner to the real Chapala Hotel (Ajijic Jalisco, Mexico). We ate and then went to table next to the pool, and I saw an object with a shape like a saucer with an American-ball inside. I said look an UFO and it moved up an down nearly of surface of the lake, we saw too an exhaust coming from the object and suddenly go down to the surface of the lake and it would navigate on the water for about 50 mts. then disappeared.
Thank you to the witness for the interesting report and the photos.
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There is, in every photo, a distinct glow present around the UFO,
whereas the same effect is not present around the unknown object of almost
equal density which appears to be moving about or near the craft in
several shots -- neither do we see this glow effect on the land mass edge
except in a very minimal way one would naturally expect in a JPEG.
Normally JPEG compression creates halos around dark objects
against high contrast, bright backgrounds. However these photos are rather inexplicable.
There are no signs of digital manipulation either.
From Santiago Yturria
Dear Jeff,
I was reading the article about a disc UFO videotaped in Chapala Jalisco, Mexico and seeing the images ( the video was not provided ) I recognized inmediately this object.
I must advice you that this is not a UFO but a disc shaped hot air balloon that has been built for the recent festivities here in Mexico and has fooled some people causing even some commotion like the one with the alleged UFO witnessed over Culuacán on October 10, 2004.
This type of balloons with a saucer shape are made here in Mexico following the excitement of the ufo fans as a representation of the mexican Ufomania during the festivities. It's considered just a joke but nothing out of this world.
I'm sending you this images of the now infamous saucer UFO balloon in a comparison with the images from Chapala. I send you also the footage of the flying saucer hot air balloon flying over Culuacan during the festivity.
I must say that this incident does not reflect the actual status of the mexican UFO wave or it's authenticity. On the countrary, we are having a new intense wave of UFO sightings these past months and we continue devoted in our reseach.
I would like to think that this was not an elaborated hoax but just a confusion by the Chapala witness. I considered necesary to clearify this issue following my strict commitment with the truth.
My best regards,
Santiago Yturria


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