The Illuminati Controlled
Federal Reserve 'Terrorists'

By Michael Shore
Tel Aviv
The biggest "terrorist" threat to the People in the U.S.A. is not Ossama bin Laden or any other so-called "terrorist" leader or group. While Americans are preoccupied with a rigged phony election and "wars for PROFIT" in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Illuminati controlled Federal Reserve "terrorists" are orchestrating a financial collapse in the U.S.A. that could destroy the U.S.A. and other countries in the world much more than the Great Depression of 1929-32.
The biggest threat to America are the "terrorists" that are conducting "FINANCIAL WARFARE" in America and other countries of the world, possibly leading to s Global Financial Meltdown. These "terrorists" are a small covert, clandestine, London, European and American based organization operating in the U.S.A. as a supposed "U.S. government agency". They're called the Federal Reserve, which is controlled by the most EVIL "terrorists" in the world, the "Elite terrorist" group of criminals, crooks and killers, known as the Illuminati. By the President and Vice president of the U.S.A. and every Senator and Congressman making it appear that the Federal Reserve is a Government Agency, when it's an independent PRIVATE company, should show the American citizens the extent to which this most dangerous "terrorist" organization CONTROLS the U.S. government!
If the citizens of the U.S.A. do not recognize and root out this small but deadly group of "terrorists", they will lose not only their country, but also their homes, property, jobs and wealth and suffer hardships never before experienced on American soil. The Illuminati and Federal Reserve are currently the biggest threats to the lives of Americans.The patsy for the bankrupting of the U.S.A. has already been set up in one so-called "terrorist" named Ossama Bin Laden, who along with other supposed 'terrorists" will be the ones blamed for the financial collapse in America and the world.
The Illuminati are the ones behind the scenes manipulating world events, including the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere. George Bush, Tony Blair, Ariel Sharon and just about every other leader of a Nation are their "front men", their "puppets", who do what they are told to do. These leaders of Nations have little or no real total understanding of the corrupted economic systems and paper money scam set up by the Illuminati to insure their global control of Nations. The leaders of Nations make none of the really important decisions that affect the Nation they lead and the world. They are merely "speech readers", reading the scripted speeches and carrying out the actions that have been planned by the Illuminati years in advance.
War is the major way for the EVIL, sinister, insane Illuminati to control humanity.
War or the threat of war, or so-called staged "terrorist" mass casualty producing events, cause FEAR in the People and diverts their attention from what is really going on behind the scenes, as the "hidden" Illuminati LOOT the government treasuries of the world for their personal financial gain. They LEND MONEY TO BOTH SIDES in every war and funnel money through their global web to the few so called "terrorist" groups in the world. Remember it was just recently disclosed that Yasser Arafat {another Illuminati "puppet"}was a billionaire, if you can imagine that. Meanwhile the naive poor Palestinian and Israeli populations are killing each other and being mis-used by the Illuminati to cause more never-ending "war for profits".
So called "terrorist" groups enables the Illuminati to create a "cheap enemy" that they can use as the reason to increase defense spending in a Nation. They then collect interest on the hundreds of billions of dollars that need to be borrowed by the government of their "puppet" leader of a Nation, who gets his "puppet"government to approve the billions of dollars to be used for war. The Illuminati also control the few huge major war corporations receiving the multi-billion dollar government war contracts.The Illuminati generated wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have cost the American taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars so far and these and other planned Illuminati "wars for profits" will probably cost them hundreds of billions more in the future. WAR WAR WAR MONEY MONEY MONEY SICK SICK SICK!!!
Anyone with a brain, who can think for themselves could figure out that you don't "liberate" people and get them to LOVE you by dropping bombs on them or by shooting them and killing their families, relatives and friends. This unfortunately is what America is doing to the people in Iraq. But every bomb that's dropped from planes and every bullet that is shot from guns is more and more profit for the Illuminati war corporations. Every multi-million dollar helicopter, tank and plane that is destroyed is more profit for the war corporations, who get contracts to build NEW ones. Every uniform, pair of shoes and all the equipment that a soldier needs is more profit for war corporations. All the military contracts for the food and drink that soldiers need and even the toilet paper that they use is more profit for war corporations. All the contracts for the body bags and coffins that are needed for dead soldiers is more profit for war corporations. Have you ever wondered why there never seems to be enough billions of taxpayer dollars available for FREE health care and important social programs, but somehow there's ALWAYS multi-billions of dollars available to make WAR??? Now you know the answer>>>
the Illuminati war business is very very sick, don't you think?
Other major "weapons" that the Illuminati use in their silent arsenal of "FINANCIAL WARFARE" on the People of the world is DEBT,CREDIT and INTEREST. By keeping governments, individuals and businesses in constant debt that accumulates extraordinary amounts of interest, the Illuminati bankers make untold billions of dollars.and this enables them to control the "slaves" and their governments and businesses. If the bankers do not loan money to the governments, businesses or individual "slaves" who may need to borrow, they can destroy the government, business or "slave". Debt is the Illuminati's "silent" Weapon of Mass Destruction.
The super wealthy members of the Illuminati, with their TRILLIONS of dollars behind them, control the Federal Reserve "terrorist" group and the President, Vice President, and both the Democratic and Republican parties, including just about every Senator and Congressman, Governor and Mayor in the U.S.A. In essence they control the U.S. government and military. Mainly the Federal Reserve controls all the MONEY in the U.S.A. In the links below, you can read how the Federal Reserve, a private company, un-constitutionally prints the money in the U.S.A. and "LOANS" the money to the U.S. government and collects interest on this money. This is called the National Debt and over 40% of every one of your hard earned tax dollars goes to these bankers to pay just the yearly interest on this debt! But neither the American President, Vice President or any Congressman or Senator currently tells the American people this horrible TRUTH!
Can you imagine the implications of this yet??? If you control the MONEY you control the country!
They manipulate the stock, bond and commodity markets for their own financial gain.They can create booms and busts at will by expanding or contracting the supply of money and raising or lowering interest rates in the U.S.A. and other countries.The current goal of the Federal Reserve "terrorists" is to cause a Greater Than Great Depression and bankrupt the U.S.A., which will wreak financial havoc across the globe thereby causing a Global Financial Crisis never before seen on Planet Earth. This could allow the Illuminati "terrorists" who control the Federal Reserve to accomplish their goal of totally controlling the world by implementing a One World Government,organized as a global fascist police state, ruled by an "elite" Illuminati dictatorship.
Since the Illuminati control all of the major newspapers, T.V. and radio stations, magazines, book publishers, movie and music companies, it is a major challenge to get the TRUTH of their existence known to the citizens of the world community. The only chance is s grass roots movement that "shines a spotlight" on the Illuminati "terrorist" group and gets the attention on them and exposes them for who they are. It is imperative that YOU spread the word to all your relatives, friends and acquaintances about the existence of this most EVIL perverted, insane satanic group of criminals, killers and thieves. If the Illuminati manage to stay "hidden" and continue to get away with their world wide crimes, unfortunately most of humanity and the world as we know it may be doomed.
put "ILLUMINATI" in and also go to
The simplest thing we the People can do is to call for the U.S. government and every other government to issue it's own "interest free" currency. Who ever heard of a Nation having to "borrow" it's own currency and pay interest on it? But this is exactly what is going on in the U.S.A. and other countries. The second thing WE can do is take these criminal "bankers" to a court of law and get a verdict of GUILTY of fraud etc etc etc.
If this is done then the American People and the Nations of the world could legally declare all the TRILLIONS of dollars of debt owed to these corrupted criminal bankers to be NULL AND VOID, and no one would owe them a penny. We and our governments can be LEGALLY DEBT FREE! Then we can set up a new interest-free economic system as described in one of the links below. HALLELUJAH!!!
If the Illuminati and their associates in crime are no longer around making more and more "wars for profit", than it can be possible for ALL OF US to make PEACE in this world.
Read thoroughly the links below to see what the corrupted Federal Reserve "terrorists" are all about.
Michael Shore



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