Illegal Immigration's
Destruction Of
America's Middle Class

By Frosty Wooldridge
Economist Paul Roberts wrote on January 21, 2003, "Will America become a Third World country in 20 years?" In the Christian Science Monitor, December 11, 2003, "But as the US economy shifted toward service jobs, factory jobs have steadily lost-in fact in just the past 39 months, some 2.8 million jobs vanished."
Where are they going? China. India. Mexico. Deep into the Third World. "You Americans have lived an artificially high standard of living for a long time," a man working one our jobs outsourced to India wrote me. "It's time you Americans drop to the poverty levels of the rest of the Third World."
American jobs are offshored, insourced and outsourced at such blinding speed that millions of American citizens stand in unemployment lines every morning while the rest of us go to work, that is, if we still have jobs.
America's middle class is being dismantled by jobs exported to cheap-labor Third World countries. CEOs and corporations that enjoy the luxuries of America's hard won freedom care not a tinker's dam whether you have a job or not-or a living wage. But the American man and woman on the street--the ones with two kids, a mortgage and bills coming out of their ears--stand powerless as their jobs vanish.
Worse, our Congress upped the H-1B visas by another 20,000 again this year. That quota rise spits in the face of thousands of American IT workers standing in unemployment lines. Our Congress gave out nearly one million H-1B visas in the past decade. Congress facilitates outsourcing, insourcing and offshoring! Why complain? You just re-elected most of them back into Congress. Cannon, Kennedy, McCain, Udall, Degette, Pelosi, Allard, Dillon, Kyle, Kolbe, Flake and the list continues.
Paul Hamilton write his story, "You have to work in the Silicone Valley for a while to really understand what it is like to be a white male in the IT business now days. I've worked for the Chinese, Iranians and Indians. I could tell you some horror stories ...HORROR stories! My career went to China, India and the WWW a long time ago though.
"Today, I am a plumber. I started a new career and things are that tough here in California. I was lucky enough to get on with Marina Plumbing which is a huge Corporation that does the plumbing on new construction...think BIG housing subdivisions.
"I look around on the job site and I am the only white male in a sea of Mexicans. Few of these Mexicans speak English. There are usually several boom boxes blaring Maruichi music all day long. The Mexicans OWN ALL THE TRADES! The concrete workers, the framers, the heavy equipment operators, the roofers and even the truck drivers delivering building materials--ALL are Mexicans.
"President Bush is 100 percent off the mark, or he is crazy... or?" "I was the leading channel rep in the Silicone Valley for high end CISCO switches. For a year and a half I have been in IBM's Presidents club before. I wonder what the Germans thought circa 37, 38, 39 when the SS was taking over and doing the dirty work for Hitler? Were the Germans just sitting around wondering what was going on? Were they just sitting there in disbelief? I hear our esteemed President talking about Mexican Amnesty and think about how they have already brought misery to an already dead-broke state and wonder what the hell?"
But there is another ominous skullduggery afoot across this country. It's the importation of illegal aliens by major US companies who thwart Federal Laws in order to 'lose' American workers and then, wholesale, break OSHA standards at will. How? Because illegal aliens will not make a whimper for fear of losing their jobs.
The displacement of American workers proceeds methodically. American corporations sacrifice American workers in the name of profit. Over 200,000 illegal aliens swarm the Colorado job market. They displace Denver pavers, roofers, landscapers, beef processing plants, framers, dry wallers and virtually have taken over all fast food restaurants.
This story repeats millions of times. A recent television news broadcast by one of the big three showed a man who had just made the 'Wall of Unemployment Shame' in his workplace, which included 1,000 fellow employees who had been laid off. Formerly making $22.00 an hour, he's now driving a delivery truck for $11.00 an hour. His wife and children struggle with their new financial reality.
Currently, 15 million illegal aliens commandeer jobs away from American citizens. If they don't steal those jobs, they depress the wages to the point of legalized slavery. We have an estimated one million illegal alien Chinese in this country (Source: March 2005 Forbes Magazine). At the same time, we outsource jobs to China where a billion people can't wait to make 50 cents an hour. Human smugglers bringing illegals into America make $7 billion annually according to the report.
Do they work the jobs Americans won't do? False! If American doctors were paid $5.00 an hour they wouldn't be working those hospital jobs either.
You have to ask yourself if you want illegal immigrant doctors working at minimum wage to perform a by-pass heart surgery on you? Would you like an illegal immigrant lawyer defending you in court for $5.00 an hour? How about a $5.00 an hour illegal immigrant college professor teaching your kids calculus? How about an illegal alien truck driver driving down the road at 70 MPH with 80,000 pounds of steel, no ability to read English and a fifth grade education-from Mexico's educational system?
Meanwhile, profits soar for corporations while the middle class of America plummets into worsening unemployment. Will America drop into Third World conditions as economist Paul Roberts predicts? At the current rate of 4.1 million legal and illegal newcomers imported into the United States annually, it's only a matter of time before, we too, manifest conditions of the Third World. You can't drown the labor market with millions of people and expect to keep your wages high when immigrants will undercut you.
That's why the pay in China or India is less than $10.00 per day. They have 2.4 billion people in those two countries. That's why they live subsistence lives. In time, that reality will manifest itself in America as the middle class vanishes. It's already happening. You need look no further than California as an example of the first Third World State of America.
Call your representative at 1-877-762-8762 and ask if he or she is on the Tom Tancredo Immigration Reform Caucus in the US House of Representatives? If your rep isn't--demand that he join because you are sick and tired of Americans jobs being given away to illegal aliens. You're sick of H-1B and L-1 visas as well as offshoring, insourcing and outsourcing. Make that call today!
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