Not All Illegal Aliens Come
Here To Work

By Frosty Wooldridge
You read about it in the newspapers, "They come here for a better lifethey come for jobs." Today, in excess of 15 million illegal aliens now operate in the USA--not all of them come here to work. It's not that we don't have crime in America. Two million prisoners inhabit our prisons. However, according to the Center for Immigration Studies in Washington, DC, an astounding 30 percent of those prisoners constitute illegal aliens at a cost of $1.6 billion annually. That adds up to 600,000 foreigners ripping off taxpayer dollars as prisoners sit in our cells during their incarceration period.
They shouldn't have gotten into the United States in the first place, but the crimes they committed brought horrific death, misery and suffering to American citizens. A summer ago in Boulder, Colorado, eight illegal aliens raped eight American women. The aliens fled back to Mexico. In nearby City of Longmont, a used car dealer suffered so much theft from his lot that he went bankrupt. An illegal alien killed a California Police Officer David Marsh, last year. Robberies and break-ins have become the norm in California. They've become the pattern in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and dozens of other states. But the sobering realities concerning these crimes point to one fact--they are illegal aliens.
In her recent scathing report in the City Journal, 'THE ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIME WAVE' by investigative reporter, Heather MacDonald, demonstrates that our country suffers an imported crime wave.
A full 95 percent of all outstanding warrants for homicide, which totaled 1,500 last year in Los Angeles, pointed to illegal aliens. Soberingly, two thirds of all fugitive felony warrants, totaling 17,000, were for illegal aliens. In 1995, a report showed that 60 percent of the 20,000-strong 18th Street Gang in Southern California included illegal aliens. That gang collaborates with the Mexican Mafia on drug distribution schemes, extortion and drive-by assassinations. MS-13 Salvadoran gangs from Central America, with over 8,000 members, operate in 28 American cities. They're the guys offering free drug samples to our kids with the end result being addiction. Millions of American families spend millions reversing the drug imprint on their children.
More than $120 billion in drugs crosses our porous Mexican borders annually. While Tom Ridge's TSA screeners pat down gray-haired ladies at airports, drug runners scurry across our borders with cocaine, heroin and marijuana. Smugglers load them up along "Cocaine Alley" with clockwork coordination that rivals Fed Ex, Greyhound, UPS and the US Postal system.
While those passengers on airplanes safely fly in the skies, our kids' minds fly on their way to drug-induced addictive crashes. All brought to you by our Congress and president who refuse to secure our borders with troops! With over 4,000 illegal aliens crossing the Arizona sector nightly according to Time Magazine's September report, it's apparent the U.S. Border Patrol is outgunned, outmanned and out flanked. They catch one out of four border crossers. Congress twiddles its thumbs pretending that Homeland Security works.
How did this crime wave emerge and why is it spreading? In 1979, Los Angeles Police Chief Daryl Gates enacted Special Order 40. Astoundingly, as if insanity took the front row seat in their minds, leaders of dozens of cities from San Francisco to New York-adopted this special order. This law prohibits police officers arresting illegal aliens. Even if it aims to avoid racial profiling, the result promotes illegal alien migration. That allows free reign by hardened criminals that know they can't be stopped.
Boulder, Colorado practices the same 'sanctuary' policy for illegal aliens. Boulder's mayor and city council encourages illegal aliens by assuring the police chief does not arrest illegals. Some of Boulder's immigration lawyers were so bold as to offer publicly announced classes for illegal aliens on how to avoid arrest, detention and deportation by immigration agents.
Last summer, again in Boulder, two illegal aliens crashed head-on with Colorado University quarterback, John Hessler in the dead of night without lights. They fled. Hessler now works to regain his life in a wheelchair after months long coma.
Not far away in Denver last summer, an illegal alien, Javier Cruz-Caballero, purposely ran down police officer, Robert Bryant, while the officer operated a radar gun in a school walk zone. Witnesses saw the Mexican national rev up his engine while taking dead-aim at the officer. Bryant flew 30 feet through the air while suffering a broken leg and head lacerations.
This year, Governor Baldacci of Maine signed a sanctuary order for that state, which means they will be recording their own illegal alien crime wave in the coming months.
At a higher level, New York's Mayor Bloomberg supports illegal alien crime by maintaining a 'sanctuary policy' in that city. In January, four illegals raped and killed a New Yorker. That crime was one of thousands of felonies committed by illegal aliens who are protected from detention and deportation.
But more horrific in impact of this loss of the rule-of-law, former Mayor Guiliani practiced Special Order 40. Several illegal aliens protected by the Order participated in 9/11. Traffic police stopped terrorist Atta two weeks before 9/11. He produced an expired visa. He was not detained. He drove an airplane into the World Trade Center. The death toll reached 2,800, but the impact on our nation reverberates today. Yet, Special Order 40 continues full force in protecting an estimated 15-20 million illegal aliens in our country. They can't be checked, detained or deported because of it. They enjoy carte blanc freedom to continue their crime spree. No thanks for the memories Mr. Guiliani--and what may come again Mr. Bloomberg!
Multiply the aforementioned individual crime stories times tens of thousands across America. It casts a different light on illegal aliens coming to America, "To do the jobs Americans won't do."
These examples of illegal immigrant crime depict a growing menace to our functioning society. While a sleepy American public watches idly and Congress refuses to secure our borders and mayors adopt the 'sanctuary policy'--we citizens receive an average of 4,000 illegals every 24 hours, seven days a week, 365 days per year-in the Arizona sector, ALONE! It amounts to 10,000 per night on our northern, eastern, western and southern borders. That equals three million in 2004 according to Pulitzer Prize winning authors Donald Barlett and Jim Steele of Time Magazine's, September 12, 2004 report, "Who Left the Door Open?" A copy of this expose' may be obtained by writing to
Where does that leave you? If you're in California, you're planning on moving to Idaho or Montana because it's already too late. With over 3.5 million illegals, the crime wave is beyond stopping. Over 800,000 Californians fled the Golden Bear State last year. If you're in Georgia, you're probably stewing under your breath, but you don't have a clue that it's going to get worse. Another kind of crime hit them last year. Georgians paid $230 million to pay for illegal alien kids in their schools at $7,161.00 per child. In Chicago, they take jobs, rob banks and arrange drug, prostitution and theft rings. It grows worse in every city in America.
It's called 'THIRD WORLD MOMENTUM.' The key is to understand that in the Third World--corruption, crime, child prostitution, bashing in peoples' heads and worse is the norm. Look at Bogata, Columbia for mayhem and general chaos. Why? Because the rule-of-law no longer applies! THAT kind of corruption burrows itself into America because mayors, governors, senators, congressmen/women and corporations at the highest levels--aid, abet and encourage illegal immigration. Other than Congressman Tom Tancredo of Colorado and Charles Norwood and Nathan Deal of Georgia, the sickening majority of our Congress refuses to do its job. Today, in America, concerning illegal immigration, our public officials sworn to uphold the Constitution eschew their oaths of office.
The American public still hasn't grasped the gravity of this situation or keeps thinking it will go away on its own. IT WILL GET WORSE-MUCH WORSE.
We're as vulnerable as before December 7, 1941 and September 11, 2001 because our leaders refuse to uphold our immigration laws.
Lack of leadership at the highest levels in this country aids, abets and encourages our illegal alien crime wave and the loss of the rule of law.
History books have recorded how Rome burned while Nero fiddled. America's history will record elected leaders at the highest levels fiddling while America burned. Not to be outdone, the majority of Americans sit, watch, wait and pay more attention to Monday Night Football while their own communities, towns, cities and country swirl down the toilet.
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." -- Edmund Burke 1797



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