If Bush Gives Amnesty
This Is What Will
Happen To Us
President Bush announced last January his amnesty plan for legalizing 15 million illegal aliens in this country as well as his guest worker program for matching willing workers to willing employers. What do you think happened?
Illegal alien entry numbers jumped 20 percent immediately. Over 4,000 desperate Third World people crossed nightly over the 300-mile sector in Arizona alone! According to Time Magazine, September 12, 2004, "The number of illegal aliens flooding into the U.S. this year will total three million-enough to fill 22,000 Boeing 737 airliners, or 60 flights every day of the year."
In the meantime, he gave NO plan of action to stop that number from migrating illegally over our borders. Since 9/11, he has done NOTHING to stop that human invasion. What does he expect will happen once he gives amnesty to the 15 million already here? Despite Bush's Yale degree, it doesn't take a fifth grader to figure out that one! Bush will make instant American citizens out of 15 million illegal aliens and encourage millions more to cross our borders.
What does that mean for you and me? For starters, he makes legal citizens of the 600,000 illegal aliens now dwelling in our state and federal prisons at $1.6 billion of our tax dollars annually. What happens when they finish their prison terms? Yea! They become US citizens-making them eligible for unemployment, food stamps, welfare, driver's licenses, drug rehab-and well, re-entering their gangs.
It means the 20,000 member "18th Street Gang" with over 60 percent illegal aliens will become US citizens. The 8,000 member MS-13 Gang out of Central American and now operating in 28 cities will become legal to move about the country as they spread drugs and child prostitution rings throughout America.
It means 15 million people who broke our laws, who do not speak English, while averaging a fifth grade education in another language in a Third World country-- will be able to access billions in welfare services. No big deal for a nation with a $7.4 trillion national debt!
It means we'll okay the balkanization of our country by allowing separate and disparate languages and cultures to grow like cancers.
It means we'll suffer more Hmong refugees like Vang 'human hunting' last week in Wisconsin where he 'bagged' six human beings in an ugly killing spree. We're legalizing or importing people from Third World countries who have no assimilation desire, respect or understanding of our laws.
We'll suffer more attacks on our people such as the Muslim student last month at San Francisco State University who threatened to blow herself up. When one of the students asked her if she hated America, she screamed, "I would strap a bomb on myself and blow myself up as a suicide bomber rather than call myself an Americanthose terrorists are freedom fighters."
It means we'll make citizens out of people who practice 'santeria' or animal sacrifice in city parks in Florida and along the East Coast. It means we'll legalize people in our country that practice dog fighting, cock fighting and horse tripping. As their numbers grow, so will their voting power so they can vote their Third World rituals into law. It means that 'female genital mutilation' will become a norm as more adherents to that barbaric practice gain greater numbers by migrating into our country. It means the race riot at the Los Angeles high school last week will become the norm as are the riots at soccer matches in Third World countries. It's called Third World Momentum. It's gathering speed in our country.
It means, dear fellow American citizen, everything nasty, negative and ugly about the Third World will gain a greater foothold in America as Bush encourages it by amnesty and guest workers.
This human invasion occurs in France, Norway, Germany, England and Holland. It grows more pernicious and deadly by the day. Theo Van Gogh suffered death by stabbing last month in Holland for exposing Islamic brutality to wives. We can expect more of the same in America as their numbers grow.
Finally, Dutch spokesman Fennema said, "Alongside this immigration policy in Holland, there was also a policy of anti-racism, which made it difficult for people either to campaign to stop the immigration or to criticize the behavior of immigrants, or to air the feeling that we should remain, as Dutch people, masters in our own country."
Future historians will find it interesting that at the same time a supposedly conservative Bush has enmeshed us in foreign wars, he opened the floodgates to importing millions of enemies into America. President Bush's first act upon reelection was to resurrect his proposal for an amnesty for illegal immigrants!
Much like what happened to Rome and is now happening to France, invasion by immigration easily can be more dangerous than invasion by a foreign army. At some point, the foreign army will go home. But immigrants stay, and when they do not acculturate, they permanently change the cultural landscape. As the Dutch recently discovered, the changes may go beyond introducing some highly spiced dishes (diversity) into deadly consequences. Too much diversity and multiculturalism destroy stable societies. The French, Norwegians, Brits and Germans stand in line for this invasion. Amazingly enough, it's self-induced by their own leaders.
Astoundlingly, Congress and Bush self-inflict it upon us. America's future stands at a deadly juncture. California is our Holland, Arizona our France, New Mexico our Germany, Texas our England. The rest of us are not far behind.
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