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Filer's Files #50 By George A. Filer
Director MUFON Eastern
Vice President Skywatch International
Webmaster - Chuck Warren
The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space as reported each week. Many people claim it is impossible for UFOs to visit Earth, I ask you only to keep an open mind and watch the evidence we accumulate each week. These Files make the assumption that extraterrestrial intelligent life exists and my hypothesis is that of the over one hundred UFO reports each week many represent factual UFO sightings in our skies.
UFOs were seen over Arizona, California, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. Sightings were also reported in Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, India, and the United Kingdom. 
New UFO Revelations: Cattle Mutilations.
On Monday, November 29, 2004 8-9pm ETon the History channel Linda Howe and Jim Hickman gave and excellent television presentation on the mysterious murder of livestock known as Cattle Mutilations.
Congratulations on a great show. Jim is the Director of 
Skywatch International
Arizona - Disc-Like Object Caught on Video
PHOENIX -- In the second clip for November 25, 2004, at 1:39 to 1:42 p.m., one can clearly see two objects in the sky coming together. Both video clips are very interesting indeed and will be posted on the HBCC UFO Research website.
When we spoke a few days ago I was telling you how the last few weeks the sightings seem to come to a complete stop. That changed the other day as something streaked across the sky and caught my attention. I ran into the house to grab my camera but by the time I came out that object was gone but not for long. I saw a white disc-like object hovering to the south of me about 3-5000' high. The object was hovering in a horizontal position but turns on its side and flew straight up extremely fast. It moved behind the trees but eventually lost sight of it. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director  
California - Residents report UFOs
RIDGECREST -- Jessica Tamturk reports, "A bright circular-shaped flying object was seen soaring over the skies of the Indian Wells Valley late Saturday evening on November 6, 2004, startling at least five eyewitnesses. At around 10:45 PM, as each of three friends was returning home, a large object allegedly moving along the west side of the Valley caught their attention.
"It was neither a plane or a rocket," said long-time Ridgecrest resident Bonnie Mathis Tuesday evening. "It was very bright, and diffused colors within the object could be detected upon closer examination. Whatever it was, it scared the crap out of me." In the three days since the incident, Mathis said she has been able to rule out that a jet or rocket incident had occurred that night for the lack of flames or the absence of emergency support, nor did she suspect the object to be a meteor since it was moving too slowly.
"I've seen lots of meteor showers and this was too big and too slow to be a meteor," said Mathis, adding that the entire sighting lasted about a minute. "My husband was driving the car, so my attention was on this thing, whatever it was, for the entire time," she said. "Towards the end of its trajectory it just faded. It didn't lose its intensity it just got smaller, until it crossed the horizon and was out of sight."
UFO investigator Peter Davenport, director of the National UFO Reporting Center based in Seattle, Wash. said in a telephone conversation Tuesday that over 100 UFO sightings from the North American continent and beyond had been reported to his organization. Among them was a report filed by a Newport Beach resident, which corroborated Ridgecrest eyewitness accounts.
The individual described that he had seen a large bright object moving low across the skies Saturday at 10:45 p.m., and rapidly made its way over the Pacific Ocean "at speeds no man made object could move," said Davenport. No reports from Ridgecrest, nor the greater Mojave area, were reported to NUFORC for Saturday evening. "It doesn't mean it didn't happen, it's just that as of yet we do not have a report filed," said Davenport. "Our belief is that out of 1,000 sightings, only one or two individual reports are filed. But if you have more than that, then perhaps several thousands have seen the object." Upon description, Davenport would not commit to any specific confirmatory statement, but that sightings in the Mojave area were quite frequent. Jerry Johnson, Mathis' friend, said Tuesday that she also had witnessed "a huge, bright light moving westward." Johnson added that she had perceived a greenish glow around the object, a report that was corroborated by the third friend, who rendered a statement on condition of anonymity. "I've seen lots of meteors in my life, and at the time I didn't think it was one, but in hindsight I don't know what else it could be," said Johnson. Snip Thanks to Jessica Tamturk." and Skywatch-International Web Site
SONORA -- Another low-flying, glowing object was videotaped over Sonora last night, November 16th.  Two clips of this object have been posted here: . This is the second glowing object that was observed last night. The first was very fast and disappeared quickly and, while videotaped, the second object was more spectacular, as it moved slowly and directly over Lyons Bald Mountain before disappearing behind the treeline to the Northeast. Thank you, and we hope you will continue to support our efforts to bring to you this strange and ongoing phenomenon by donating to the Sonora Sightings website. Your donations will help maintain our website as we attempt to document these sightings. Thanks to Mark A. Olson, D.M. 
GARDENA -- It was the night of November 13, 2004, at 8:38 PM, My sister was having a birthday party for her daughter. My brother and I were outside talking and looking up at the stars. It was a clear evening, no clouds in sight. I saw something fly overhead, I wasn't sure I was seeing it, so I asked my brother to look. The object was in a V shape, and flew overhead as if it were gliding, it made no sound, very quite. This craft blended into the night sky, almost like camouflage. It had very faint glowing lights, three or four on each bottom side of the craft, with one at the tip of the V. With binoculars it was shaped like a "V", I had my brother take a look and he confirmed it. 
DEPUTY SHERIFF says, "I have never been a believer in UFO's, I'm still not sure if I am." Let me tell you my story. I am a Deputy Sheriff in California. On October 30, 2004, at about midnight, I was on patrol driving down the main street of the city. I saw a faint golden glow in the western sky moving slowly. I pulled my vehicle into a dark parking lot to get a better look. I saw 4 to 6 lights almost diamond shaped traveling E/N in the sky. It didn't look any higher than the average aircraft would fly in the area (we live close to a large Navy Air Base). I noticed there was no sound from the aircraft, which seemed impossible for the altitude it was traveling. I watched it for about 15 minutes until it disappeared into the eastern sky.  I wrote it off as something the Navy base was involved with, but it has bothered me since that time. I looked up a UFO website and located a UFO sighting report dated 10/30/04, at 11:00 a.m. from Phoenix AR. I chuckled when I read the report because it sounded like what I saw. I looked at the pictures. My heart almost stopped. The photographs were exactly what I saw.  Thanks to Brian Vike
North Carolina - Two Disc Shaped Objects
HIGH POINT - - Field Investigator Alan Caviness informed me that he and other investigators have been taking a series of images and video of UFOs in his general area. He has obtained an astounding amount of data indicating heavy concentration of UFOs in his area. He has provided me with numerous examples of these objects. Many are cylinder or disk shape and fly above Davidson County, and High Rock Lake, North Carolina. Thanks to Alan Caviness
GRANITE FALLS -- The witness was on his way to the local video store about 6:45 PM, on November 7, 2004, when he looked up and saw a disc shaped object with white lights similar to chasing lights on a Christmas tree going all the way around this object. There was a red light on either side of the object. The witness states, "The disc was moving faster than anything I've ever seen in a straight line across the sky."
On his way back home, he decided to investigate further and in a rural area with lots of hills and trees he found  a UFO and another not too far from it that was identical to the first. They seemed to be communicating with one another by way of a white light that would come out of the side of one and the other would respond. This went on for about five seconds. One of the objects flew away quickly while the other hovered motionless for just a couple of seconds. They came back into close proximity once but didn't seem to be communicating and appeared to be level with each other until one of them moved in a straight line vertically a short distance then just as quickly returned to a level position with the other one. Thanks to Brian Vike
Michigan - Colorful And Brilliant Light
WESTLAND - The witness saw what looked like a helicopter with lights all over it on November 26, 2004, at 8:30 PM. He states, "This is not the first UFO I have seen and I have seen this same 'copter' before, but did not get a photo." This time I used my Cannon Digital Elph S400 to shoot the object a half to a mile away at about 500 feet. I have not done anything to the photo except enlarge it to 200% given it's small size. When you do so it becomes more strange. The sky was overcast, but it was not raining. The moon was full but well behind the overcast skies. The object traveled from the S.W. to the N.N.E. at the speed of a small plane, it even made a sound similar to a helicopter but different. It traveled almost overhead at a very steady pace.
A week ago I saw a white light non strobe, like a reverse spot light, in the clouds that came out of the west. There was no sound until it turned almost overhead to the south and I could hear a sound similar to a jet but no sonic boom. Given the apparent speed I thought I would have heard at least one sonic boom as the sound was far behind the object. Had I not been looking at the very spot I would have missed seeing it as it was visible for a few seconds. Followed by the sound, I also saw an object that appeared to be round at 10:30 PM with five white non strobe lights and one red light in the middle. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director 
Wisconsin - UFOs Seen Almost Daily
FREDERICK - Shawn and his wife called to tell me they are seeing UFOs near their home almost daily. As we talked they described seeing a UFO like a fallen rainbow at 12:48 PM, on November 29, 2004. He sent me some photos that I will bring to my readers. All the sightings started in July and continue. Often he and his family members can feel pressure in their ears as  the craft pass over their home. Many of the UFOs blend into the background and appear to be camouflaged. Some look like a dragon and seem to be operating in the valley near their home. He uses digital type cameras and a Sony digital video camera with night vision to capture the objects. He observes objects that look like Lucite willow branches and little marble things of light. The family also sees objects over the treeline that look like Tinkerbelle fairies.
He recently saw an octopus like object similar to one seen in Mexico City.  The UFOs have silent propulsion systems that have magnetized everything in the house. He recently saw a UFO shaped like a large T antennae adjusting itself. When in motion it was invisible, but when it stopped moving they could see the object. Thanks to Shawn
Editor's Note: It is interesting to note that Shawn is just southwest of Lake Superior in an area that was once covered by glaciers and has quartzite. George Ritter who lives in Fostoria, Ohio lives in a similar location near Lake Erie once covered by glaciers and having quartzite. These areas likely contain vast underground caverns that would be ideal for developing underground bases
Minnesota - Array of Lights
GLENWOOD -- At 5:30 AM, the witness saw unidentified lights in the southeastern sky on November. 9, 2004 in West Central Minnesota. She ran out to their driveway and snapped three pictures with her digital camera, an HP Photosmart 320. Each picture included the moon which was halfway between its last quarter and the new moon stage. Enhancement of two of the images and superposition revealed that there was an array of lights which were moving slowly to the right and rotating counter-clockwise. About 45 seconds elapsed between the second and third pictures which are superimposed here. Blue is frame 2, Red is frame 3. Purple is overlap. Movement is from Blue to Red. Investigation will continue. Thanks to Bill McNeff Minnesota MUFON   
Ohio - UFO Videotaped
FOSTORIA -- George Ritter videotaped an apparent disc like UFO in his backyard with his RCA VHS camera. This object was captured last week flying above a nearby farm thirty miles from Lake Erie. Thanks to George Ritter
Washington - Nuclear Physicist Stanton Friedman Says UFOs Are Real
MT SHASTA NEWS reports, "During his lecture at the Kenneth Ford Theatre in Weed, sponsored by the College of the Siskiyous Associated Student Body, Friedman took a scientific approach by presenting facts and information from government files along with countless interviews he's conducted with civilians and military personnel since the early 1950s. Friedman presented his "anatomy of a cover-up" and provided a step-by-step trail of government issued paperwork which he says shows the absurdity of copious lies and deceit divulged to the public to cover-up the existence of UFOs. Friedman reviewed five major scientific studies with mountains of evidence to support his conclusion of alien visits to Earth, including the Roswell Incident, where the wreckage of two flying saucers and the recovery of several alien bodies from New Mexico were documented in a classified memo released by the US government in 1950.
Having worked under security while doing nuclear research for 14 years, Friedman said he knows how easy it is for governments to keep secrets. As the only civilian investigator on the Roswell incident, Friedman said he became aware of huge "black budgets" of UFO technology related research by top military officials and scientist, including the CIA and Operation Majestic 12, which was created for the purpose of researching UFO's. After 25 years of UFO research and many interviews, Friedman said he visited 20 archives and read the original Operation Majestic Five documents as well as Project Blue Book Special Report 14, which gives detailed accounts of physical evidence found since 1947. "The challenge for us all is to recognize that, while our future is in space, we are not alone," Friedman said. "Though we are clearly a primitive society whose major activity is tribal warfare, I hope we can qualify for admission to the 'Cosmic Kindergarten." Friedman noted the ignorance of data and the lack of research for the "noisy negatives" who he said aren't interested in facts and whose minds are made up. "They are simply unaware of the real, non-tabloid evidence," said Friedman. Snip Source: Mt Shasta News
Washington - Loud Sounds
OLYMPIA -- Extremely loud sound like classic '50s movie flying saucer, flying low over house with bright flashing lights on November 3, 2004, at 10 PM. Just after going to bed, we heard an extremely loud sound rapidly coming from south to north directly over our house. It seemed to be just barely above the house. The sound was that of the typical movie flying saucer sound from a '50s outer space flick. It was an extremely loud, very high-pitched whoop, whoop, whoop sound...very rapid and very squeal or beep-like. We thing about 80 or 90 decibels
The sound was accompanied by chaotic bright white flashing lights. The object flew over extremely fast...I jumped out of bed and ran outside - hoping to get a glimpse, but it was already gone...just a residual sound in the distance. A light fog was beginning to form outside, but I should have been able to see at least the flashing. I have never heard anything like this, except in the old flying saucer movies. We've lived here for the past 8 or 9 years, right near Fort Lewis, and within 30 miles of the McCord Air Force base, and see and hear many aircraft, but nothing like loud, so close...and so strange. We are both college grads, and wide awake at the time. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director
West Virginia - Red Fireball with Protrusions
My grandmother lived in rural Southern West Virginia  near a small town nestled in the Appalachian foothills.  There were very few cars in those days so most people walked to and from town or church often for miles along hilly paths or long stretches of isolated dirt roadways night or day. It was in the spring of 1932 or 1933 that grandma , who was in her 40's, was  returning home from town near dusk when she found herself on an isolated stretch of road called "Water Tank Hill" where 'ghost lights' were seen. Evidently, these ghostly lights were seen by various people as "red, glowing fireballs" which would zig zag or bob along this hill and adjacent ridges. As mysteriously as they would appear, they would disappear. Grandma had just started down the gentle slope in the road when suddenly something shot out just in front and above her in the sky from a ridge near the "infamous"  Water Tank Hill.   She said it had so startled her that she actually "froze " in midstep and saw one of the red, glowing or fireball .'ghost lights' s."   The next second she realized it had to be something other than a "ghost light" and that frightened her even more because she had no explanation at all for what she was seeing.   
The red object hovered and she saw "protrusions" from the object.  When she was asked just what she meant by that, her reply was 'well, like antennas or legs sticking out from it". It therefore in her mind was 'machine', not a 'ghost' and this defied any concept of any machine she knew about.  I asked her if it somehow could've been an airplane, but she shook her head emphatically 'no'. She went on to say that once she saw these strange protrusions , she ran like "a scared rabbit" the rest of the way home.  She didn't know if the object followed her for she was too afraid to look up.  Once she got inside the house and bolted the door she  wouldn't look out.  My grandma was not the person who was easily frightened . But what she saw that spring night unnerved her for sometime. Thanks to Brian Vike
Canada - UFO Sightings Increase
TORONTO, ONTARIO -- I've got another daylight sighting with another witness over Toronto, observed in Scarborough, Ontario. On Friday, November 12, 2004 at 12:20 PM,.   Facing southwest on a perfect clear sky, I observed a small round bright object with binoculars. This object could only be seen with binoculars and not the naked eye, it was that much higher. It appeared like the other high sightings in the day that could have been a planet. This one moved after 5 minuets, very slowly to the north and as luck would have it while this was happening I grabbed another witness which I've never met before. As I sat watching the object and used a hydro pole as a marker. I asked the DHL courier driver if he had good eyes and his reply was "yes". Then asked him, "do you want to see a UFO?"   He looked at me strangely and said "sure". I got up from sitting and instructed him to sit were I was. I gave him the binoculars, pointed at the hydro pole as the marker and "yes" he too could see it. He could see it moving very slowly in a northerly direction with it stopping and going. Then a minute later, he said it disappeared. He passed over the binoculars and he was right, nothing there. I had him call our local UFO hotline after the sighting. Then he gave me the envelop he was delivering and left shaking his head. When he left, of course, I was out there again viewing and found it again. The object was a full arm's length over to central western sky, viewed it for another 2-3 minutes. Thanks to Brian Vike.
CALEDON, ONTARIO --  On November 22, 2004, Ithought I would send this picture because this is the same UFO that I see quite often. I haven't had a camera for a couple of weeks, but you can be sure that this is what I saw again last night, it was in the south sky around 6:45 p.m. and it was slowly making its way toward the west, its movements were small, quick, circular patterns as it moved across the sky. There were many stars in the sky last night and as most would notice, these have rapidly flashing lights, not like a star. It appears there's still some action going on in Ontario and I know from my experiences that they visit throughout the winter as well. I'll keep watching. Thanks to Brian Vike
VANCOUVER, B.C.--  I was looking at the Kat Kam on November 15, 2004, at last 5:20 PM, and noticed that cluster of lights was hanging in the sky again just to the south of the Planetarium and just over UBC. The lights were there from approx. Nov. 15, 04 - 17:20 until Nov. 16,04 - 07:10. To me it just appears to be a reflection from some group of lights but although I scanned the whole photo I could not find anything which would account for them. I've noticed that I will sometimes get similar types of reflection since my windows have double panes and the inner glass reflects onto the outer. But if this was the case that group of lights should be there every night. I tried checking back for the past two weeks and there was nothing, it appears to be a one night appearance. I also tried copying the shot and zooming in on the lights but it was inconclusive as to just what they are. There doesn't appear to be any structure around them.
Thanks to Brian Vike
TRANSCONA, WINNIPEG MANITOBA - From my backyard, I witnessed a large fireball descending rapidly in the North-West Sky on Wednesday November 3, 2004, at 6:30 AM. It was very bright and somewhat green in color, similar to a street signal light, but very bright. It lit up the sky even when it went behind low level clouds. I lost sight of it as it descended below houses on the street. Do you know what this was? A meteorite or space debris?  Thanks to Brian Vike
PUERTO RICO -- Sighting of UFOs near Aerostat
TORONTO -- Professor Reinaldo Rios and investigators took up watch near the environs of the base of the Aerostato Radar on  November 14,  2004. The radar is a gigantic globe that attempts to detect drug traffic and conduct military experimentation. They made a nocturnal watch just off Highway 303 of the Sector Fajardo de Lajas, Puerto Rico. They were able to capture the image below on 35 mm film..
Approximated distance of 1000 feet of north to the south which circulated slowly changing the intensity of light. Many people in the area have seen similar lights. Police patrols were seen and communication was made but they did not pay attention to our allegations. An object moved downwards had the form of an eclipse with the plane.  Thanks to Reinaldo Rios
UK/Wales - Motorists See Gigantic UFO
CARDIFF, SOUTH WALES -- On Thursday, October 14, 2004, at 10 p.m., Mark A. was driving about four miles west of Cardiff, when he had a most unusual encounter. "I was driving along a fairly busy road heading west just outside of Cardiff city," Mark reported, "Something caught my eye, so I pulled over. I also noticed that other people, about 15 other drivers, had done the same and were now outside their vehicles looking up at what I just couldn't believe. At about 3,000 feet was the largest flying object that I have ever seen. Something like, say, the new Airbus A380, not yet in service, or a Boeing 747, that would have been dwarfed by it. The crazy thing was--absolute silence!" "We stood dumbstruck as this thing moved slowly through the air almost directly above us. There was also complete silence from everyone observing this amazing event from the roadside. Other drivers were now stopping, and people were getting out of their cars to take a look."    
"I am a pilot and have a fairly good idea of how motions of normal aircraft can 'trick' people into seeing a UFO. This was in no way normal. My next move was to telephone the Control tower at the local airport and ask if anything unusual had just taken off. Air traffic control- said that a (Boeing) 737 had just departed a few minutes ago. This object was too big and too silent to be a 737. I then asked if they had anything on radar. 'Nothing, 'they said." Mark then called the Cardiff RAF base. "Again, 'nothing.' This thing was almost the size of a very large container ship. It didn't have any visible wings or any other way of showing how it could stay in the air. If I saw it on the ground, I would bet money that it was not able to fly." "The weather was good with ten miles of  visibility. There were light clouds at 500 feet (150 meters) and very light winds. I watched this object keep the same speed and height (altitude) and then it passed behind some mountains to the northeast of Cardiff."
Two days later, on Saturday, October 16, 2004, Mark added, "I saw a friend and told him about the sighting. He was almost speechless when I started to describe the same thing that he had seen moments after me. His account is identical to mine in the size and height of the object, speed (about 50 knots--M.A.)." Thanks to UFO ROUNDUP, Vol. 9, #47 11/24/04, Editor: Joseph Trainor   <>
MARLBOROUGH - The witness was approaching the village on foot and noticed a bright orange ball, it appeared stationary at 7:30 PM on November 4, 2004. I went for a long walk yesterday,it was very dark but a beautiful evening, the stars were very clear. I had been walking for approximately  1 hour and was approaching the village of Vernhan Dean. This is a small village with a few street lights. I noticed a bright orange light that appeared stationary, it was partly shielded by a tree I assumed it was a light on top of a pole or mobile telephone mast. As I walked and got nearer the object, the tree no longer impaired my vision. It then began to catch my eye, the colour was bright orange and it glowed like a ball of flame. It had appeared stationary; however, it then began to move quickly vertical and horizontal passing overhead.   It was difficult to tell how high or close it was, there was no noise associated with the object, and it appeared to travel very smoothly and without effort. I had a very powerful spotlight with me and decided to direct it at the object, to my amazement it instantly vanished.
xico - Tentacle UFO
Mexico - Tentacle UFO
MEXICO CITY -- A UFO most resembling an organic creature may have been recorded over Mexico as it expelled strange spheres from several tentacles, says Jaime Maussan: "On October 27, 2004, a giant object was photographed and videotaped over Mexico City. It was very impressive and it launched spheres" with regard to the latest evidence to feed his alien hypothesis. "This is an inexplicable phenomenon. It's as though it were an organic being with several tentacles, and some of these tentacles are putting forth spheres. We called in an expert to see if it could be some sort of balloon, but he said no."
An air traffic controller calculated the object was flying at over 10,000 feet, which means that in order to have been picked up by a camera, its diameter should have been between 300 and 400 meters, making it a highly strange and extraordinary event. He added that the object made a series of impressive maneuvers, like a knot. Then it braided itself and stretched, but always surrounded by a series of blue and red spheres that appeared to be stuck to the object's sides. "If it's an organic being, where did it come from? How did it get here? What is inside the spheres it is ejecting? Is there some sort of invasion or are we being monitored?" the journalist asked himself. He pointed out that this fact confirms the existence of a very intense presence of beings from another planet. "These beings are literally here, and unfortunately we aren't through realizing what all of this means. "Maussan said that the images were supplied by Arturo Robles Gil, a professional photographer, who also managed to record it with a camcorder. For this reason, the images are very clear. "If balloons are involved, we figure that some 57,000 of them would be required to form something similar, aside from the fact that it is forbidden to launch balloons in the Mexico City airspace which could jeopardize air travel. This would constitute an illegal act," said the Ufologist. He stated that this evidence is still being analyzed. "It was fortunate that this event took place at 9 a.m. and no infrared lights were needed to see it perfectly. "The video's total duration is between 5 -10 minutes. Translation (c) 2004. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology.
India - Flying Triangles near Himalyas
DRANG DRUNG GLACIER -- Lara Mohani of the India Daily reports, "A little girl in Zanskar on the India China border - Indian side of the Himalayas reported a silent triangular high speed very large air ship in the sky.
Sources say, there is a concentration of Asia's largest number of nuke missiles from China and India hidden deep in the earth. Neither Chinese nor Indians allow any one to go close to these installations. These craft are similar to those seen in the US.  Definitely these are frictionless anti-gravity propelled flying machines that are UFOs. The aircrafts are said to be either extra-terrestrial or secret advanced US Air Force planes. But when during Chemrey Angchok festival in Ladakh last week, several local villagers gathered to discuss these strange objects, Indian news reporters got curious. According to the villagers these strange triangular objects have been visiting over the last five years and their numbers are increasing. They are silent and can move through the air extremely slowly, so slowly that any conventional aircraft would stall and crash. They can suddenly vanish at tremendous speed, far faster than any known machine built by man could ever possibly move. They are translucent; their flying beacons don't project light as would a normal earth-made stream of light, and so on. Are these 'extra terrestrial UFOs' or spy machines of some unknown country. The area is sensitive and it is possible that some countries are watching this area. Also, it is possible that the extra-terrestrials are watching the nuke installations of India and China.   Thanks to India Daily =
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