Illegal Immigration -
A Private Man's
Story In Texas

By Frosty Wooldridge
Time Magazine, September 12, 2004, "Who Left the Door Open?" reported three million illegal aliens crossed into America in 2004. We now have 15 million people illegally roaming our country. You read it with disbelief. "No, that can't be happening to my country," you say. "It's impossible for that many people to cross into America illegally. This is nuts, but then, I see illegal Mexicans everywhere in my city. They're in my schools, hospitals, construction crews, fast foodI mean everywhere. What is happening to my country and the rule of law?"
You think Congress must be doing something about it. The president must be acting to protect America's sovereignty as a nation. You would be wrong! President Bush and Congress facilitate the invasion at every level.
Here is one man's account of the invasion:
He's middle aged, carrying some extra girth and weather worn from the hot Texas sun. His ranch on the border of Mexico stands as the battlefront of an increasing brand of lawlessness invading America. The Alamo is a distant memory because Santa Anna's drunken troops no longer ride horses.
The Mexican general killed Davy Crockett and a rag-tag band of Texans who fought with muskets, swords and pure guts. Not long after, American soldiers drove Santa Anna back across the Rio Grande. Texans voted themselves into the United States.
"This country is in trouble," he said, in a matter of fact voice. "Illegals are moving into the United States faster than a foreign army. They're doing more damage than the Al Qaeda ever thought of doing."
A century or so later, another kind of rag-tag army rides up from Mexico and threatens Texas, daily. It doesn't stop there, however, because this army, one by one, jumps onto an Underground Railroad system for dispersal throughout the United States. Day by day, week by week, and coming from dozens of countries, they walk across the Texas border. They're hungry, determined, carry a bag full of diseases like tuberculosis, hepatitis and Chagas--and their numbers never end. Some go by the name 'coyote' and charge for passage. Others smuggle drugs. They've killed national park rangers like Kris Eggle in cold blood. Two border patrol officers have been killed in the past year. An illegal alien killed a Los Angeles police officer this spring. Eight of them raped eight women in Boulder, Colorado a summer ago.
"I've seen dozens of illegals along that border crossing not just the river, but going cross country through ranch lands and farm lands," he said. "The ranch south of King Ranch is known as a 'friendly to wetbacks' pathway. Other guys I know, out of Laredo, didn't and don't enter ranch gates without a gun in one hand-too many got cold-cocked and their vehicles stolen by illegals."
He's discouraged and angry. He loves the land, but trash is strewn for miles. Along well-worn dessert sand-sidewalks, baby diapers, cans, bottles, clothes, shoes, syringes, plastic bags full of rotting food, paper and human feces sicken the eyes. "There is no control at the border. None! Any kind of terrorist can walk over and start shooting like Malvo did last year," he said. "There's about 800,000 illegals crossing every year. We don't know who they are, not one of them. What does Tom Ridge say about that for Homeland Security? What laugh! If they don't bring diseases, they're smuggling drugs. No wonder our kids are at risk."
Day in and day out, thousands of unknown people keep coming in the dead of night and the light of day. Over 4,000 illegals cross the Arizona sector of 300 miles each night. "If people in other parts of the country could see what I'm talking about, they would be scared at the increasing flow of illegals," he said. "It can't be good for our country."
He pulled off his ten-gallon hat and wiped his brow. His .45 was in easy reach on the front seat of his pickup. He squinted into the sun like Clint Eastwood. "I wonder how long this country can take this war? I wonder why our politicians support it by doing nothing? What really kills me is why the American people keep silent. This thing's gonna take this country down."
What about all the trash and filth all over the place?
"The Rio Grande is polluted," he said. "It has Salmonella and likely escheridia coli from the 'colonias' from El Paso south. I wouldn't eat a fish out of it. Montezuma's Revenge has 'migrated' across that borderso have fire ants and they're decimating quail. In the late 40's & up to the 60's you would see flocks of 200 prairie chickens along the Texas- New Mexican border out of Lovington coming in on the Japanese farms and water holes. Not any more! You might see a few singles in the remote panhandle.
The Attwater's variety on coastal plain is endangered. Just a sample of what we're doing to some species, to habitat, and about pollution. It can only get worse as the thousands of illegals come across and defecate all over the land and in the water."
Why do you think Bush and Congress aren't doing anything to stop it? What good can come of millions of illegals taking jobs, depressing wages and causing a crisis for our schools? What about the diseases they're carrying?
"Hell, Bush would have to know but he continues the dance with Fox and Dems want the Latino vote," he said, taking a swig of water from his canteen. "I can't figure out why they don't want the American citizen vote? It's our country. I reckon if something isn't done soon, you're going to see another civil war. It's gonna' start in California and we're gonna' end it right here in Texas."
Anyway to prevent that? "I'm reminded of a tactic in football 'Mean Joe Green' advocated. 'Grab enough of 'em, or all of 'em, then you can always throw out the ones you don't want.' That's a Homeland Security solution that has a better chance of working than patting down little old ladies from Kansas at our airports. The real terror is coming over our borders with a pat on their backs by church groups who want to give them water and a Congress that wants to give them free schooling, medical and social security benefits." Anything else?
"Well, I could talk about the thousands of 'anchor babies' being dropped here in Texas but I don't want to give myself a heart attack," he said. "This country is in trouble."
© 2004 Frosty Wooldridge - All Rights Reserved
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