The Big Picture - 2004 Update

By Joel Skousen
World Affairs Brief
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THE BIG PICTURE - 2004 update
Once a year, I take time out from my normal news analysis to update World Affairs Brief subscribers regarding the "big picture" of events on earth: the current status of the world, how my forecasted projections concerning the threats to liberty are progressing, and where we are now on the time line relative to those projections. The base document upon which this update is based, "Strategic Threats of the Coming Decade," is found at the following link:
Overview: There are currently three major centers of power in the world: Russia, China, and the West (US/UK and the EU). All other nations are subservient to or allied with one or more of the "Big 3" powers. Each of the three power centers is separately conspiring to control the world, though their respective citizens are generally ignorant of this fact. Currently, Russia and China are allied in a deadly pact to strike the West as soon as the best opportunity presents itself. Although each knows it will have to tangle with the other eventually, both consider the West to be the primary target for now. The West, led by the US, is still the leader in high-technology military weapons, a superiority which rests on somewhat limited quantities of expensive smart weapons (a point of vulnerability not lost on our enemies). China has huge advantages in terms of potential military manpower, while Russia has overwhelming superiority in terms of numbers of conventional weapons, and are only a little bit behind the West in availability of high tech weapons"thanks to continued espionage and strategic technology transfers facilitated by both Republican and Democratic administrations in the US.
Additionally, despite feigning weakness, Russia has at least a 5 to 1 advantage over the West in terms of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, including missile delivery systems. This latter advantage is critical because, with America,s suicidal doctrine to absorb a nuclear first strike (PDD-60) in effect (Bush has not rescinded it), combined with America,s lack of any viable anti-ballistic missile system, it means that Russia has the capability to destroy 90% of the entire US military machine in a single day. Russia and China are preparing for war against the West as we speak, and certain leaders in the US are simultaneously setting America up for a fall, incredible as that may appear. In brief, here is what each power center has in mind, according to my current analysis.
Competing Strategies: Russia's strategy is to strike the US with a massive pre-emptive nuclear missile attack, targeting primarily military and communication sites. Even though civilian centers will not be primary targets, about 20-30% of Americans (those who are living in close proximity or downwind of the attacks) will be casualties. Russia may also include in that first strike all British and French missile sites just to ensure Russia will be free from missile retaliation, except a limited retaliation by what few submarines would still be operational and at sea when the strike occurs. Russian military sites, including whole factories and munitions depots (such as Yamantau Mountain), are being constructed deep underground to survive the effects of Western submarine-launched missiles, which cannot penetrate Russia,s main bunker cities. Russia has also prepared to shelter in underground bunkers in and around cities about a fourth of its critical labor and military personnel. The purpose of the Russian pre-emptive strike will be to effectively disarm the West in a single blow, while leaving most of the economic and industrial capacity of Europe intact. The US economy, due to extensive fallout, will be out of commission for as long as two years. Russia is hoping to blackmail the surviving West into submission without the need for further attack.
Acting as a surrogate and ally of Russia, China's first objective will be to subdue the Far East, with help from North Korea, using a strategy similar to that of the Russians. First, a barrage of medium range missiles will be launched to take out a significant portion of the military bases in Hawaii, Taiwan, S. Korea, Japan, the Philippines, and perhaps Australia and New Zealand to force a quick capitulation. China will then move to occupy the island nations of the Pacific, militarily and administratively. Occupation of these areas will be relatively easy for China since these nations are already within its geographical range of control.
In contrast, I still do not believe Russia intends to occupy the US. America is too far away and its citizens still have too many private arms. If there is any attempt at occupation of the US, it will be by Latin American Marxist allies of Russia and China - a huge coalition that is growing with each new election of a Marxist or pro-Marxist government in the region.
The US and British strategy is to secretly facilitate Russia's attack and use the ensuing war to establish a global system of "Third Way" socialist control, ostensibly to "save" their own terrorized people from the horrors of war. To do this, Western globalist leaders have been following a carefully crafted plan to create conflicts and manipulate the public's reaction to those conflicts in order to assure a controlled, socialist outcome in each case. The strategy includes the following elements:
1) Secretly assist Communist and socialist revolutions around the world"to soften up nations and get them used to living under tyranny and socialism. This has been going on since before 1917, but most of the covert assistance to Communism occurred during the post WWII period through 1990. Historically, the list of revolutionary groups which have benefited from Western assistance is rather long. US agents, through money, arms, and/or media support, assisted in the overthrow of Russia, China, Cuba, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Iran, Rhodesia, South Africa and many more"knowingly leaving each nation in the hands of Communist revolutionaries. In other developing nations which have not experienced a direct revolutionary overthrow by leftist factions, the State Department and/or CIA have secretly given political and financial assistance to leftist candidates for office, and have actively opposed free-market, pro-US candidates"all done with US taxpayer funding from the grossly misnamed "Endowment for Democracy."
2) Assist Russia, China, and their allies with technology transfers to help them build weapons of mass destruction (all the while claiming to be "concerned" about such developments). After Russia gained what they could through espionage, FDR gave Russia the remainder of the A-bomb plans plus the initial enriched uranium to develop their own atomic bomb. This same traitorous duplicity in our globalist American leaders has continued, involving both Republican and Democratic administrations.
3) Assist China and Russia financially with open policies of free trade with the West as well as with huge amounts of direct aid to make sure these predator nations, despite their insolvent socialist economies, have plenty of money to divert into ongoing weapons projects.
4) Look the other way while Russia and China blatantly cheat on arms agreements, and secretly prepare for war.
5) Weaken and disarm the US military through severe downsizing of all services, and direct dismantling of potent nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) weapons.
6) Promote an internationally controlled form of "Free Trade" so as to boost the world,s enthusiasm for global governance and control, using the economic benefits of trade as bait.
6) Antagonize the non-Western world so as to lend justification for Russia,s and China,s future retaliation taking down the "bully of the West." Examples of this intentional and ongoing antagonization include Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq.
And, most significantly:
7) Allow the Russian pre-emptive attack on the US to occur undefended, except for a few puny ABM missiles that will do little good against an overwhelming missile barrage. (PDD-60 instructs our military to essentially absorb a nuclear first strike and retaliate afterward"as if that would be possible.) The attack, as I have theorized in previous briefs, will likely occur after a suitable trigger event occurs either in the Middle East or centering around Taiwan or Korea. Following the devastating nuclear strike, Western leaders will come out of their bunkers and feign being shocked ("The Russians and Chinese deceived us!"), then immediately call for a worldwide patriotic war against the "new" evil empire, in the name of God, Country, and the Constitution"though they have no real intention to allow national sovereignty to be re-established. They will rally US and European survivors NOT to submit to Russian blackmail, but to fight back and win. American and European survivors will willingly submit to any new draconian controls suggested by their leaders, as has been well proven in the aftermath of the supposed al Qaeda terrorist attacks. Even pacifist Europe will join in the fight, as no one wants to live under Russian rule. Hence WWIII will begin.
How, you may ask, do these globalist leaders expect to win a world war after absorbing a nuclear first strike? Good question. Even our spineless, yes-men military leaders are quietly asking themselves this question - though they won't go public with their concerns. Yet there are several reasons to believe the West stands a fair chance at claiming victory.
First, US conspirators in this evil plan, as well as their Russian antagonists, know that nuclear warfare is quite survivable. There will be no nuclear winter, even in America, the prime target. There will be famine for a couple of years, at least, and a great deal of social unrest. It will be a horrible ordeal, but at least half of America will survive it"and all will rue the day they failed to heed the survivalists, "extremist" calls for private fallout protection. Indeed, the surviving half in America will be very sick for a long while and wish they were dead, if they are caught unprepared. To exacerbate matters, the medical system will be in shambles because no preparations have been made in the US to protect medical personnel from fallout. But the newly empowered UN will emerge from the attacks as an even stronger global entity, pulling from those areas in the Western world that have not been hit and marshaling those forces while America recovers. Even when recovery is achieved, however, America will no longer be the global powerhouse it has historically been. Subservient to a stronger UN and an emerging New World Order, America will in the future only be a feudal nation harnessed for the global good. It will never again be allowed to dictate its own destiny.
Second, the US has, I believe, been preparing and stockpiling an array of secret black budget weapons, which will help tip the balance back to the West,s favor. Certainly, there is ample historical precedence for the existence of massive secret weapons projects in the US, and indeed, a few defectors have leaked information about these underground facilities and stockpiles. It is hard, if not impossible, to corroborate their reports, due to the threats leakers face, but I think enough of the reports are credible to confirm my suspicions that, more than ever, black budgets rule the defense industry.
Third, early in the war, the US will play the "China card," inducing China to switch sides and attack Russia,s rear. Since China knows it will eventually have to eliminate the Russian competition, it will have ample motivation to attack Russia,s rear at this point, when it can count on the West to help. With a war on two fronts, Russia will eventually be subdued. Like Russia in WWII, China will receive billions in aid and assistance from the West in return for joining in this "alliance," and will then emerge as the sole competitor with the West after the War.
Fourth, globalist leaders are prepared to survive a pre-emptive Russian strike. Multiple nuclear bunkers, for select government leaders only, have been constructed in the US, indicating not only an intent on the part of these globalist leaders to survive a large-scale nuclear attack, but also the existence of an early-warning system, which will allow leaders time to take shelter. They will know when the attack is to take place. They have tracked Russian and Chinese war preparations, deceptions, and cheating for decades (all the while covering up for these nations, violations of international arms treaties). I believe they also have sufficient human and electronic intelligence assets in Russia to detect when this launch will occur"but, as in Pearl Harbor, they will not warn the American people.
Motives: The larger question, of course, is why would Western leaders want to induce another world war, and why cover for Russia,s war preparations and hide that nation,s intent from the American people? The answer lies in the fact that globalist leaders can use the crisis nature of a world war to further establish global control. Thus it is to the advantage of those who are involved in a conspiracy to establish a one-world governmental system, to facilitate the rise of the next enemy. Citizens who feel threatened by war rally easily to cries of "unity" and "patriotism," and tend to be all too eager to relinquish precious liberties in exchange for government pledges of security.
Hermann Goering, Hitler's second in command, made a telling statement about the propaganda effects of war during the Nuremberg trials. "Why, of course, the people don't want war," he said. "But after all it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger."
War has always been the basic tool of globalist conspirators in forging a New World Order, as can be illustrated by a close examination of all major wars of the 20th century. This coming world war, which globalists intend to use to finally firmly establish the NWO, will accomplish three major things: 1) It will remove the US from its position as dominant military protector of the West, thereby forcing the Western nations to look to the UN as their savior. (Anglo-US globalists will wrest control of the UN leadership from its current Marxist puppets during the initial stages of the war); 2) It will foment an unthinking and uncritical form of patriotism, reminiscent of WWII, that will accede to government a vast array of new "emergency" powers which will never be fully relinquished; and 3) It will be the catalyst which will subordinate all governmental functions currently handled at the national (and perhaps state) level to the direction of the UN. In the course of this engineered global crisis, the public will become accustomed to direct UN dictates relating to the economy, travel, passport control, gun control, and other aspects of their lives. The public will also be conditioned to accept and even aid in the rounding up of "enemies of the state" or subversives (i.e., conservatives, Christian fundamentalists, and libertarians who resist the expansion of the NWO) and putting them in detention camps currently being prepared.
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