Conflicted Reality

From Jim Kirwan
We are on the verge of the Electoral College vote for the Presidency of the United States. And there are so many questions in the minds of so many people, not to mention problems of international and national sovereignty at stake"that no one can envision what will happen next. There is a 9,000 pound Gorilla in our midst, and we must face it!
Almost everyone on the Internet has been wrestling with this thorny issue, since Cheney-Bush stole the White House back in 2000. Now because it appears that the election, of November 2004, was also stolen by the same bunch who did the dirty deed the first time: this country now needs to look long and hard, and pray for miracles.
With a valid recount here, many believe that it will show that Cheney-Bush lost that election; not only in the Electoral College, but in the popular vote as well. If that's true, then many would want to see that last election declared invalid, much the same as the one in Ukraine was. The problem with this is twofold. First, our Supreme Court is already on record (12-12-2000), as having appointed Bush to office, so it cannot be seen to be an unbiased arbiter to adjudge anything about his second term, with any degree of fairness. The court itself having acted illegally in the first instance: by placing themselves above the Constitution under which they are supposed to remain neutral. The second problem we would have, with setting aside the elections would be who would run the nation while new elections are organized, and then ultimately held?
IF Bush & the Bandits were guilty of having tried to steal the last election, (a heinous criminal act) then who literally, would be "in charge of the day-to-day operations of this government while the arrests and trials go forward?
The Constitution placed a number of checks and balances in the government to prevent things like the attempted theft of the office of the presidency. It took four decades; but those safeguards have all been compromised. The people's representatives were supposed to protect the integrity of the government for the benefit of all but they sold out to the special interests that favored Empire. The Courts were supposed to remain neutral and act as a check upon illegal activity but as our last resort this Supreme Court became a major part of the problem, by siding with the Empire. Everyone also knows where the Executive Branch stands; they stand for unchallenged Empire; so where does this leave the citizens of this newly fashioned Empire? We,ve become the slaves who must pay for all the trappings and the booty, which this Empire plans to steal from the world and from all of us.
Every Empire needs an Emperor and the reason that so many cannot understand Mr. Bush and the inanity of his policies, is that he never wanted to be president, he was only interested in being Emperor!
How does any nation depose an unwanted Emperor? Well, it certainly doesn't happen because a bunch of lawyers decide that he acted illegally: Power never surrenders willingly: the power, must be taken back. So where do we look for solace in this Gazillion dollar question?
If you go back to the Constitution, and to the various oaths of office that are sworn to, by elected and appointed officials as well as by conscripts in the military what is uppermost, is the protection of the Constitution, at all costs. This imposter who now wants a second round, has done everything possible to destroy the Constitution that created the need for that very office, that Bush has already stolen once, and now he's well on the way to completing his theft a second time. However, there's still the U.S. military, and their oaths as well.
The situation is that we have allowed events to overtake us, in the case of the 2000 election. What happened that time is now history. All the dead that this act killed shall never rise and walk again, from any side. We cannot undo what we have allowed thus far. However we are coming to the next crossroads: to that intersection where we must decide what we will do about our thieving, lying, leader: the one who would be Emperor!
Billions of words have been written on this topic in the last four years, by millions of people, yet the enormity of the reality which this problem presents, seems to be what has produced this national silence, over what we are "to do about the reality of this situation. For at the end of the day, even if we can conclusively prove that Bush committed the crime of election theft we still have the intractable problem of the literal practicality that would seem to prevent the enforcement of any formal criminal charges being brought: because the nation cannot stop time, while we deal with our past mistakes. Our economy would instantaneously collapse, or international standing would plummet, and this nation would become something below the third world - more like a fourth world economy - think "Lord of the Flies, or a permanent Mad Max Society!
About the only hope for any real change in this nation's direction lies with those in the US military who still believe in the oaths they took, and in the Constitutionality of the government of this Republic. For those men and women, what is happening now is illegal, and has become a cancer upon the planet. However, the military has a dilemma. If they honor the constitution, then every order given by Dubya has been illegal, because he was never the lawfully elected leader of this country which of course is still the case today. The U.S. military is not bound to obey unlawful orders, they are however, bound by their oaths to protect and defend the Constitution"so what do they do now?
This country does not have a king, because when the Continental Congress tried to offered that to George Washington, he refused the title, saying, that no man here should be above the law., That's why we have a presidency, and not a monarchy: And nowhere was it ever discussed that we needed an Emperor, especially not one with so many ties to this:
Demand a recount of the November second election, but pray for miracles as well!



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