'Elsewhere' In Iraq - 47 US
Troops Killed In Ambushes

By Omar al-Faris
Jihad Unspun
(JUS) - The Americans reportedly suffered very heavy casualties over the weekend in several hot spots. A total of 47 Americans were reportedly killed in just two ambushes in Saqulawiah and Duhamiah, another 18 in Abu Ghraib, and 12 more were reported killed in Taji. Several armored vehicles and other mechanized vehicles were also destroyed.
Here are details of just a few of the weekend attacks:
47 American Soldiers Killed In Two Ambushes; Chinook, Drone Shot Down
According to Mafkarat al-Islam, 47 Marines were killed in several ambushes by resistance fighters in Saqulawiah and Duhamiah on Saturday. Resistance fighters ambushed an American formation at Al.Boasam grave, north west of Saqulawiah, at 11:00 Saturday morning.
Six Bradley vehicles were destroyed and all soldiers on board were killed. Four Jeeps were also destroyed, reportedly killing all soldiers on board those vehicles as well. Mujahideen in the area also shot down a Chinook and a drone. A total of 42 Americans were reportedly killed in this one ambush alone. In another ambush, Mujahideen destroyed a Bradley armored vehicle using a locally manufactured land mine. This ambush was carried out on the Saddah road near Al-Duhamiah. Five Marines were reported killed in that attack.
18 American soldiers killed in Abu Ghraib
Mujahideen attacked an american convoy in "White Gold" village, near Abu Ghraib at about 10:30, Saturday morning. Seven Americans were reported killed when a Bradley armored vehicle and a personnel carrier were destroyed.
Another attack took place in "Al-Samilat Village", south of Abu Ghraib, at about 14:00 Saturday afternoon. Three Americans were killed when their Bradley armored vehicle was destroyed.
A third attack was carried out in the old street in Abu Ghraib. An explosive device was detonated as an American convoy passed by. Four American soldiers were reported killed, a jeep was destroyed, and a GMC vehicle was disabled.
An American convoy was the target of yet a fourth attack on Saturday evening. This attack took place in "Ganoub Village", in Abu Ghraib and was carried out using road side bomb. Four American soldiers were reportedly killed, a jeep was destroyed, and a Bradley vehicle was disabled. (JUS)



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