Overthrow Of The American
Republic - Part 66

By Sherman H. Skolnick
A century ago, under a similar title, a European writer, Emile Zola, took up the cause of a Military Officer, Capt. Alfred Dreyfus, member of an unpopular religion, jailed on Devil's Island, off the coast of South America, falsely accused and convicted of giving military secrets to an enemy nation.
As I writer, under a similar title, I humbly dare finger the Aristocracy of setting about to destroy the three branches of the American Constitutional Government, starting with the public execution, November 22, 1963, of John F. Kennedy, head of the Executive Department. I take up this hazardous cause , with a background soon to be fifty years of my research and investigations, for the benefit of my countrymen and their future generations, that somehow Justice and Freedom may prevail if not also endure.
I ACCUSE each subsequent U.S. President of having been either a plotter, or a JFK murder accomplice, or part of a bloody cover-up mechanism. This done in conjunction with a likewise traitorous and cowardly monopoly press, and various lock-step institutions of education, finance, commerce, and industry.
I ACCUSE the bulk, then and thereafter, of the members of the U.S. Legislative branch of Government, of by their treacherous and thunderous silence, condoning and acquiescing in the on-going downfall of the American organic Law. Thus by their acts, Congress approving of the coup against the American Republic.
I ACCUSE the Aristocracy of begining the wreckage of the Judicial Branch of the U.S. Government, by enlisting if not actually dragooning the Chief Justice of the U.S. highest Court, Earl Warren. to form and carry out a whitewash Presidential Commission of the monstrous deeds, in the supposed name of investigating the public murder in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas.
I ACCUSE the Aristocracy of using what yet remained of the Presidency, the Congress, and the Federal Judiciary, of proceeding to entangle the United States of America in unconstitutional foreign wars serving no Ameircan purpose and of no benefit but rather the impending destruction of the commonfolk of the nation. This done, including open and secret wars in Southeast Asia and American assassination squads (Operation Phoenix and Operation WhiteStar) sent in to butcher great numbers of Southeast Asia civilians. The longing for Equal Rights of American people of color were cut-off in the Jungles, sending them to kill or be killed, in destroying yellow-skinned folk in someone else's civil war.
A brave lower court federal judge in Boston ruled the Viet Nam War unconstitutional which decision was overturned and wrecked by the war-profiteering members of the U.S. Suprene Court obedient to the dictates of the plutocrats.
I ACCUSE the Aristocracy of using their secret political police to orchestrate fake riots and commotions in this nation, to carry out their evil purpose. Such as the Democratic Convention riots of 1968, in Chicago, to discredit the Democrat Party and their Presidential candidate , to install instead as a President, a Dallas JFK plotter and war-monger, Richard M. Nixon. And in 1974, to silence him about this and his role as JFK plotter, Nixon, facing Impeachment, was forced from the Oval Office by the fake Watergate Affair, created by the secret political police. [See, series "Anti-War- Movement", <>]
I ACCUSE the Aristocracy through their secret political police, the FBI/CIA, of ordering the assassination of the THE BLACK MESSIAH, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a Drum Major for peaceful means to remedy the torment and long ongoing smashdown of people of Color. A primary purpose of the murder was to trigger off justifiable outrage and anger by Afro-Americans, leading to possible uncontrollable fires and destruction in 103 U.S. cities, supposedly warranting sweeping up blacks into already prepared and existing concentration camps.
This was intended as the "Final Solution", Nazi-like, to rid the American White Majority, of the Black/White "problem", created, in the first place, by the Aristocracy and its slave owners.
I ACCUSE the Aristocracy of escalating the U.S. pattern of election ballot fakery and vote fraud. By the year 2000, this became an art and a science. A puppet of the Aristocracy was installed in the Oval Office. The entire scheme was to discredit the Presidency and at the same time, the U.S. Judiciary. A five-Judge majority of the U.S. Supreme Court was corrupted to obtain their arbitrary ruling in Bush versus Gore. The unfolding of this purchasing of Justice of the high court, started by my writings, is forwarded in part by others as well, such as Vanity Fair Magazine, October, 2004 issue.
A known megalomaniac, George W. Bush, installed thus as the occupant and resident of the Oval Office, proceeded with prior known well-planned deception to cause the Moslem World to rise up as the enemy of the U.S. Government and its three branches. The 9-11 Affair, not actually involving Moslems, was nevertheless falsely blamed on them as supposed perpetrators. Thr plutocrats, to carry out their purpose, snuffed out three thousand Americans. For example, the collapse of the World Trade Center twin towers, expertly arranged by internal explosives, was falsely blamed on being hit supposedly by aircraft piloted by Moslems without skill to fly such planes.
I ACCUSE the Aristocracy of corruptly and by prior deceit of aranging the collusion masquerading as the year 2004 Presidential Election to further discredit the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government. George W. Bush, already a usurper fraudulently and corruptly in office, was aranged to run for supposed re-election against a weak supposed Democrat Party candidate, John F. Kerry, through his wife of convenience, Teresa Heinz, complicit in the evil partnership with Bush. That Kerry actually became through Ohio's Electoral College vote, the actual President-Elect, but secretly abandoned the same for a horde of gold as a reward to be made payable to his wife of convenience.
I ACCUSE the Aristocracy of purchasing and procuring the deafness, dumbness, and blindness of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. To the purpose and end of there being no checks and balances to deter a Dictator disguised as heading the Executive Department. By this unholy combine, and undeclared War, a barbaric slaughter has fallen on the people of an historic land, Iraq, Cradle of Civilization, with less than ten per cent of the population of America in the role of a foreign invader expending its own great treasure and blood .for no purpose of the commonfolk of this Nation.
I ACCUSE the Aristocracy consisting as well as the re-emerging Crowned Heads of Europe, ruling by supposed "Divine Right", not the consent of those governed, of orchestrating and manipulating events and affairs, so that the three branches of the American Republic have become one horrid War Criminal Machine, rightly condemned by the remaining populace of the planet.
I ACCUSE the Aristocracy, which too often remains nameless and faceless by design, of spreading out a poison on America, to split up this land, so that peoples in other Lands, with anger and tears, truly Petition Heaven for what is to them, the justifiable destruction of the American Republic.
More coming. Stay tuned.
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