AIPAC Agents Send Stolen
US Nuke Technology To China?
The Yarmulke And The Chopstick

By John Anast
A number of recent articles on China's growing military capability voice surprise and shock at the quick pace of the Peoples Republic of China "PRC" development in the area of tactical and ballistic submarine warfare. The discourse is a justified criticism of US intelligence assessments in general and specifically a diatribe against the Defense Intelligence Agency's "DIA", ability to quantify and produce accurate threat assessments. Yet no recent media reports have touched on the reasons DIA assessments, in hindsight, appear to be amateur.
Centrally, many of DIA's findings were based upon both faulty and incomplete data, including but not limited to, a problematic PRC test-firing of a missile during the Summer of 2004. Actually the first submerged test-firing of the prototype "JL-2" submarine launched ballistic "SLBM" missile took place in the Indian Ocean in 2001, launched from an Israeli submarine built by Germany. The Israelis stole W88 nuclear secrets from US labs and provided that technology to China in an arrangement whereas China for its part assembled both the delivery system and the W88 payload. There is no longer any doubt that US missile technology was also transferred illegally to China by agents of Israel and by Israel directly. The Israeli effort was designed to develop a submarine launched nuclear ballistic missile to augment an aging nuclear deterrent, and in an attempt to circumvent US hegemony over Israeli political and military ambitions beyond the Middle East.
In addition to the obvious national security implications for the United States, and balance of power issues as they relate to the defense of Taiwan and beyond, there is a more ominous implication for DIA, in particular, and to a lesser extent the Central Intelligence Agency "CIA". Did Israeli agents working within the Office of Secretary of Defense "OSD" influence policy at DIA, directly or indirectly, to weaken or deflect investigations away from Israeli espionage? And perhaps more importantly have personnel changes at DIA, made by Israeli agents working within OSD to reflect their own fanatical views regarding Israel, greatly impair DIA's ability to make accurate assessments of strategic importance to the United States by factoring-out references to illegal transfers of US technology by Israel or its agents? The answer to both questions is obviously -- yes!
The saga of DIA's inability to accurately assess China's capabilities reflects more upon their direction to avoid complications borne of running counter to the civilians leadership's political views, than it does upon the dedicated men and women working in the analytical service of our Nation. Some of the first known reports of the illegal transfer of W88 technology to China by Israel surfaced in early 2001 and were sent to CIA as well as the intelligence committee Chairman at that time. While the reports were mostly discarded for a variety of reasons -- not the least of which likely directly implicates organized Zionist espionage -- during the Summer of 2001 after the Israeli launch of an SLBM in the Indian Ocean was detected, renewed interest in those reports should have resumed with a furor, especially after our reconnaissance aircraft was downed on Hainan Island. Instead the Federal Bureau of Investigation "FBI" was directed away from the Zionist espionage ring operating at US nuclear weapons labs and towards other possible targets. Sources have identified that from 1999 thru 2001 several US based Zionist organizations sponsored travel to Hong Kong and mainland China in an effort to promote trade between China and Israel. Some of the people who participated in these rather strange discussions were alleged former Clinton appointees who in their Zionist zeal, discarded US security interests in favor of their desire to benefit Israel -- and who remain no less vile than the republican brand currently at the Pentagon. As in the past the only apple of interest a superpower like China would have with Israel would be in acquiring advanced US technology, heightened by the so-called arms embargo -- which apparently had little effect in precluding China from obtaining advanced classified US technologies. Israel's history as a source of classified US technology, weaponry and information during periods of embargo and the cold-war are well documented. The former Soviet Union, South Africa, and Red-China were all recipients of illegal technology transfers from Israel.
Certainly there is no lack of information available to US intelligence agencies regarding Israeli espionage activities targeting American secrets. Just from public sources alone the amount of information available is staggering. It should not have been a surprise to anyone that Israeli spies working for a moving company in New Jersey were apprehended after leaving a US military base with samples of specialized submarine fuel. Just as there should be no doubt that the fuel was on its way to China, say for the fact that a local police officer happened to stop the truck the Israelis were driving -- assuming it was not a decoy. The then question becomes why this type of information was not factored-into assessments within the intelligence and defense communities?
At some point the US advantage in technology and information systems will become irrelevant, if that point has not already been reached. It may be that the current FBI investigations of alleged improper activity at the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee "AIPAC" needs to go well beyond issues of briefing papers and focus upon illegal transfers of secrets to China and others, as well as other organized espionage activities against the United States and its people. Questions of equal value are whether the purge at CIA involves persons associated with AIPAC, and specifically if Jay Jakub met with AIPAC officials prior to assuming his role at the operations directorate of CIA, and if so, what was discussed?
As in any intelligence drama there is a history, usually one in public and another in private. In recent history, however, the public discourse is used generally as a political tool, while the private is used to enforce political motives in secret. Such is the drama currently unfolding at CIA under the guise of reform, when in reality CIA has become the whipping boy for the policy failures of the Bush Administration. So adept have our civil servants become at conforming to irrational whim, that independent thought a cornerstone of intelligence is vanishing under the "new" leadership. The group-think contagion apparently hit the general staff at Pentagon as well, with recent attributions in major media asserting the untold recent "gains" of the US occupation in Iraq -- as if the obvious success story is being under-reported.
The fact that DIA assessments regarding China's capabilities were so far off the mark, is reminiscent of another recent "intelligence failure" and reflects a growing problem within the entire US intelligence community. The first chapters appeared in public view when the now defunct Office of Special Plans at Pentagon inserted knowingly false "intelligence" into the Iraq policy debate as pretext for invasion. The last chapters of US intelligence hegemony are now being written ad hoc and acted out in haste from one end of Pennsylvania Avenue to the other only confirming a creeping infiltration of political views, on the one hand, and political goals on the other, as somehow legitimate intelligence product. With the only possible result being the weakening US defense capabilities in the face of a growing world threat. The intelligence reform legislation is the worst piece of legislation in the history of the United States. It will allow our enemies almost unfettered access to our Nations secrets -- the espionage equivalent of one-stop-shopping -- and actually decrease our readiness and analytical capabilities by exacerbating a dangerous level of political control over the entire US intelligence community. The compartmentalization of our intelligence community, and built-in system of competing views were the best way to safeguard this Nation -- "a little here and little there."
The only beneficiaries of the intelligence reform act will be bureaucracy itself and our enemies like Israel, which maintains one of the most aggressive and elaborate espionage campaigns and infrastructure targeted against the United States. It is centered within Zionist organizations, (including organizations located on college campuses), Israeli owned businesses operating in America and infiltration of agents from remote border crossings in Mexico and Canada. Some of the direct responsibilities of Zionist organizations operating in America are to (i) act as conduits for the transfer of American secrets to Israel, (ii) to collect data on Americans and American communication, (iii) to offer refuge and logistical assistance to Israeli agents, (iv) to provide identities, transportation and safe houses to Israeli spies, (v) to offer foreign and domestic political support for Israeli initiatives or those sought to benefit Israeli, (vi) to promote and expand Israeli influence through business arrangements, (vii) to help finance Israeli initiatives and espionage activities, et cetera, through the sale of Israeli bonds (such as in New Jersey, where the former governor was seduced by an Israeli spy). In addition some of the indirect responsibilities of Zionist organizations are (viii) to circumvent investigations into Israeli spying, (ix) to control the flow of information to the American public, and (x) to buy political influence within the US Congress -- such as the financial support garnered to the sponsors of the new intelligence legislation.
In the face of the growing Zionist espionage threat a patriotic American within the defense department issued a warning specifically targeting Zionists, only to have the warning withdrawn by persons within OSD, despite the mountain of evidence linking Israelis and Zionist organizations to a massive organized espionage ring. In its rather short history Israel has a habit of providing American defense secrets to foreign governments, which when taken at sum reveal that the pariah of the Middle East is in deed a foreign and hostile nation to the United States. The fact that Zionists in America have become merely a subterfuge for the defense of Israel at the expense of the American taxpayer and to the detriment of our own security, calls for direct and indirect action against this clear and present danger. No country on earth seeks to emulate Israel, its racist ideals for ethnic purity, constant state of war, or its policy of ethnic cleansing. So perverse have they become as a nation that they are attempting to build a wall around G-d, as if He belongs to them. The US association with Israel has brought little benefit to the American people, and has only served to prop up a foreign and corrupt regime hostile to the interests of the United States. Our own society is beginning to resemble that of a draconian state, where security measures are required to support a pariah racist state like Israel.
America needs its own "clean-break" strategy in the Middle East, and away from the cold-war dominated themes created in many ways by Israel based upon the inane notion that treason against America is somehow excusable where Israel is concerned. It is the same psychotic reasoning which prevails upon Israelis to murder Palestinian woman and children in a blood lust of frustration to drive the indigenous people from Palestine. As if the world is expected to realize the establishment of a religiously racist foreign Zionist state void of any diversity through murder, treachery, and ethnic cleansing is somehow noble? The mayhem, suffering and toll on American society is just not worth it, it's time for a different way.



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