Now Trying
To Profit From Hate
From David Cohen
Australian Jewry Against Jewish Fascism

Dear Mr. Rense,
One of our members has brought your website to our attention, particularly the article: about the Simon Wiesenthal Center. We are absolutely outraged that your website and program was mentioned on his list of Hate Websites.
As Jews, we apologize to you. Let me assure you that the Simon Wiesenthal organization does not represent any Jews we know of.
In recent years the worldwide Jewish community has been infested with extreme fascist organizations like the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the ADL ( ), and others who pretend to represent World Jewry. In reality, they are front organizations working to limit our free speech and civil rights.
Their problematic websites are a source of shame to all of us Jews. These US-based groups are using the ideas of religious extremists to cause mayhem and anarchy by manipulating the Internet and the news media in general. These organizations are using the same strategy that the Nazis used, trying to intimidate us into not exercising our freedom of free speech. Anyone who disagrees with these extreme fascist Jewish organizations is labeled 'anti-Semite', 'racist', 'anti American', a 'Jew hater' or if he/she is a Jew: a 'self-hating Jew'.
We Australians are very surprised that you allow these fascist Jewish organizations to operate in the USA. By glancing at their "hate-sites" , you can see that they are labeling every proud patriotic American as a criminal! The citizens of all nations should be proud of their country and there is nothing wrong with being patriotic as long as we remember that all humans and nations are equal and all are a part of the living world, dependant on the survival of our life supporting ecosystems.
Jews in Australia remember Crystal Night very well, when the Nazis burnt all of our Jewish holy books in Germany. Now the Simon Wiesenthal Center is "burning websites" by selling them on CD. I have enclosed below a partial list that the Simon Wiesenthal Center has recently posted so that you can see that your name is on it!
In addition, recently, the Simon Wiesenthal Center had the audacity to take this list off their website and instead SELL IT on CD!
The Simon Wiesenthal center now has become a merchant of hatred. I can now see the entire world pointing a finger at us Jews for making money by selling hatred. The main goal of these fascist Jewish organizations is to attract hatred towards us Jews. They are a great liability to all Jews. We do not know who is financing them and we want nothing to do with them.
Here in Australia, hardly a week goes by without these organizations placing a Rabbi on the news to tell us that we all support Israel's activities. Nothing is further from the truth! Israel has become a great liability for Jews worldwide as a result of the recent massacres by the Israeli army of Palestinian women and children. This has resulted in hundreds of attacks on Jewish institutions worldwide this year. Humanity is a global community and the actions of citizens in each country have a direct repercussion on the rest of the human community.
It is not a secret that we Jews practically control the world distribution and production of films. This has manifested itself by forcing the world to watch films about the Nazi concentration camps almost every week of the year for the last half a century.
It is vital that humanity learns the errors of the past and the Holocaust has to be remembered. However, because we are a global community, we have to remember that there have been many Holocausts for many different people. We cannot look at one event in isolation. We must look at them ALL. Humanity has a world view. All these are magnified a thousand times when we are aware that General Ariel Sharon who was named as responsible to the Massacres of Sabra & Shatila in Lebanon, by an Israeli Government Commission, is now proposed to be the next Prime Minister of Israel (In Sabra & Shatila refugees camps in Lebanon, many thousands of women & children were assassinated, their bodies pushed to heaps by an unmarked Israeli army bulldozers).
Today, the world's view of Israel's activities is one of a powerful state attacking a minority people and that makes us look like a modern manifestation of the Nazis. Competition with and fighting against our neighbors has always been a part of the human struggle for survival. Any population of humans can make the grave error of aggression towards their neighbor and only human community values can put an end to such behavior.
Jewish hatred of Palestinians is as evil as the Nazi hatred of Jews or Palestinian hatred of Jews. It is all hatred and this evil threatens all people and resolves nothing. This is the reason why so many Jews here in Australia have suggested moving ALL Israelis to a remote parts of Australia. We need the expertise of the Israelis, who are world leaders and experts in many fields and this needs to be recognized around the world. It is now up to Jews and Israelis world wide to demand that the nation of Israel treat the Palestinians as the brothers that they really are. Christian and Muslim Arabs world wide must also demand that Jews be treated as brothers, not enemies.
Jews, Christians and Moslems are all brothers because we are all People of the Bible. All families fight but only those that make up and resolve their differences will survive and prosper.
David Cohen Australian Jewry Against Jewish Fascism
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From Jerry Kirkegaard
I do not know who is behind this crap. Evidently, you are totally controlled by the BLACK OPS that covertly control our once great country. I seriously doubt if you SERVANTS OF THE DEVIL have ever even been to the Sightings website.
I once thought this Center had a just and noble cause. As of today, the existence of that is extremely questionable.
I can't comment on the other sites you have willfully attacked with such wickedness but I am sure GOD has prepared something very special for those responsible. You people are so influenced you have no idea of right or wrong, just like the rest of the highly visible and non-visable soulless bodies in our government for whom you faithfully serve - with NO CONSCIENCE.
Jeff Rense will be remembered in future history as a journalist with impeccable morals, a neverending drive for the TRUTH, never condescending and with total respect for all, and many more things I do not have time to write. I have already spent too much time on this sick, sick organization. Remember: GOD will be waiting and you will not even be aware until, in a flash, you will be there for your JUDGEMENT DAY.
From Jack Carrigan
First of all,thanks for the cool site. I've been reading your site for about 6 months now ever since a friend at work hooked me onto it. Something I've noticed is that quite often you have a 1 or 2 day jump on the coverage of the news by the so-called news sites, like CNN, ABC, etc. The topics are interesting too. To make a long story short, I've just read where you are now considered a "hate site" by some...that is good because it means you are probably making them uncomfortable by exposing them. My advice is to keep up the great work and screw them if they don't like it!
Thanks, and keep on rocking! Jack in Canada Is NOT A Hate Site
From Tim Sheppard
Hello Wiesenthal Web Master,
Please forward this note to Simon Wiesenthal.
I am writing as one who, although not myself a Jew, am extremely pro-Israel and pro-Jew. And as the cliche goes, some of my best friends really are Jewish.
Here I write to express respectful disagreement with your classification of Jeff Rense's web site as a hate sight. I so enjoy Mr. Rense's site, that I have made it my home page. If you were to study the content you would see that Rense airs a variety of views, including those of ardent Zionists.
It was my pleasure to meet Simon Wiesenthal when he came to my dormitory at UCLA to give a lecture to a small group of students. Mr. Wiesenthal's life's story is a very interesting one, and I'm sure Jeff Rense would welcome him as a guest on his radio program to give a full and fair airing of his opinions.
Tim Sheppard
H.A.T.E. What's That Spell?
From Greg Lauver
Here's my muse's guess on how you got on the S.H.I.T. list.
I got interested enough to read all of your articles and reader responses about Sightings/Rense being identified as H.A.T.E. sites. Repeatedly, everyone says they can find no rhyme nor reason for it. Repeatedly, Weisenwhatever either can not, or will not, explain. I think the real explanation is so ridiculous, and things have gotten so far out of hand, that if they divulged their magic formula, they would be mocked into oblivion. Instead, they plan to "revise" the list, and never reveal their stupidity. Here's why ...
A few years ago, I "graduated" from a long term job as an experienced mainframe computer systems analyst. In my meticulously prepared resume, I detailed my major triumphs at doing the impossible, and just briefly mentioned my miniscule exposure to PC computers. My frustration grew over YEARS at wasting many hundreds of hours sending out over 350 targeted resumes, attending over 150 interviews, filling out the 150th iteration of nearly identical job application forms, and getting passed over for numerous reasons, many illegal. Perhaps as a result of my frustration, I became acutely aware of a very persistent snag. Companies were incessantly chasing after me to perform administrative and analytical work on PC-based systems. So I stopped being "professional" [barf] and started demanding to know if they needed courses in Remedial English.
Didn't they READ my blinking resume and COMPREHEND what it said, and UNDERSTAND that they were wasting both my time and theirs? "No," they said, "they did not." Then what the hell was going on? Little by little, each admitted, "We scan your resume into the HR computer and then run software on it which searches for keywords of interest." *G*A*G*
Having had a PC for some time now, I have had the opportunity to run numerous internet searches. If I search for the word H.A.T.E., guess who is going to show up? ... etc., etc., ad nauseum, ad absurdum
I could do an "advanced" search, adding an extra word [guess WITCH WORD] or two, and reduce my 15,407 hits to around 3,000. So there's the "reasoning", there's the "mystery". Now who would want to own up to that? After slandering so many people, who would dare admit that they did it in such an incredibly STUPID way? Mind you, I am only guessing; but if some Weisenheimer can accuse, then I can surely guess. K?
The righteousness of men should be treated with the same respect that one would accord to a rattlesnake.
From PJ
Congratulations to the staff of for posting that letter from the Australian Jew disassociating himself from all the nonsense that is being done in his name by the Wiesenthal Center et al. If more Jews can disassociate themselves from Zionism, hatred of the Palestinians, free speech etc the world will begin to make real progress.
Best Wishes, PJ
Just a quick word from someone who evalutates many software programs designed to categorize sites.
I am sure that WorldNetDaily, JeffRense and others were included on the Hate List, because the software used to "crawl" the web discovered links from a previously categorized hate site. This is a somewhat skewed "guilt by association" paradigm...i.e. if they have a link to you, you must espouse the same the principles that they do.
Using this logic, The Wiesenthal Center would probably be classified as a hate site because of it's "list page".
BTW: This is a major problem with Web Crawlers, Web Bots, and like.
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