Tesla Finally Acknowledged
By Smithsonian, Also New
PBS Special
From Rupert Chappelle
Last Tuesday I went to the National Academy of Sciences premiere showing of "Tesla, Master of Lightening." One of the guest speakers, Benard Finn, of the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History, revealed that a "modest exhibit" of Telsa's work could be expected to be on display within about three months through contacts made with the Tesla Museum of Belgrade, Yugoslavia.
The museum has had no mention of Tesla in the exhibit on electricity. It is good to know that this oversight will be corrected which has been a bone of contention for Teslafiles.
The television program will have its broadcast premeire on December 12 on PBS. The program is quite informative and covers such topics as the conflict between Tesla and Edison, the Marconi radio controversey and the mytserious topic of the missing papers and Tesla's "death ray."
Notable - the voice of Tesla is portrayed by the actor Stacy Keach.
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