Meet Hillary Rodham Clinton
Meet Hillary Rodham Clinton
The Salad Days
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By Barbara Stanley <>

When I first read about Bill Clinton in the Wall St. Journal and learned that he was nicknamed Willy Slick (later reversed to Slick Willy) because he promised whatever was needed to get what he wanted and then reneged on the deal, I wondered what kind of woman would marry and stay with this kind of man.
Was she a naïve, young, easily impressionable girl led astray by a wily cad? Was she a Stepford Wife of a skirt chasing, draft dodging coward, silently ashamed, yet trapped in a loveless marriage? I watched her. I listened to what she said and I paid real close attention to her in all the situations I found her: as wife, as co-president, as mother. And I found her wanting in her many roles.
That phony smile she gives her daughter was belied by the day I saw Hillary and Bill up on stage with Chelsea, who had suffered a sprained ankle in ballet class and was on crutches. When the event was over, departing the stage via a four step down path was proving difficult for this thirteen year old. Neither parent had even a glance in her direction. Neither parent seemed aware of her at all. She finally was rescued and helped down by a man from the audience. How odd, I thought. If it were one of my kids, you know their safety would be my first concern and I m sure I could have managed a smile for those nearby or a word of conversation while I was doing it, too.
Then they left Arkansas after they stole the election and at the airport I watched a devastated girl, face distorted by heart felt grief hugging goodbye her school chum. Neither parent, again, seemed to be even the slightest bit aware she was in some intense pain. Then I read about how Hillary and Bill would grill the child at the dinner table, until she cried, to toughen her up for the campaign trail. Then I realized Hillary probably had her to cement a family vote and was happy to have others raise and attend to her. I wondered if there ever was a kind, simple moment together, but as I scanned their faces, saw nothing of tenderness or kindness or motherly care and concern on Hillary s.
Then I was to learn that Hillary had an affair with a married Vince Foster. I read from reliable sources that they hugged and French kissed and grabbed ass right out in the open, in front of others. So much for respect for the marriage of either. If love, intense love, happens to two people who are married to others, then that must be respectfully addressed. But I was wrong; they are not respectful of each other, of marriage, or anything else but their own power.
I then read that the four of them: Vince, Hillary, Bill and his female du jour would double date. Ok. So that s what the sanctity of marriage means to them. Nothing. Just like the sanctity of the law and here I watched what Hillary, the smartest lawyer in the world had as a track record. When I dug, I found nothing much at all and absolutely no trial experience. So I dug some more and found something very interesting: back decades ago, when the Chicoms were looking to buy a politician for the long haul, they opened the Worthen Bank and the bank s first loan of $4 Billion to Saddam Hussein to get his chem/bio labs up and running was shepherded by the young attorney Hillary Rodham.
As I watched, I learned. The cattle future trading that was impossible for anyone other than the regulating Governor s wife. She claimed she read the Wall St. Journal and following the intel therein, turned $1,000 into almost $100,000. Now I read the Journal and I know this is bogus. I watched at she sat posed to mimic the portrait of Abe Lincoln above her, in her pretty pink sweater set and lied through her teeth, blaming some staffer for all her problems while the law firm burned out shredders getting rid of the paper trail.
Then I learned that Foster was murdered and wondered just who those blonde dyed hairs found on his undershorts belonged to? Was it as was rumoured, one of Bill s service girls from his hippie days, or did they belong to some other suicide blonde (dyed by her own hand, an old expression that fits a pun here). Then came the documents from Foster s office that Hillary had put in her bedroom closet. Gee, so much for lawyerly ethics, eh? Then all the phone calls, the scramble after the body was found that was never really explained, along with that private line that suddenly disconnected and was now never to have existed in the first place.
The incredibly Marxist and police statist Health Care Plan that actually had prison terms and huge fines if a doctor was used without the gatekeeper s permission; the fact that the gatekeeper legally kept any unspent funds at the end of each year, funds that should have gone for patient tests and care; the closed meeting that started with a budget of $800,000 and came in at a busting $13.2 Million with no credible explanation for where that taxpayer money went all these things defined the woman I first called Evita way back in the early nineties. I must confess, she didn t let me down in that moniker, for she was every bit the limousine liberal that I have seen her expose herself to me.
This woman is a Marxist to the core and insults real women everyday with her sophomoric nonsense. I heard her say in an interview that she went into a ladies room once and noticed the attendant was a person, too . Oh, cripes. It took her to adulthood to learn that lesson? I would have been embarrassed to admit such an egocentric attitude.
If anyone believes she won the NY Senate fair and square, they have been out in the sun too long. She ran no race; she gave few interviews, nobody really knew where she stood on any topic other than the socialistic crap she has fed us for eight years. And now she is, as was her husband before her, doing everything she possibly can to insure her run for the White House in 2004. Al Gore is damaged beyond another run; no one else dare stand in her way. She and her little black book of blackmail will ensure any obstacles will be removed.
However, it will all be for naught. The sad life that started with a mother who hated her own life and marriage and poisoned her daughter likewise; a stingy, stern father who couldn t part with a kind word; the following years lusting for power to fill the void created in her childhood home, all now culminating in the final dash for world power via the presidency of the sole remaining superpower will be stopped, dead in its tracks. The Internet will be her undoing as more and more people awaken from slumber and see what is before their own eyes the ultimate threat to the American way of life, a life of freedom and liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
The media may be in bed with the badguys, but we are not and we have the power they could only dream of & and I will be chronicling just what the Ms. Rodham, NY s newest junior Senator is up to and I will wager it proves to be no good for the citizens of this great country. When she stole the senate race in New York, she effectively put herself in the spotlight and we all know she has none of the flimflam con man game of her husband. All the Hollyweird lighting and staging will not serve her because we can see through the smoke and mirrors. Make no mistake, this woman is out to dominate the world and she cares even less than her mate who gets screwed or killed in the process. This will be her undoing. This lust for power will continue to allow her to think she is protected from the exposure of all her dastardly deeds. You can see it now, the result of all that globe trotting all the women who support her dress now a la Her Highness, as Arafat has named her: dark jacket, trousers, flat shoes and a white blouse open at the neck. I d bet if you turned up the collar it would be Mao all over again. Only thing missing is the little wire-rimmed glasses and the red book. But Hitlery has contacts and the text is burned into her brain. The chink in her armor is her predictability and her vulnerability is the thinking patriots who own this country.

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