Seeing Sky 'Sparklies' and 'Webs'
By Loookinup <>
Have you seen the extremely strange sky 'sparklies', and the sailing 'sky webs' yet?
Observers on Carnicom's Chemtrail Board and Yahoo ChemtrailTrackingUSA Board (links below) are reporting some weird new observations. This physical evidence of some kind of massive dumping in our skies is very compelling.
It's been noted in many areas of the US and UK. Go outside and look. If you're not infested with this yet, perhaps you soon will be. If not, come visit Raleigh, North Carolina, and I can show you enough in two minutes to seriously alarm you!
How To See It
It works best at first to use binoculars in bright, clear midday sunlight (9am-2pm.). It is easiest to observe on a day when the sky looks clear and blue--or that blue metallic chemdome look that passes for clear skies nowadays. You won't see much of anything if there are clouds, white areas, or chemtrails surrounding the sun--the whiteness 'cancels' the effect (although the junk must be coming down just as thick!) There does not neccessarily have to be active spraying going on--the atmosphere is pretty saturated by now...
Sunglasses help, too. Especially polarized ones. (Strange skies in so many ways...sunglasses can also reveal unusual new colors--magenta and blue and bittersweet-- in the trails and clouds close by or crossing the sun. Also notice how BRIGHT and reflective any clouds/haze near the sun are--they can make you squint! Is this just water vapor??)
Position yourself next to a building in the shady side, and move around until you can use the roofline to JUST BARELY block out the BRIGHTEST part of the sun's orb. Hiding the sun just behind the very top of the roof peak (the '^') is quite the best place, because you can see more sky area safely.
The weird bluish chemdome seems to spread the sunlight into a bigger area and forms a backdrop. You need to look right along the outer corona of the sun, just as CLOSE as you can get to the burning part without actually hurting or squinting your eyes. Be careful. Be careful. Be careful. Go slow. (The lazy method, like just holding up a magazine to block the sun, is ineffective, and is dangerous if your hand wobbles. Put in the small effort to do this right--at least at first--the show is worth it!)
Now, just watch and look, keeping still as possible. (You might also ask God to show you what's there...) Dedicate a good three to five minutes to this--just receptively watching and looking. (Unusual in our fast-paced society, but Chemtrail Watchers should be able to do it!) Soon, some interesting phenomena should become apparent.
Little sparkly 'dots' and 'flakes' are zipping by in all directions. A veritable 'blizzard' of ultra-reflective bits of 'stuff' is whizzing around--up, down, sideways, superfast, fast, slow. Independent of the wind direction... They fly in different directions from each other, and for their size and weightlessness, exhibit an astonishing energy when they seemingly sometimes shoot against the wind.
Some sunlit ones move parallel to the ground, whilst others are whizzing straight up and others blowing down from on high. A guess as to size?-maybe a corn flake, maybe some a little bigger--a dented ping-pong ball? It's really hard to tell. One could almost imagine a micro-invasion of tiny spacecraft--it's THAT weird!
(And, despite searching and chasing and inspecting exposed surfaces, I have NEVER found one. They 'vanish' as soon as they pass out of direct intense sun. It seems strange--perhaps they are transparent or dissolve upon contact with a surface or avoid coming down--electrostatically charged?).
And, VAST AMOUNTS of very bright, metallic looking, 'dust'-sized particles are raining down. NOT snow--it's sunny and above 32 degrees. NOT fluffy plant seeds--too hard-edged, metallic and swift. NOT bugs--it's been below freezing for days now--plus most particles are too shiny and fast for bugs anyway. If a real bug flies into your field of vision, you can tell. Note the almost purposeful quality of some of the larger ones...
Keep looking. As your eyes adjust, the sheer QUANTITY of this unknown 'fallout' shooting about is extraordinary. Layers and layers upon layers. (I often find a metallic, reflective, sparkly dust on my windshield, too, especially in the sun. Run a finger along your auto glass.)
Remind yourself that you are seeing only a slice of the tiny quadrant directly illuminated by the sun. This stuff is not just in front of the sun -- it's ALL OVER our sky! Luckily for ThePowersThatBe, it is ONLY noticible right next to the sun, against a blue sky--otherwise even the Sheeple might revolt!
Move around. Check it out.
We breathe this. It's all over us. WHAT is it?
The 'Sky Webs'
And maybe, you'll see some 'webs'...long strands of shimmering weblike material that appears to bubble up out of nowhere high up in the sky, sailing down or drifting past. It is near impossible to tell, but is seems like some strands are 18 inches and others are up to twenty FEET long. These gossamer-thin, shimmery strands (1/3 the diameter of a human hair) can also be observed caught or draped lightly on trees, cars, fences, etc.
The 'webs' are easy to see when brightly backlit by the sun--BUT they disappear into virtual invisibility when they leave the direct sun. With careful inspection and bright backlit sunlight they can be seen draped in trees, caught on bushes, spread on the grass.
If you park in the open, you can probably observe them on your car. Look sideways across the windshield, in strong sun, for ultra-fine strands, thinner than cobwebs-- almost like scratches. Check along your trunk and hood edges and sometimes what looks like a faint scratch in the paint will reveal itself to be a strand that passes over the gap where the trunk meets the body. Antennas and side mirrors can collect them too.
Unlike spider webs which are incredibly strong for their size, these 'sky' 'webs' are very hard to catch--because they dissolve. They just vanish. (A rather unusual property!) I finally was able to wrap a strand from between two cars around a microscope slide.
I have a toy-store-type 60x microscope--not very good, but enough to hope that a scientist/entomologist/biochemist/microbiologist-type takes a microscopic look at this stuff ASAP, perhaps cultures it on growing medium, and goes public with the findings.
Because, these incredibly thin 'web' strands are made up of several even thinner strands wrapped around each other. At certain places, there is some sort of microscopically tiny dark particles enmeshed inside the strands. Doesn't look like a bug or leftover bug parts--way too small and hard-edged.
Compared to a known spider's web, the strands look somewhat smoother. Spider's silk is sticky, and clings to objects and skin--these floating webs are repelled by objects or skin or dissolve upon contact. Also, microscopic dust bits can be seen sticking to the 'real' strands, NOT woven into the strands, like in the 'sky' 'webs'.
The 'webs' COULD be genuine spider silk--they do not glow under UV light, and they don't look terribly dissimilar.
But, it DOESN'T feel right. They have been seen over the past several months in temperatures ranging between 85 and 29 degrees F, and two days AFTER our area's recent 2' snowfall.
Also--be careful!! These are drifting down to ground level. There have been several anecdotal reports on CTTUSA and Carnicom's Chemtrail Board of people getting sick after coming into contact with these 'webs'. Please exercise extreme caution with this material.
'Happy' hunting and what the H*LL are they??
(NEW! There is some startling preliminary evidence that barium and aluminum are in our atmosphere and starting to enter our water supplies and food chains. See Clifford Carnicom's Main Page below-- the barium articles.)
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