US Nuclear Spaceplane Downed,
South Of Brisbane Australia!
By Charles Arthur, Technology Editor
HAMILTON, New Zealand - For the last two months rumors have been flying over the internet that, concurrent with the US presidential elections, elements of the US black spaceplane arsenal would be de-classified. No one seemed to know if this was to be a new initiative, new spaceplane/bomber development, or an old vehicle which was finally being brought out from under 'wraps'.
For the last year, expatriot American physicist and aerospace engineer Millennium Twain * had been researching/exposing the evidence and estimates of the history & mission of the US Black SpacePlane fleet, the 'BLACKFLEET' as he named it.
Sensing the time was ripe to expose the truth, the aptly-named Twain began a collaboration with some hundred 'black aircraft' observers and reporters worldwide -- in an attempt to assemble a thirty-year history of the names, missions, shapes, and technologies involved. And to uncover the extent of what 'aerospace-America' had 'produced', 'harvested', or 'built' over those three decades. [The BlackBases ... Black Space Stations ... in many many orbits.]**
What they uncovered turned out to be a monster, a behemoth. In fact, an unpredented story to topple governments and empires! [If this emperor (Uncle 'Scam') wasn't already bringing himself down.]
A history, 'Space Command', and military-warfare 'space-park' ten times what they had imagined! Spanning not just thirty-odd years, but forty to fifty years!!
Beginning with the first publicly-revealed supersonic flight, by CHUCK YEAGER in 1947, and the first publicly-revealed nuclear rocket tests in the 1950s -- Twain surmised not only that the rumored 'Nautilus' Black Spaceplane might date from the 1950s, but that it was likely powered by nuclear fission reactor engines. Possibly with deadly exhaust, contaminants that would help cripple, and ultimately kill, a world over the ensuing four to five decades.
The initial results of Twain's surmises and speculations were released last month, in November, to a stunned worldwide internet community. Stunned not in the originality of the claims -- but by the obvious-ness.
The incredible fact that we would have overlooked that obviousness for half a century!
And what that implied about how easily 'programmed' we were. [Are?]
Three weeks later in December, while passing a magazine rack in Hamilon New Zealand, Millennium saw the first de-classified spaceplane press coverage.
On the cover of the November 2000 issue of "POPULAR MECHANICS" magazine, the US Air Force T-588 nuclear spaceplane program was reported to have been classified ('gone Black') in 1962. And the first USAF T-588 crash, in 1966, to have taken place at the Jean Fraser Ranch, South of Brisbane, Australia, in 1966.***
Why are these stories only coming out now? And why only one percent of the information; one percent of the BlackFleet vehicles, missions and destinations?
According to Science Editor Jim Wilson, "A search of the Department of Energy (DOE) HUMAN RADIATION EXPERIMENT DATABASE indicates ... forty cubic feet of records related to the human health effects of the nuclear rocket program, compiled between 1956 and 1975, are stored in a secured location -- building 1001 -- at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in Los Alamos, New Mexico."
"The only reason these records would have remained classified was if they dealt with an operational military system." Or operational systems. [Constellations of systems!]
Then why is whistleblower Twain not afraid to be sharing these secrets with the southern hemisphere, and the world as a whole?
As Millennium says:
"The Cold War is over. We ARE one world economy now! We do not have to fear ourselves any longer." More to the point: "Mother Earth is dieing."
"If we are to have any chance to save ourselves and our priceless planet, our sacred Mother, we must begin now to tell the truth. To admit our errors, and realize our potential for collaboration and creativity. To correct and forget our painful past. To forgive an entire world, indeed an entire century, for our troubles and mistakes."
And what if it is too late? Too late for our Earth?
"Still we must share the truth now, and admit our mistakes. If we as individuals AND a species are to move into our new home, the Solar System, with sufficient insight to survive."
"Insight based on ethics and intelligence -- REAL intelligence which is not possible without ethical integrity ..." _____
* Founder & President of FireShips NZ, Father of the US/International Space Station Program, 1982 Who's Who in the Frontiers of Science & Technology, 1984, Discoverer of the standing lightwave geometry of the electron, 1993 Discoverer of the superluminal lightwave topology of the proton, 1994 WHISTLEBLOWER against the covert US military 'Black Spaceplane' Fleet and BlackBases, 1999!
** Request the July "BlackFleet" Sketch distributed worldwide (and the FireShip NZ June 2000 press release, if not already received ...)
*** "America's Nuclear Flying Saucer", Popular Mechanics, November 2000, pages 66-71, by Science Editor Jim Wilson

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