Ready Or Not, Here She Comes!
President Hillary?
By Barbara Stanley <>
Just as her husband promised back in Arkansas when he legally assumed his illegal third term as Governor of that banana republic, that he would serve his full term, Her Highness (as her buddy Arafat has so lovingly named her), Hillary Rodham Clinton has assured the voters of New York (who unwittingly allowed this election to be stolen from them) that she would, also, serve for four years. Of course, to a family famous for not knowing the accepted meaning of words but employing the creative method of definition, she will keep her word to serve, and serve she will, just not this state but rather Herself. She and her aim to be the first female president will be foremost on her mind and will motivate everything she does as the junior senator from New York.
It would seem her handlers, the Chinese communists, and the South American Marxists who funded her millions, have given her the marching orders that will have Americans stepping to the New World Order of disorder and socialism around the globe. The illegal, Chinese communist blood money these bastards funnel into the DemocRat National Committee piggy bank will pave the way for her right into the White House in 2004 and her husband has alerted all thinking people to this by his choice of FOB money man McAuliff to hold the purse strings.
The modus operandi of these new worlders and especially the Clintons themselves is: the distraction technique. Just as Bill used a stained dress to distract from his crimes of perjury, abuse of office and power, treason (via selling out his own country with military hi-tech to our enemy: the Peoples Liberation Army), obstruction of justice, etc., the propaganda machine we laughingly call the media will tie up the headlines with attacks and defenses of George W. while keeping the spotlight off the Missus.
However, busy she will be as busy she has been for many years, behind the scenes, collecting her clones and networking her army for the final putsch.
I almost expect Chelsea, who now adopts the uniform of the ladies of the New World Order, the dark long jacket and open collared shirt pantsuit, to be named to a significant post as soon as Mommie Dearest assumes the throne. Even since I saw those photos of Chelsea replete with clipboard, sitting between Berger and Halfbright at the Israeli meetings, I knew this girl is surely her mother s daughter. I recall when Chelsea was in her final year at Sidwell Friends, the Spring break was spent in Cuba, probably cutting sugar cane with the Macheteros, as did her mother when Hitlery was in her own youth.
So, now we have a new two-fer : Mother and daughter to assault the senses and inhibit the unfettered, unregulated, uncontrolled life of liberty and freedom. If these women of the world have their way, we will take a gigantic leap backward into their sophomoric, adolescent view of the world as socialist Utopia, with only those at the top enjoying any freedom whatsoever.
Luckily for us patriots, who hold dear the charge of husbanding America through the storm, Hitlery has placed the spotlight on herself. And now that she is in it, she will not be able to escape it. We will be watching whatever legislation she proposes, whether stolen, as her first act was to abolish the Electoral College (stolen from a senior senator) or newly created. Unlike her husband, this woman has none of the con, slick talents that can do the shuck and jive and make it look like Swan Lake. She is boring, to be charitable; a dullard in her thinking and it shows when she speaks. The precocious apple-polishing teacher s pet may work in select circles of other cerebrally challenged elite; the Scorpion Lady of raw file blackmail fame may succeed in other venues where fear reigns, as in the eunuchcongress senate during trial after impeachment fame ruled. But this carny side show in a black pants suit will not be able to escape scrutiny on the Internet.
We have the photos, we have the intel, we have the will and now we have the way. Saddle up and ride em out.
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So, Ms. Stanley...
From Sheryl Jackson
Ms. Stanley, I realize that the Repugnant Party must now try to blame Clinton and the Democrats for the coming recession that Baby Bush has been babbling about for the last week. Poor baby is obviously on neuroleptic drugs. Did you see him getting off the plane in his rumpled suit and his flat affect with the fish? He knows he will never be president, that he is merely Daddy's front man.
The recession that is coming is in direct proportion to the SupplySide or TrickleDownEconomics of the Early Bush years, when Ronnie was Daddy Bush's front man back in the Early 80's. That is when we heard the first of the NewWorldOrder.
It is the Repugnant Party that
(1) closed down the military bases, (2) shut down the departments one complains to about corporate mismanagement, (3) that stopped the feeding programs for the poor and elderly, (4) stopped education for the poor, (5) gave tax relief to the richest companies (6) and that put poor women and children on the streets.
They set up the present police state that beats up on peaceful demonstrators ,turning dogs loose on them and using mace for meanness. It is well known that 90% of the crimes are committed by 10% of the criminals. I wonder why so many first time offenders get long sentences and the ones who do the worst damage get the plea bargaining? I wonder what party their lawyers belong to? All of the lawyers I have spoken to here in Las Vegas are Repugnants, I wonder if that has anything to do with the high crime rates of repeat offenders? Seems to me, everywhere I turn, I see someone doing something evil, they seem to be members of the Repugnant and Mentally Compartmentalised Party.
Corporate Greed and Avarice are the Gods of the Repugnant Party. No longer is this country run with the Do Unto Others as you would have them do unto you philosophy, but rather Survival of the fittest. Well, that certainly puts man back in the arena of the Animal World doesn't it? Christianity is no longer an ethic that rules here, but Capitalism and money are what the Repugnant Man strives for. Oh, yes, we have many things to blame on the Repugnant Party and the blame for the recession is on your hands also.
NewWorldOrder is a phrase that is synomous with The Third Reich. All the Repugnant Party wants to do is control the behavior of others with Draconian extremities, while they sneak about doing as they please in the name of QuietAnarchy.
They point fingers at others so that people will gawk where the Repugnants point instead of asking what the Hell are you trying to do? Well, after Daddy Bush has been trying to run this country for the last eight years, he now has a perfect opportunity to once again bring together those 1000 points of light and a gentler, nicer America.
Now you want to badmouth Hillary and her Senatorial win, by trying to cast aspersions. You Repugnants have already proven you are bad losers, Newt Gingrich, Arlen Spectre and, of course, leave us not forget Dear Sweet Bob Dornan who lost to a Mexican Woman TWICE........ He is still crying into his Bourbon and anything.
I am just so grateful that you silly male dominated women of the Repugnant Party are standing behind your drunken mates and slowly starving yourselves into mean, hateful malnutrition.
I have never understood the attitude of wanting to look like a poster child for Auschwitz and Dacchau. Then you want distressed furniture that looks like you cannot afford to buy paint and spiff up your abode. And of all things imponderable, why do you want to buy furniture that is 200 years old and covered with someone elses' dirt?
All of your men are homophobes, while they condone running around a sports field and playing grabass with other men, in front of 80 million people on national television. What kind of message is that for our children?
The bottom line is that Democrats do seem to be a Randy Bunch of people, because of their sexual habits, but most of the Child Molesters that I ever knew (worked maximum security for 15 years in California, so I knew quite a few of them) were all members of the Republican Party. As were the wives of the perpetrators. Very few of the perpetrators were turned in by their wives who knew what was going on. The fact they did not turn the men in, showed they condoned the sexploitation of their own children.
A five year retrospective study of participating child molestors showed several things. Molestors do not believe they have done anything wrong, and most molestors are WhiteMales. They do not get better with therapy, because they do not believe they have done wrong, but that if people would just shut up and leave them alone, everything would be okay.
I have many more things to share with you, so I cannot wait for your next article. Go ahead and badmouth Hillary and Bill, you just prove you are a sore winner also. Don't forget either, it was a Repugnant Senate and Congress that approved the 350 thousand HB1 Visas that are bringing the children of the internationally wealthy that are coming here taking upper management jobs away from Americans. Bill Clinton did not start that one.
Their education is better, they speak British English, so the subtleties and nuances of American English do not get in their way of learning CorpSpeak. They are also docile, obedient, never make waves and are grateful to have jobs in America. They do not need high wages, because they are already filthy rich. So they can make America work well for them. So let's really dig deep into this China thing............
The Democrats seem to want to bed alot of people, but the Repugnants just want to screw everybody that will make their pocketbooks thicker. In fact, given all points of the forthcoming new administration, I would say that Repugnants want to screw millions of us at a time. I prefer the one to one with a democrat because they do kiss you after you bend over, with a Repugnant, like a Nuclear Bomb, you bend over, grab your ankles and kiss your ass and your bank account goodbye. As I stated I just cannot wait for your next article............
May the New Year bring you all that you so richly deserve and may you have a long and interesting life.
Sheryl Jackson
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