The New/Old White House Gang -
Part 1
By Sherman H. Skolnick <>

In the year 2000 Presidential alleged "Election", upwards of 51 million voters nationwide voted for Albert Gore, Jr. He won the national popular vote by some 500,000 votes. In their heart of hearts, some of those voters will always consider Gore as "President De Facto" and pronounce the name of his opponent as George W. BushFRAUD, as an illegitimate occupier of the Oval Office.
In previous stories, I pointed out how the presidential alleged "election" played out strangely similar to that of 1876, when Samuel Tilden ran against Rutherford B. Hayes. Tilden won the popular vote and for the rest of his life, considered himself as having been the actual elected President. Winning by one Electoral College vote, approved by a Congressional Electoral Commission, the tie vote of which was bribed, Hayes served in the White House as a one-term President. Some called him names similar to RutherFRAUD or bitterly toasted him as "To His Fraudulency".
There are strange coincidences when you compare the events in Gore Vidal's book "1876". First published in 1976, the book was re-issued in softcover just prior to the year 2000 alleged "election". Bribery and fraud of the State Election overseers in FLORIDA was an instrumental part of Hayes seizure of power. And some persist in claiming the same as to George W. Bush. In his Texas home, Bush has bookshelves in his dining room with---you guessed it!---historical novels by Gore Vidal. [Time Magazine, 12/25/00, page 64.] Coincidence?
Some contend in dark and sinister tones that the year 2000 alleged "election" was orchestrated by the super computers using a marketing formula, called "hypothesis averaging". This done, under the supervision of the former head of America's secret political police, the Elder Bush. Were these secret methods used to disenfranchise, nationwide, some two million black voters whose ballots were tossed out by machines as supposedly "defective"? And were these mechanisms, using undisclosed proprietary codes, hooked clandestinely to satellites under the control of the super-secret National Reconnaissance Office, NRO? A high percentage of the supposedly "not valid" Afro-American ballots would have been for Gore.
As the propaganda horn for the Establishment, how would the oil-soaked monopoly press explain away THAT large of a plurality in the national popular vote for Gore as President? So the black vote had to be scrapped.[On the TV networks, by unwritten policy, IF a black reads you the news, they have to be light-skinned and/or look like a doll and resemble a store mannequin.]
One of those turning down an offer by Bush of a Cabinet position was Montana Governor Marc Racicot [(406)444-3111]. Some believe he had too much dirty baggage that even the highly corrupt FBI could not whitewash. Perhaps Bush sought to explain away the shadows. "In an interview with TIME last week, Bush singled out one Governor in particular for praise: Racicot of Montana, who emerged during the Florida fiasco as a take-no-prisoners surrogate for the Governor. Racicot's accusation that Gore had declared war on U.S. troops by trying to toss out their absentee ballots has already made him a target among some Democrats on Capitol Hill. But Bush is unbowed and is considering the former state attorney general for Justice or Interior.'He's a genuinely good person', said Bush, 'a genuine guy. I promise you that whatever position he's in, he'll be a star--in a very quiet and humble way. He'll be a great success' " [Time Magazine, 12/25/00-1/1/2001, pp.91-92.]
Whatever election fraud may have occurred in Florida favoring Bush, some contend Racicot was the orchestra leader thereof. Investigators and journalists in upper Montana have claimed that high-level Montana State officials are implicated in the growing dope traffic from Canada through Montana. AND, that Governor Racicot is himself directly involved in a cover up of this criminality. Canadian authorities have sought to reportedly apprehend an FBI official charging him with being a kingpin in the cross-border narcotics. Is it just another coincidence that this U.S. secret police official has been stationed in FLORIDA but has links to the Montana/Canada border area in question?
As we showed in previous website stories, the Elder Bush and his sons have 25 secret bank accounts, worldwide. [See "Greenspan Reportedly Aids and Bribes George Bush and Family", with attached Federal Reserve secret wire transfer records by which the Bush family launders billions and billions of dollars from illicit proceeds from dope and weapons smuggling.]
Perhaps some have forgotten how the Bush gang committed treason. The Elder Bush, Richard Cheney, James Baker 3rd, and General Colin Powell were implicated in secretly arming Iraq even with nuclear weapons items and ingredients for poison gas. See the book, "Spider's Web---The Secret History of How the White House Illegally Armed Iraq" by Alan Friedman. Bantam Books, December, 1993.
One of the most explosive situations reportedly implicates Governor Tommy Thompson, appointed by alleged President Bush as the Secretary of Health and Human Services to replace out-going Clinton appointee Donna E. Shalala. It all revolves around a huge reputed CIA espionage slush fund, from Switzerland reportedly operating without legal authority in Wisconsin through the criminality of Governor Tommy Thompson. The billions and billions of dollars has been called by an innocent-sounding name, Childrens' Defense Fund. Playing a key role in the dirty business reportedly was Donna E. Shalala, starting when she was Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin at Madison and continuing when she was Secretary of Health and Human Services, HHS.
The Foundation/Trust specializes in illegally skimming funds off the Medicare Program and funneling the proceeds through hospitals and health programs that disregard legalities. Part of it operates through Rockefeller's University of Chicago Hospitals. [See our website series about the Red Chinese Secret Police in the United States. And how these hospitals reportedly buy and sell human body parts---hearts, kidneys, lungs, and such---harvested from Red Chinese dissidents condemned to death as the orders for these body parts come in.]
Some of the billions of dollars of the Childrens' Defense Fund are secretly used to margin soybean speculations by Red Chinese and others, through five commodity brokers [we intend to name names later in this series], Chicago and New York; specializing in illegal "no-due-diligence" secret Red Chinese accounts. Also the assets of the Childrens' Defense Fund are reportedly skimmed off and laundered through so-called "segregated accounts", more or less guaranteed quietly, dollar for dollar in the billions of dollars, by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. [Long time maestro of the "Merc" as it is called, has been once-Chairman Leo Melamed, raised in China and reportedly speaks fluent Chinese.]
Another key player reportedly in these Medicare/hospitals/Red Chinese/Chicago Mercantile Exchange swindles has been Rahm Emanuel, reputed deputy North American Director of Israeli intelligence, the Mossad. Off and on for six years, he was Clinton White House Senior Advisor. An expert reportedly in extortion and blackmail, Rahm has been a major election campaign fund-raiser by arm-twisting. He went on to a top position in Chicago with a supposed "investment banker", Wasserstein Perella, now merged with a German bank.
An official of the Childrens' Defense Fund has been Hillary Rodham Clinton, elected from New York to the U.S. Senate. Her reputed lover and law partner, in the Rose Law Firm, Little Rock, was Vincent W. Foster, Jr., for a few months in 1993 being Clinton White House Deputy Counsel. Foster was the courier and "bagman" for the Fund, traveling widely, prior to the White House job, Little Rock, Wisconsin, Chicago, Switzerland, Russia. He started in July, 1993, to turn over incriminating records of the Childrens' Defense Fund as a huge money laundry, to the then FBI Director, William Sessions. The day before Foster's body was found in Fort Marcy Park, Virginia, Sessions was unceremoniously sacked on ridiculous charges that he defrauded the government by taking his wife along on one of his FBI office plane flights. Some of those original records did get into Sessions possession and he formed elite units to investigate, for criminality, both George Herbert Walker Bush and his sons as well as the Bush Family cronies Bill and Hillary Clinton. Foster was murdered because of the massive Medicare/hospital/State Government/commodity markets fraud as well as for other reasons. [See other details of the Foster murder on our website, "Greenspan Reportedly Aids and Bribes the George Bush Family", Part Four of the series.]
For safe-keeping, Sessions parked the original records documenting massive fraud of the Fund, in the Alfred Murrah Federal Office Building in Oklahoma City. The records were destroyed in the multiple bombings, internal and external, of the building, on April 19, 1995. There is substantial reason to believe the FBI and the U.S. Treasury's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Fire-Arms, BATF, allowed a foreign unit, tied to Iraq with American surrogates as dupes, to bomb the building. Not only to destroy the records but to be used by Clinton as an excuse to restore his power following the 1994 Congressional Election debacle and clamp down on American dissidents falsely blamed for the disaster.
Naive people do not understand the overlap between the reputed crimes by Bill and Hillary Clinton and those supposedly investigating them. For over four years as the supposed "Independent Counsel", Kenneth W. Starr pursued the Clintons. The only items that Starr saw fit to publicize were the sex episodes of Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. Hemmed in by numerous conflicts of interest, Independent Counsel Starr was not about to open up a real can of worms. And who was the attorney for the infamous Childrens' Defense Fund, acting as supervisor and strategist? Why, none other than Kenneth W. Starr. You can understand why Starr committed a fraud upon the American people by stating that Vincent W. Foster, Jr., died as a "suicide", when there are substantial contradictions, showing Foster, and his role with the Childrens' Defense fund, was more likely murdered.
So the role of Tommy Thompson reportedly is quite simple: to continue the cover up of the massive fraud implicating the Childrens' Defense Fund, continuing the same of his confederate, Donna E. Shalala. As head, like she was, of the Department of Health and Human Services, Thompson is in a perfect position to perpetuate a fraud on the American people.
Was George W. Bush simply incompetent in having as his surrogate reputed dope trafficker Marc Racicot? And appointing Tommy Thompson to keep the lid on the CIA money laundering swindles, like Childrens' Defense Fund? Or did George W. with his father supervising him, know quite well what he was doing.
If the Liars and Whores of the Press had all along publicized these crimes, most common Americans, regardless of political party, would most likely agree to be taxed for a new, large jail to house this New/Old White House Gang.
Stay tuned.

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