Hilary's 'Mandate' - Amazing
Voting Map Of New York State
From Barbara Stanley
Good morning, Jeff
This map is not unlike the map which showed the nation's counties, as carried by Bush and Gore, coded in color. This was sent by one of my readers and I send it along, as is. The only difference with these maps from election-to-election is that this is the first year I can recall where the GOP were are in red and the Democommies in blue...
I live upstate NY and do not for one minute believe Hitlery carried the state. Straight off, she ran her campaign like a woman who already knew it was in the bag. Few speeches, less interviews before the press and, at the end, after kissing Suha, she was even booed down at rallies downstate (in NYC).
According to one poster at the freep site: "She also won Franklin (my home turf in another life) and St Lawerence counties. These have a large number of prisons and DDSOs (Developmental Disabilities state office - IE institutions for the care of the mentally handicapped."
Results by county for the 2000 New York Senate race. Clinton is blue, Lazio is red. Source: New York State Board of Elections
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