The Foreign Peace Of
Shlomo Ben-Ami
By Barry Chamish

For those who refuse to believe that rotten outsiders aren't forcing Ehud Barak to sell out his country, please go to your favorite search engine, then look for the official site of the Council On Foreign Relations. Once there, double click Middle East and see what they have planned for Israel. Look at the CFR Middle East Task Force Report of 1997 and wallow in the plan for Israel returning to its 1948 borders, and Jerusalem divided into two capitals.
Then double click the members list. Scroll down to P and lo and behold, what do we discover, the new Secretary Of State, Colin Powell, is an honored member of the CFR. My, isn't it a coincidence that a 3000 member think tank has produced every Secretary Of State in memory? Shall we look at the list: Kissinger, Vance, Baker, Christopher, Albright, Shultz, every one of them on this members list you are looking at.
Then we do a little search elsewhere for Powell and we find that, as expected, he is besmirched by serious scandal. Did you know that an early army assignment of his was to cover up the My Lai massacre?
So, the more things change, the more Israel can expect the new CFR regime in Washington to shove the same NWO "peace" down our collapsing throats.
I am so grateful for the brilliant people who correspond with me. If not for one of them, Rick from Toronto, I would never have understood the New World Order connivances of Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben- Ami. Until now, the most I discovered about him is that he was previously an Arabist professor at Tel Aviv University. So have a look at his recent NWO travels:
I notice that the King of Spain just hosted the King of Morocco, after which he had an audience with the Pope in Rome, followed by an audience with the Vatican's head of State, Zenit on Nov. 28. Now on Dec.12, I notice, the Vatican has sent an aide with a message from the Pope to the King of Morocco.
I mention this only as I find it interesting as I see today that Ben-Ami and Arafat have now agreed to restart peace negotiations. Clicking on Ben-Ami's history I notice he was born in Morocco and is a former ambassador to Spain. It was he who on Aug. 12 suggested that Juan Carlos negotiate the peace deal with the Arabs due to his good rapport with them. Just interesting connections! What do you think?
On Sept. 4/00 Ben-Ami met with King Mohammed VI in Morocco to discuss Middle East peace and extended an invitation to visit Israel. (I didn't realize that the King has played such a major role in the peace process as president of the Al-Quds Committee, formed to protect the Muslim character of Jerusalem). Sept. 18-20/00 King Mohammed VI visits King Juan Carlos in Spain Nov. 28/00 King Juan Carlos visits the Vatican and meets with the Pope/Secretary of State Dec.12/00 Arafat and Dennis Ross independently visit with King Mohammed VI in Morocco Dec. 13/00(not 12th) the Vatican sends an aide with a message from the Pope to King Mohammed VI
Bring to remembrance the Jerusalem Covenant (clause/paragraph IV) which will allow all to worship in Jerusalem under their own faith and in their own Divine name (this sounds good but does not line up with the Word of God - When all nations will worship in Jerusalem they will worship the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob). I saw an article which you most likely saw as well where 100 rabbis have decided Israel does not have sovereignty over the Temple Mount. Is this the covenant which will soon be confirmed by many (Dan. 9:26,27)? and usher in a deceptive peace upon Israel and the world??? Time will soon tell.
Ever wonder why CNN is so anti-Israel? Well, now thanks to my correspondent John, we know. Its owner is a longtime CFR member Ted Turner, who is also a Nazi.
When Turner Wore the Hood
Don't be fooled by Ted Turner's attempt to appear progressive by exposing Rockefeller & Co.'s atrocities. He's as much of a Nazi as his rivals in the main wing of the ruling class. When Turner was an undergraduate at Brown University, he put up KKK posters and sang pro-Hitler songs in public to taunt Jewish students. Brown eventually expelled him, not for open fascism but rather for entertaining women in his room during unauthorized hours. Turner and his Oil Patch pals may be fighting with Rockefeller & Co., but if you scratch any of them, you'll draw Nazi blood. (From Porter Bibb's biography of Turner: It Ain't as Easy as It Looks, 1993; Hank Whittemore: CNN, The Inside Story, 1990)
And I'm especially grateful when my correspondents correct me. I was wrong in my last report about the Rabin bodyguard kidnapped from Ben Gurion Airport, shot dead and buried on Nov. 5/1995. He was not Yoav Kuriel, who was buried two weeks later at Hayarkon Cemetary. This bodyguard was buried in Jerusalem and I was given the name of the rabbi who was asked to perform the ceremony. And Asher Zuckerman, editor and publisher of Kol Hashavuah reports that, based on a "high level security source," Carmi Gillon, then-head of the Shabak, ordered Kuriel's murder but no one in his organization was willing to comply. So he had his counterpart in the PLO, Jibril Rajoub send out the hitmen.
And now some good news. A Jerusalem-based organization is presenting the first Congress on the real Rabin murder. I hope to see you there.
DATE:    Sunday, December 31, 2000
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